The Smart Tax Preparer’s Guide to TurboTax

The Smart Tax Preparer’s Guide to TurboTax

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Filing taxes can be a stressful situation for everyone. Each tax season, American citizens are hopeful and excited about their tax returns. Some are looking for ways to ensure that they’ll receive as much money back as possible, some are prayerful that they will not have to owe the IRS anything, and some are looking for a tax preparer or financial advisor to help lower risks and decrease the anxiety of an audit or jail time if there were honest mistakes made during filing. Whether you decide to go to a CPA, financial advisor, or you decide to do your taxes alone, you want to feel comfortable about the decision you make. TurboTax is the best solution for all your tax filing fears! I have used TurboTax for years and I have always had an easy, comfortable, and reliable experience with using their software. 

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How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Audience

How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Audience

In the world of social media, Instagram is one of the most popular platforms out there. Users post pictures and videos daily for personal enjoyment, exposure, and business opportunities. For entrepreneurs, it’s important to reach your target audience, client, and/or customer for your business. If you are not already using this platform, I would recommend making a business or creator account to help you grow your business. What I’m here to tell you is that you can grow an audience on Instagram! There are over 1 billion monthly active users, with accounts, defining their audience. 

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I Received My First Ever Influenster Voxbox!

I Received My First Ever Influenster Voxbox!

O- M- G! The Love In The Air Voxbox from Influenster has arrived. I am so excited and grateful to have been chosen for this amazing opportunity to test products. This post will contain product reviews about the products that were sent to me for free, in exchange for my honest review.

What is Influenster?

Influenster is a product discovery and reviews platform for consumers and influencers. There are hundreds of thousands of brands looking for honest feedback in exchange for free products! Influencers are surveyed and matched to campaigns or a voxbox to test, review, and share with their audience on social media. The Influenster app is free to download and free to join! Click here to sign-up and learn more on how you can join.


Love In The Air Voxbox

The box that I received in the mail came with four products

  1. Coach Dreams Eau de Parfum
  2. Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Pink Body Cream
  3. Goop G.Tox Salt Scalp Scrub Shampoo
  4. Mont Blanc Legend Eau de Toilette

All items are available for consumers to purchase online (brand website, Sephora, Ulta). The fragrances that I received were not full-size. The Voxbox also came with details on each product included in the box.

Coach Dreams Eau de Parfum (2020)

I will be shopping for a new perfume after sampling this fragrance from Coach. Coach Dreams evokes the freedom and adventure of a road trip across America. The scent combines radiant bitter orange with the sensual warmth of gardenia, cactus flower, and Joshua tree. The fragrance is light and long-lasting. My only wish is that I could have received a larger size to sample. The Coach Dreams Eau de Parfum retails $28.00- $102.00 online

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Pink Dream Body Cream (2021)

This is body cream is amazing and is my favorite product of the four that I received. This luscious body cream is whipped with a vitamin-rich watermelon seed butter, naturally smoothing hibiscus AHA, and multi-weight hyaluronic acid for deep moisture and ultimate comfort. I applied this body cream after an AM shower and felt hydrated instantly and throughout the day. It didn’t take much effort to rub and absorb into my skin. Watermelon Glow Pink Dream Body Cream will leave your skin baby-soft and with a healthy glow. This product is the newest out of the four and retails online for $28.

Goop G.Tox Himalayan Salt Scrub Shampoo (2018)

I had no idea that this product is from Gwyenth Paltrow’s skincare line. I didn’t even know that she had a skincare line! This salt-enriched whipped-mousse shampoo removes product buildup, dirt, and oil, and leaves hair looking healthy and shiny. The scrub did not cleanse my scalp as much as I would have liked. I do have thick and coily hair, and I believe that I did not use enough of the scrub (6oz) on the first try. I do like that the shampoo has rose hip oil and peppermint to leave the hair feeling purified and cleansed. I will give this product another chance, as I’ve heard great reviews from other influencers! G.Tox Himalayan Salt Scrub retails for $42.00 online

Mont Blanc Legend Eau de Toilette (2011)

Influenster sent some amazing fragrances! Mont Blanc Legend is a masculine and iconic fragrance for a charismatic and unforgettable man. It has key notes of bergamot and pineapple leaves and is subtle but striking and masculine. I gave this mens’ fragrance to my husband to test and we were both impressed with how light and enduring the scent is. My only takeaway here is that this was another sample just as the Coach Dreams Eau de Parfum. Mont Blanc Legend is the perfect gift for the special man in your life and retails for $75.00- $120.00 on Ulta.

