Starting The New Year With Hope And A Radiant Glow

I am hopeful about what’s to come next for me this year.

As I reflect on 2021, I realize that I spent a lot of time building my brand and not enough time taking care of myself. My two-week break taught me that I am too much of a control freak, I should stop putting expiration dates on everything, and I still struggle with setting unrealistic expectations. No wonder I was burned out by the end of the year. I was putting too much pressure on myself, but I’m grateful I realized it before continuing to carry that energy into 2022. What I needed was a work/life balance. I want to secure the bag and the happiness at the same time.

Although I did not find that balance last year, my goal is to accomplish that this year. I wrote down and set realistic goals, worked out a strategy to execute them, and prayed over each one of them. I have a plan for self-improvement, business growth, gratitude, and I have

hope in a jar.

This glow-up revelation came from my hope in a jar.

What is Hope In A Jar?

I use it only in the mornings after I’ve cleaned and treated my skin. It’s soft and smells great. It’s already showing signs of radiance and clarity. It’s routine maintenance and self-improvement. Hope In A Jar and I get along great. It’s given me what I needed to start again (or to keep going).

2022 is all about hope.
2022 is all about optimism.
2022 is all about renewal.


A Special First Look At Influenster Rimmel London Voxbox

Disclaimer: Heads up! My posts contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, you won’t pay a penny more, but I’ll get a small commission, which helps keep the lights on. Thanks!

I tried both products from the Influenster Rimmel London voxbox and have strong feelings about each one. I wasn’t too fond of the Lasting Finish foundation. I liked that it was very smooth and soft on my skin; I forgot that I had makeup on throughout the day. I don’t like that it promotes itself as a full-coverage foundation because it does not give full coverage. However, the Lasting Finish foundation is buildable. I had to do a little concealing and contouring to get it to cover all of my dark spots and blemishes. I can’t say how I feel about the Rimmel London Wonder’Serum yet. I’ll continue using it before giving my final opinion, but I believe it will help my lashes and brows grow naturally.

Influenster Rimmel London Voxbox Unboxing Video

Should I Worry About Trademarking My Online Business?

Your name is your superpower. What you call yourself (personally or professionally) is your unique identifier. Your name, aka your identity, is supposed to set you apart from people/ businesses with similar names. Entrepreneurs may have already realized that it takes hard work to establish their brand and create an identity different from their competitors. How will you stand out without blending? How will you organically grow your business? As a business owner/ entrepreneur, you must establish your business owner rights and ensure that your name is one of a kind. 

Scroll on to learn why you SHOULD trademark your online business, how to get started with the trademarking process, and for resources to help you get started with trademarking your business or brand today.

So, what is a trademark?

How does a trademark help my business?

It gives you a legal avenue to protect your business or brand from copycats replicating your identity. Trademarking your business name, product, or symbol can protect you and your customers from scammers looking to make a profit off of your name or products. A trademark establishes your exclusive business owner rights to use your brand’s name, symbol, or word(s) and helps you run a successful company. You will also be able to use the ® symbol next to a successfully registered trademarked name. Completing your trademark registration will make it much easier to file for trademark registration in other countries.

I have an LLC, sole proprietorship, DBA business. My brand is already protected.

That’s great that you formed your business. However, you should still decide to trademark your business or brand. A trademark is different in the sense that:

  1. Forming an LLC (limited liability company) only protects you from individuals using your business name/symbol in your state. It does not protect you nationally or internationally.
  2. DBA or doing business as; only protects you from individuals using your business name/symbol in your state. It does not protect you nationally or internationally.
  3. A copyright will protect original artistic and literary works. Copyrights apply to logos but usually do not apply to names.

How to Trademark Your Business

If you have decided that your business needs a trademark, here’s how you can get started today.

Remember, filling out the application is the first step. If you do not have the necessary information and documents for your application process, an attorney or lawyer can help you with this step. You should figure out what trademark class you want your business’ name or symbol recognized in before submitting your application. There are 45 trademark classes, and each trademark class covers a wide range of goods or services. 

