• About Krissy Bri


    Krissy has been in the blogging community for over 10 years.

    Krissy’s all over the online scene, chatting about everything from the latest celeb gossip to deep dives into figuring out who we are.

    She’s not pretending to be the last word on any of it, though. She’s just real talk – sharing her take on stuff based on what she digs or what she’s lived through.

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    About krissy’s entrepreneur journey

    Committed to living a fun, creative, healthy lifestyle

    Krissy lives and breathes to craft those mesmerizing experiences that linger long after the party ends. With her bespoke party favors, eco-friendly stationery, and a treasure trove of sustainable products, she’s not just a supplier for your events—she’s the heart and soul, your expert navigator on a journey to hosting singular, memory-making celebrations!

    serving the mississippi public

    Public Notary

    Entrusted by the Governor of Mississippi, Krissy fulfills her role as a Public Notary with unwavering conviction.

    Her expertise in certifying signatures on critical documents, including deeds, affidavits, and declarations, is an indispensable asset for financial and legal dealings within the community.