Love is definitely in the air with my Influenster voxbox. I am happy overall with the products in this campaign. I would recommend any of the items in this box for self-care or gifting someone that you love. I’m excited to have partnered with Influenster and look forward to bring you more reviews just like this one.

Leave a comment and let me know which product(s) you’ve used, are currently using, or look forward to using after reading this review.

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This Meditation Checklist Will Help Any Beginner Become Successful In Practicing Mindfulness

This Meditation Checklist Will Help Any Beginner Become Successful In Practicing Mindfulness

In 2018, I made a commitment to learning how to meditate effectively due to high stress levels from working a job that brought me much misery and grief. I wanted to find a release, an escape, something that allow me to relax and be at ease. When I started my journey into meditation, I had no direction and no clue about how to meditate, how to determine it to be effective, and what it all meant. I’d just heard it as “a way to practice mindfulness” and I’d given myself a thought that it sounded like an option to explore to relieve stress. Two years later, I am a firm believer in the practice and I meditate every week.

My journey has allowed me to become fond of breath work and having a “guide” to helping me achieve inner peace has made things 100% easier. I’ve shared and documented my process on social media often and since then I’ve gotten lots of questions from others about how should they begin meditation. Honestly, there are a lot of people interested in meditation but feel that they’re not sure that they are doing it right or have absolutely no clue what they’re doing period.

You are NOT alone! You are NOT the master!

I, too, can relate to the feeling of being really excited to do or learn something new and not knowing where to start or where to begin. It can lead to an overwhelming feeling and sometimes the passion or desire to complete the action has left the building. This is why I created a Mindful Meditation Checklist to help beginners feel comfortable with learning this new skill. The checklist has the basic tools that you will need to successfully complete one meditation session and will need to be repeated frequently to see results. This checklist is able to hold you accountable when you’re wondering if meditation and mindfulness is effective for you, like it is for me.

Click here to download your free checklist today to begin your first meditation session!

3 Tools I Use For Goal Setting and Planning

3 Tools I Use For Goal Setting and Planning

It’s been super important for me to get organized with my ideas and goals because disorganization in my world led to distraction and losing focus on completing goals. It’s not enough for me to just come up with an idea, nor should it be enough for you! Leaving a thought as just a thought isn’t ideal because it’s not specific. I can’t decide that I’m going to act on the idea without enough supporting action. What am I doing? I only had the one idea that I’m now excited about, and I know I want it to become a reality. My impulsive thinking can sometimes lead to a load of inconsistency in executing these ideas. It’s great to have ambition, but it’s also necessary to adapt to the element of planning and organization. I am sharing three tools I use to assist me in setting clear and concise goals through planning.  

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Baking Holiday Gingerbread Brownies

Baking Holiday Gingerbread Brownies

Merry Christmas!

I hope that this holiday season has brought peace and joy to you and your family. I know that the season has not been ideal for my family and I, but we have managed to create new traditions this year, with a little help from Walmart and their Gingerbread Brownie Kit. I have never made gingerbread houses or men before. The most holiday baking that my family would do before Christmas would be making sugar cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.

I’m finding new ways to spread Christmas cheer by choosing to start new family traditions. When I saw these holiday baking projects on Pinterest, I became excited to introduce the idea of choosing one to bake with my family. I also asked a few of my followers on social media for their votes on each project and the brownies WON! I picked up our easy-to-use brownie kit from Wal-Mart and brought it home to bring lots of warmth, love, and laughter to our home.

My son Landon and I enjoyed baking these brownies together. I must admit that I was a little nervous about how “into this” he was going to be. Being a boy mom you never know what you will get when it comes to the things that boys like and dislike to do. I recorded a video of us baking our wonderful gingerbread brownies and you can watch it below. The Gingerbread Brownie Kit from Wal-Mart can be purchased in-store or online and includes a gingerbread cookie cutter, icing, and sprinkles.

