Celebrating 50: 10 Spellbinding Posts That Are Bonafide Favorites

It’s time to raise our glasses and cheer because it’s a celebration! I am very excited about this accomplishment that I’m getting ready to announce, and I couldn’t wait to share the news with you, my friends, so that we can celebrate together. Lifestylewithkris.com has reached 50 published blog posts! I have officially shared 50 lifestyle blogContinue reading “Celebrating 50: 10 Spellbinding Posts That Are Bonafide Favorites”

My First Amazon Haul!

While I have been sheltering in place, I have had so much free time. Idle time eventually led to scrolling through websites and apps on my phone. Next thing I knew, I have spent more money than I probably should have shopping on Amazon these last few weeks. Every single day for a solid threeContinue reading “My First Amazon Haul!”