Why I Started Blogging (And maybe You Should Too)

Blogging is something that I have always expressed my passion and excitement for (See: Introducing Life + Style With Kris). After successfully starting a college blog in 2008, I never discovered love as deep as the one I have for writing (for a career choice). So why did I stop? What made me start back ten years later?

“If you have the words, there’s always a chance that you’ll find the way…”

I have two therapeutic escapes: running and writing. Creative writing has allowed me to express emotions, feelings, and precious moments (See: Our Trip to Gulf Shores, AL) authentically. Telling a captivating story and being able to share it with people who share your same interests can be fun and insightful! Blogging isn’t an online journal for us all. It’s a convenient way to write about my lifestyle and personal experiences online; instead of pouring out everything on a Facebook or Instagram caption.

“In giving advice, seek to help, not to please your friend…”

In 2006, I went to the University of Southern Mississippi to study and major in Psychology. My interests have always been to help and advise people to some measure or degree. Did I also mention that my astrological sign is Cancer? At this point, it’s just in my nature to be genuine in helping someone or something. When I got so much feedback from readers about how I managed to inspire and motivate people to follow their dreams, it boosted my self-esteem a bit. 

Moment of honesty: I needed to spend more time developing my talent in 2008. I wasn’t ready to tap into what was unfolding before me, and I needed to grow as a writer. I can’t give advice that I’m not following.

Life is not something that comes with a blueprint. You’ll develop a blueprint by putting in the work to get to your long-term goal. One of my long-term goals is to inspire and help someone to step out of their comfort zone. If I reach just one person, I know that my work has meaning. 

There’s Money in Digital Content Creation

Fun fact: Blogging is not oversaturated. You can start a successful blog in 2020.

There’s money to be made in digital content creation for EVERYONE, sis. Whatever your niche is (fashion, music, lifestyle, food, health, travel), you too can monetize your content. Within the year that I’ve been blogging, I’ve had opportunities like: 

  1. Black Grl Culture 3 Month Winter Internship (See: BGC + Kristen)
  2. Amazon Affiliate Program
  3. Lego Affiliate Program
  4. Creative Partner Program for DCU (Jenell B. Stewart, mentor & brand strategist)

Although all opportunities have not generated income, it still has provided me opportunities to connect with broader audiences and reach more of you that share my same interests. Affiliate marketing and Influencer marketing are great examples of how to create partnerships that will pay to sponsor your posts. 

Yes, you can make money on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Do you own your social media accounts? What would you do if one of those platforms were to stop working or shut down? How would your audience be able to find your content? Owning a blog is a way to create a space for your content and gives you the freedom to control.

“Choose a job you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life…”

Corporate America is not my dream. I started my first job when I was 16 years old. Working in Corporate America has brought me the heartaches of being overworked and underpaid, stress, anxiety, and depression. One of the hardest things for me to do was return to work after two months of maternity leave because that’s all my job offered to their employees. I was then forced to miss moments of Landon growing up, just like I’ve been forced to put my dreams on hold. 

COVID-19 has allowed me to find my purpose through blogging. It’s helped me to face fears instead of being intimidated, pursue my dreams, and focus on what makes me happy. It’s never too late to become the person that you are destined to be. 

Have you found your purpose? What are your plans to execute your vision, goals, and ideas?

Published by Kristen Buchanan

Lifestyle Blogger and Content Creator for https://lifestylewithkris.com | @Influenster Product Reviewer | I advertise for Small Business Owners & Brands

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