Thank you for joining us in creating our first mother and son holiday tradition. We are wishing you a jolly Christmas and a prosperous New Year! Be sure to keep following us for more content in 2021!

What holiday traditions did you create this year? What traditions did you manage to keep or modify? How will you be keeping your season bright? Let us know in the comments below.



Happy Thanksgiving!

Everyone is looking for safe ways to spend quality time with love ones during this holiday season. One way that I found a way to bond with my son, Landon, was to make craft turkeys! Who remembers making little projects like this when you were younger? This was simple to do and fun to make.

What you will need:

  1. Brown Cardstock
  2. Construction Paper
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue
  5. Sticky Tape
  6. Stapler/Staples
  7. Popsicle Sticks
  8. Pencil
  9. Googly Eyes


Using a pencil, outline your hand on a piece of construction paper. Cut the outline of your hand with scissors. Save yourself some time by cutting multiple sheets of construction paper at once. I used six different pieces of construction paper for the feathers of my turkey.

After you’ve cut all of your feather hands, you will want to spread them out in a fan-like shape. Fold back the bottom pieces of the hands and staple them together. Next, cut two circles (one small, one large) out of the brown cardstock that you will need. These circles will represent the body of your turkey. Glue them in the middle of your stapled feather hands.

Reuse a piece of the construction paper to cut the two strips that you’ll need to make the turkey’s legs. Once you have your strips, fold them back and forth (accordian style). You’ll also want to reuse other pieces to cut out a beak, feet, and snood. Then, glue the pieces to the body, and glue the eyes as the final feature to your turkey.

Use some sticky tape to hold your popsicle stick to the turkey.

Making these paper turkeys brought back wonderful memories for me, growing up as child. I was happy to know that Landon enjoys simple crafts like these. How did we do? Let me know if you decide to make your own turkey project! Tag me in your holiday craft posts as well.

Answered: Your Burning Questions About My Favorite Things

Answered: Your Burning Questions About My Favorite Things

I admit it. I forget that you all don’t know every little thing about me. I’m as open as I can be, but sometimes I like to keep a little bit of mystery. Now I’m answering your questions about things that you want to know more about, like my favorite things. 

People always seem to make a list of the things that they despise or dislike more than they seem to talk about the things that make them happy! We spend so much time focused on the things that we wish to change; without reflecting on what we love the most. The things that we love the most are what keeps us inspired and should help us to see that the things we dislike are minimal compared to the things that bring us joy. In no particular order, I created a list of my best-loved things.

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I enjoy entering new stages and seasons with Landon. You just never know what you’re going to get with the imaginative minds that kids have. One thing that I can say about myself as a parent is that I always encourage Landon to pursue whatever it is that he wants to do. I encourage him to find his passion and practice it. He will always have lots of interests.

I’ve seen basketball, chef, superhero, and construction aspirations. So I make sure that I invest heavily in his passions because I want him to know that he can do ANYTHING. I just advise him to remember mama’s two rules:

  • Pursue the passion
  • Practice will make perfect

What I love even more is how he listens, takes direction well, and gets it done. 5 YEARS OLD! He’s shown that he is committed to doing what he wants to do. 

…and so….
A NEW PLANET HAS ARRIVED! 🌎 Welcome to Landon’s Planet. He has asked for his own YouTube channel for a few months now. I hear him in the living room or in his room rehearsing his videos on a daily basis. It’s insane! I would say that I don’t know where he gets it from, but I’d be lying. He watches me record videos and make vlogs all of the time. I have never pushed the idea of being a “kidfluencer” on him. This is all what he has asked and says he’s been inspired to do. I’m proud to announce his channel launches today, with a debut video premiering this afternoon (11/24/2020) at 2pm CST. You can watch his debut video below and you can click the video to subscribe to his channel.

Will you be watching more of Landon’s Planet? What videos do you want to see from Landon?

I’m Just Here For All The Boos!

I’m Just Here For All The Boos!

Halloween 2020 was super fun and creative. We decided against trick or treating this year (just like many others), but we still got Landon’s costume for him to wear around the house. I didn’t feel comfortable attending harvest parties, festivals, or haunted houses because we are still practicing social distancing guidelines and rules. COVID is ruining things as we once knew it to be, but I could tell that Landon enjoyed cosplay and trick-or-treating Quarantine Style.

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