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The Awe-Inspiring Podcast No One Has Told You About

The Awe-Inspiring Podcast No One Has Told You About

IYKYK podcasts have been taking over the entertainment world for a few years now, and that reign is far from over. The podcast world continues to see significant upticks in podcasts created, episodes uploaded, and listeners who are looking to discover new podcasts to add to their audio library. Tyler Carter, a journalist, and media professional is one of two million podcasters to develop a podcast to share informative, entertaining, and enlightening stories through the audio waves. His brilliant SipMyThoughts podcast focuses on the storytelling of the Black community and culture that mainstream media often neglects and omits sharing with the entire world. This blog post will shed light on podcast creator Tyler Carter, what inspired him to create the SipMyThoughts podcast, the stories he’s committed to sharing, and how interested listeners can be enlightened and discover the SipMyThoughts podcast online.

43% of podcast listeners discover new shows by asking around on social media or an online community.

Tyler, 31, is a millennial Black man from Jackson, Mississippi who became passionate about the art of Black culture storytelling after witnessing the disappointing coverage of Trayvon Martin by the mainstream media. Being in media and a journalist for ten years helped Tyler realize that there aren’t many (if any) mainstream media outlets where Black lives and the stories behind them are truthfully documented. He understood that the media covers Blackness differently and curates Black lives to be viewed as a threat in all areas of life. 

Black people are not a monolith, but 99% of our experiences are shared.

After extensive research, Tyler developed a unique and awe-inspiring strategy to start telling Black stories the way they should be reported: truthful and with transparency. He was ready to take the spotlight off those mainstream media outlets and turn it on to himself. He was now ready to start telling Black stories unapologetically and explore the similarities and differences rooted in Black culture.

Tyler discussing George Floyd & the trial of Derek Chauvin during an episode of SipMyThoughts with guest Purvis Cornish

The SipMyThoughts podcast premiered its first episode in 2018 and continues to release new episodes every month. The podcast is in its third season with over 40 remarkable episodes. The SipMyThoughts podcast has shared captivating stories and topics on mental health, learning how to protect Black women, unlearning awful behaviors, and intellectual conversations with Black men about life experiences. Tyler has featured Black creators, entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, and politicians on most of his episodes. Many SipMyThoughts podcast listeners look forward to new episodes and consider them useful, valuable, and genuinely authentic. The SipMyThoughts podcast reviews are consistent in expressing the sentiment of entertainment and value. 

New listeners can find the SipMyThoughts podcast everywhere online (Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Audible, LIBSYN). Subscribe to SipMyThoughts to get alerts and download new episodes as soon as they drop! 

You can follow podcast creator Tyler Carter on social media platforms to join in the online discussion of each podcast episode and engage with the SipMyThoughts online community! If you have an idea for an episode or would like your story featured in an episode of SipMyThoughts, you can contact Tyler online.

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