Welcome to LIFE+ STYLE!

Hello online family + friends! If you are reading this post, then you’ve found your way over to my new personal blog. I have been so bored with posting lately but in the midst of things, missing how much I used to post. I know what you’re probably thinking which is “so why not just post more Kristen”, but people that can relate to every day rituals of balancing life and entertainment should know that is easier said than done. Yes! I can absolutely post whenever and however I’d like, but see that is just the thing I wanted to change. It’s how I post. Instead of going directly to the sources of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; put it all in one place. A blog!

Anybody that wants to know updates in my life, or wants to know more about things that I choose to share my views and opinions on can get is all here on my personal blog. I will also be providing regular updates regarding my product bath bomb line, KREATIVE. You will be able to shop directly from the blog– all in due time.

I hope that you guys really embrace this new blog just as I have. With the right content, the opportunities are endless! I just think that this is the smarter + easier way to stay up-to-date with my lifestyle! Be sure to continue to follow me on social media for updates so that you don’t miss the posts!