These Pinterest Finds Will Make You Want Ferocious, Stunning Nails This Fall

Can you tell that I am beyond excited that fall has arrived? The best thing about the season changing is not the weather or daylight savings! It’s honestly the new vibes and colorful foliage that are the #1 reason I look forward to autumn every year. I enjoy being comfortable and cozy (that’s a no-brainer). It’s the fall color scheme that truly gets me going! I like to incorporate fall foliage and earth tone colors in my outfits, makeup, and nails all the time now. Pinterest has become my go-to for all my seasonal moods, aesthetics, and inspiration for fun and festive ideas for beauty and outfit choices. My recent Pinterest finds have all been nail inspo for the fall season. There are some new colors, shapes, and designs that are trending to be popular this season. LET’S GET INTO THEM! This blog post is all about Pinterest finds, nails, and what kind of nails are IN this season.

Don’t ask for my mood, just check my nails. They say it all.

Now, as far as colors go, there’s PLENTY for the girls to choose from; and because of this, you may have difficulty picking one you will enjoy. Shades of brown, orange, red, purple, gray, and blue will continue to reign supreme for fall colors. I must say that I am in love and invested in the brown color scheme. I love me some chocolate! Caramel and coffee are popular universal colors to have in your palette. My searches on Pinterest have also indicated never rule out shades of white. Why? It’s because cream, ivory, or coconut colors are great for creating nude and natural nail aesthetics. My advice is to choose colors that will accentuate your personality and capture your vibe. 

Choosing my nail color and design will be easy- Said no one ever

Choosing a nail color is not the only decision you’ll have to make during this process. Patterns and designs are both ways that you can create signature nails to match your personality or vibe. Haven’t you ever heard of “it’s all in the details”? If you’re looking to spice it up this season, there are certainly some different trends for you to check out. Ombre or duo tone nails (features two colors that are smoothly graduating into each other) are not new but are trendy right now. I can’t think of a better design to showcase fall foliage. Plaid nail art is ideal for outfit matching, especially with anything flannel. It’s important to remember to pick patterns and designs that your nail technician will be able to replicate. Nail technicians will be creative with abstract, marble, and leopard print designs. If you do not have a regular nail technician, please make sure that your tech can replicate the design you’ve chosen. I use Pinterest as my tool to create mood boards to show my nail tech where my nail inspiration came from. Look at the board that I’ve started for fall! It has all sorts of ideas for the season, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

Nails are the #1 thing you can get into shape without exercising

Nail color, design, and art are NOTHING without shape and length. Yes, girl! Your nail’s shape and length are important, too. It’s the first step in nailing the right aesthetic. How long will your nails be? How short would you like them to be? Do you like your nails square or oval? All shapes and lengths can be customized to any preference if you have communicated this with your nail technician. 

I want you to nail it this season! Get fall inspired nails from Pinterest searches if you are in need of some nail art ideas. Pinterest has you covered on the entire look! Piece your new nail art together by choosing from colors, patterns, designs, and shapes that you find on pins and boards. Halloween and Thanksgiving are just a jump, hop, and a skip away! Set off your new season with some fun, festive nails.

What is your favorite go- to color or design that you love to wear during fall?

What are some colors or designs that you hope to try this year?

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