The Ultimate Guide to Reflections of a Queen Rising

Reflections of a Queen Rising is an inspirational, autobiographical poetry book written by author and blogger Jody- Ann Buckle. The poetry book has a rating of 4.9 stars out of 5 on Amazon and has been the source of motivation and encouragement for women of all backgrounds to believe in themselves, take risks, find their purpose, and live out their dreams. Jody- Ann began writing poetry at a young age to help her cope with expressing her feelings. Through her writing that she has been able to find comfort in her talents and realize her worth as a woman. In this blog post, I am giving you the ultimate guide to Jody- Ann’s poetry book and detailing why every woman will want to read it.

Reflections of a Queen Rising is an anthology that details stories about love, loss, dreams, power, hope, growth, womanhood, and joy. This 74-page poetry book recounts Jody- Ann’s personal experiences with loss/death, dating, understanding and identifying her purpose, and shifting her mindset. Reflections of a Queen Rising consists of 39 short poems and is composed of three parts. In Part I, In Honor of Love, Jody- Ann details an appreciation and love for her Jamaican roots and features stories about her family and upbringing. Parts II (To Love and Conquer) and III (Cheers to Power and Love) will present stories of resilience and perseverance during times of uncertainty, loss, breakups, and constant setbacks. In an interview excerpt, Jody- Ann recounts what her life was like and shares what inspired her to write the book, Reflections of a Queen Rising.

I was active growing up. I participated in ballet and tap classes, entered jazz competitions, joined the step team, and even the cheerleading team in high school. I was never clinically diagnosed with depression. Somewhere in my late twenties, I became sad and less happy with my life. Part of what drove my sadness was because I was no longer experiencing life and stopped believing in myself. I suppressed my talents despite several achievements. I felt unsuccessful.

Jody- Ann Buckle

Reflections of a Queen Rising mirrors a woman who has transformed her way of thinking and is always seeking to discover her highest potential. After reading this poetry book, you will be inspired and encouraged to reflect on your life and personal experiences with loss, faith, dreams, love, and more. Check out what the people who’ve read Reflections of a Queen Rising have to say about her book below. You can also read the full interview that Jody- Ann did discussing her book here. You’ll learn more about her Jamaican background, migration to NYC, and what all inspired her to write her book. 

I am inspired to reach new heights after reading Jody- Ann’s journey in Reflections of a Queen Rising. I presume more women will become inspired to take risks and live a purposeful life after reading this book. Women uplifting other women is a catalyst for support and evolving together. 

Will you be checking out Reflections of a Queen Rising? What was your takeaway from the review about the book?

Reflections of a Queen Rising is available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Grab your copy today!

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