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6 Summer Thrift Store Fashionable Finds

6 Summer Thrift Store Fashionable Finds

I recently went shopping to find some cute little summer outfits to take pictures in. I have been working hard to build my brand and increase brand awareness, and now that I have a DSLR camera, I plan to do more brand photoshoots. Thrifting is one of my favorite ways to pick up fashionable threads for less. I know that whenever I need to search for statement pieces for a photo shoot, something to wear while vacationing, or maybe for a summer event like a barbecue, I can always count on finding unique threads at the thrift store. During my recent shopping experience, I found six creative and trendy looks for the summer. I traveled to three different stores (two Goodwill Stores and one America’s Thrift Store) and found six cute outfits under $20 each! I was impressed that I was able to find clothes that have never been- worn before. I also received markdowns on items already marked down, and I even found a great pair of gently used shoes.

Lime- Green Dress

(America’s Thrift Store)

First on the list of thrifty finds is this Prabal Gurung Lime Green Dress (originally exclusive only at Target). This dress has not been worn before and has the original tag from Target still on it. The price of this dress is $39.99, but I was lucky to find it in America’s Thrift Store for under $10. I instantly got more excited when I made it to the register and discovered that I got an additional 30% off. It’s the perfect dress for summer with its flowy ruffles. I have some lime green sandals that I (ironically purchased from Target) plan to pair with this dress. 

Multi-Color Maxi Dress (America’s Thrift Store)

I fell in love with this colorful maxi dress the moment I saw it while I was browsing the women’s dress section in America’s Thrift Store. One of the most important rules for any clothes that I buy is that my clothes have to be comfortable. Flowy maxi dresses are an essential piece to a summer wardrobe. I need to find undergarments that will not reveal when wearing this dress. The gray is very sheer; anyone can see right through. I don’t plan on pulling this one out unless I’m at the beach. Please do not ask how I bought a dress without having all of the accessories I will need to wear it. It was at a great bargain price for $7! I could not leave this in the store.

We’ll worry about accessories later.

Purple Skirt w/ Pink Crossbody Purse

I found this skirt and purse at two different thrift stores. The purple mini skirt is originally from K-Mart from their Attention clothing line. I was not able to find it on their website. The purple mini skirt is not sold any longer at K-Mart stores, but it’s in America’s Thrift Stores! I found the high-waisted skirt in other bright colors like orange and lime. I purchased the purple mini dress at the marked-down price of $4.99. I found the pink and teal crossbody purse in a Goodwill store for the same price as the purple mini skirt. The Baekgaard handbag is quite popular on Poshmark, but I have to be honest and say that I’d never heard of their bags and purses until discovering it in Goodwill. I grabbed the crossbody purse and purple skirt because I have a vision for them in future brand photoshoots. I plan to wear the dress skirt with a solid color shirt or tank.

Crop Top & Gold Crochet Cover-Up Skirt (Goodwill)

I was inspired to purchase this for an idea I have for a beach photoshoot and decided to grab it because it could most likely come in handy. It is the perfect accessory to a black, white, or gold swimsuit. It was only $4! I decided that it has the potential to be something spectacular with the right accessories. The above picture is me trying on the crochet skirt with a cream floral crop top I also found in Goodwill. I will not be pairing them together. I have different individual ideas for both of the fashion choices. For me, thrifting is about discovering unique items and turning them into a creative personal style choice.

Fashion LEWK Idea: Maybe high-waisted denim (light wash) shorts w/ the crop top. 

Gold Pleated Holiday Skirt (Goodwill)

Photoshoot inspiration can come in many different styles and themes. When I saw the gold pleated skirt, I started to find inspiration for cocktail or evening attire. While I do not go out often, I do like to have choices. The gold pleated holiday skirt is beautiful, with tan and gold embellishments. I did a little bit of research on the label inside, Isani for Target, and discovered that it was once a Target exclusive. The dress skirt is also available on Poshmark (price varies $15-$25); however, I purchased it for $4. I am thinking of pairing it with a black top and a black pair of heels.

Red Fashion Nova Bandage Skirt (Goodwill)

First, let me start by saying, I did not expect to stumble upon a Fashion Nova find! This never-before-worn “Making Heads Turn” Midi Bandage Skirt was purchased for $5 (original price: $30). It is sold out and no longer available on the Fashion Nova website. However, when you search for it, similar styles are suggested. In the picture above, I am wearing this skirt and a multi-colored Fashion Nova crop top. When I decide to wear the bandage skirt out, I will wear it with a white crop top. 

My recent thrifting trip went better than I ever could have imagined. I usually am never this lucky on a single thrifting trip. I found a lot of inspiration for concepts with photoshoots and my style. I gathered summer style choices and evening attire. I am thankful to America’s Thrift Store, Goodwill Pascagoula and Ocean Springs for having a great selection to choose from and I hope to be as lucky the next time I visit! 

What do you think of these bargain fashion finds and their prices? 

What are some things or items that you look for when thrifting?


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