3 Tools I Use For Goal Setting and Planning

It’s been super important for me to get organized with my ideas and goals because disorganization in my world led to distraction and losing focus on completing goals. It’s not enough for me to just come up with an idea, nor should it be enough for you! Leaving a thought as just a thought isn’t ideal because it’s not specific. I can’t decide that I’m going to act on the idea without enough supporting action. What am I doing? I only had the one idea that I’m now excited about, and I know I want it to become a reality. My impulsive thinking can sometimes lead to a load of inconsistency in executing these ideas. It’s great to have ambition, but it’s also necessary to adapt to the element of planning and organization. I am sharing three tools I use to assist me in setting clear and concise goals through planning.  

The Idea Has To Come From Somewhere

Journaling is the #1 source of where my ideas and goals begin. Through self-reflection prompts, I construct a list of 3-5 personal and professional goals I want to accomplish for the week. I also set monthly goals and daily affirmations using a gratitude journal. I find appreciation and gratitude to be instrumental in planning and setting realistic, attainable goals. The Daily Expression Gratitude Journal that I use comes with a “Gratitude Garden” that contain mindful questions and notebook pages for me to jot down my emotions and thoughts. I created it as a way to live with gratitude and appreciation. It’s available online for purchase and on sale for $7 here.

An Executive Planner To Be Productive

Having a planner as a tool is necessary because this is where I can sort out those 3-5 goals and figure out how I will meet them by listing small tasks that I can complete. Sunday- Saturday, I fill my planner with productive activities related to my weekly or monthly goals. Let’s use an Instagram Reel for an example. The objective will be to create an Instagram Reel for the week. I pick a day during the week that I can research reels to trigger inspiration, days that I can prepare for creation, and then the day that I want to post it. Making a reel does NOT just happen in five minutes! I realize that there may be intricate actions that I will need to take before it can happen. I may need to learn audio (lyrics/ dialogue), rehearse dance moves, and sort out a look. Some of the questions I ask myself:

Where will I film this reel? What should I wear? What is the tone? 

I have to maximize my time much better through a planner. The mom life is sporadic and chaotic. I have homeschool that I also do Mon- Fri with Landon. It’s easy to feel spread thin and busy. Honey, that’s the quickest way to burnout! Using a planner is beneficial to productivity. I’m able to juggle all of my many hats (human, wife, mom, teacher, writer, etc.) and not feel like I’ve completely exhausted all my time. It all gets done through time blocking, sticky notes, affirmation stickers, and lots of colors.

TIP: Use markers and colorful pens to list your tasks in your planner.

Photo by Bich Tran on Pexels.com

Google Calendar Holds Me Accountable

The last tool allows me to schedule my tasks into a digital calendar, get reminders and alerts when it is time to execute them. Once I learned from other digital content creators about all of the magic that Google Calendar has, I started using it for purposes other than birthdays. I use Google Calendar to help me figure out what time I have available to get things done. I use the hours 6 am-8 pm as my productivity hours. I wake up at 6 am every day, and my days end around 8 pm. I am also able to color code my tasks and events with this tool. I can set my events to repeat, which makes it easier to maintain consistency. 

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Was this helpful for you? How do you set goals and execute them? What tools do you use to help you execute your goals? How do you hold yourself accountable? Comment your thoughts on this topic below.

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