Example: If a beauty company with the name “Enchanted” wanted to register this name in the cosmetics trademark class, it could. However, if this company also produced jewelry, it might require an added listing in the jewelry trademark class. 

If you are a business owner/ entrepreneur wanting to trademark the same name, symbol, or word for multiple classes, it might be a little costly. It costs a low as $250 to file a trademark application. To file for a trademarked name for multiple classes, that’s $250 for each trademark class.

Sometimes it is best to talk about things like this with your lawyer or attorney. If you are unsure about how to fill out your trademark application or if you should trademark your online business, schedule a time to consult with your attorney or lawyer. If you do not have an attorney or lawyer, I have an available online resource for you.


25 Gorgeous Winter Nails & Nail Art Ideas You’ll Want To Try

Scroll on to see 20+ winter nail designs that will take you through the holidays and straight into 2022.

Disclaimer: Heads up! My posts contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, you won’t pay a penny more, but I’ll get a small commission, which helps keep the lights on. Thanks!

If you are looking for nail inspiration, the nail designs and colors are all about big fun with minimal work this season. Red and green are not the only colors for the holidays! There’s a lot of metallics, icy blues, and wintry hues for inspiration. These designs are so fire that your manicures will melt the snow this winter. 

Classy winterish nails
Glamorous maroon winter nails
Glamorous maroon winter nails

You can never go wrong with shiny, sparkly nails. If you want to try to recreate this nail design, you’ll need a matte maroon polish, glossy maroon polish, and a glitter polish.

gorgeous ombre winter nails
gorgeous ombre winter nails

How gorgeous is this ombre nail design? These nails are perfect for the winter & any winter outfit essentials.

icy chill winter nails
icy chill winter nails
milky white marble nails
milky white marble nails
opulent glitter winter nails
opulent glitter winter nails

A nail design that can be recreated with minimal work needed to accomplish it! This cute, simple design will cost you a little shimmer and glitter, with a little gloss and a clear coat.

arctic blue winter nails
arctic blue winter nails
frost winter wonderland nails
frost winter wonderland nails

This nail art is all about fun and festive vibes. If you’re looking for something icy, this nail art is definitely cool enough for you to try.

metallic frozen winter nails
metallic frozen winter nails

In the midst of grey skies and gloomy days, a new nail design is guaranteed to switch up the mood! To recreate this look and the look below, you will need glitter, grey, and holographic nail polish.

posh frost winter nails
posh frost winter nails

In the midst of grey skies and gloomy days, a new nail design is guaranteed to switch up the mood! To recreate this look and the look above, you will need glitter, grey, and holographic nail polish.

green Christmas ornament nails
green Christmas ornament nails

This oval design and art is the perfect choice for holiday nails. You’ll need green, white, and glitter nail polish to recreate this festive look.

red christmas nail art
red christmas nail art
red sleek stiletto holiday nails
red sleek stiletto holiday nails

Go for this classy red nail design this holiday season for sleek and effortlessly hot nails!

classy black nail art
classy black nail art

If you’re looking for something simple and natural this winter, try this classy black nail look.

gorgeous christmas ornament nails
gorgeous christmas ornament nails

Here’s another festive Christmas nail design if you’re looking for natural nails this winter season.

basic cozy winter nails
basic cozy winter nails
textured grey winter nails
textured grey winter nails

Grey has never looked so good! These nails are so gorgeous and will be easy to recreate with stickers and two shades of grey nail polish.

Christmas blue winter nails
Christmas blue winter nails

If you’re feeling blue this season, you’ll want to try this starry night nail art the next time you’re in the salon.

cute grey christmas nails
cute grey christmas nails

Another holiday nail design for your Christmas spirit! This nail art is a cuteness overload of all of your favorite winter things.

cute peppermint holiday nails
cute peppermint holiday nails

Another holiday nail design for your Christmas spirit! This nail art is a cuteness overload of all of your favorite holiday things.

cute oval snowflake nails
cute oval snowflake nails

Here’s another festive Christmas nail design if you’re looking for natural nails this winter season.

glamorous classy winter nails
glamorous classy winter nails

A nail design that can be recreated with minimal work needed to accomplish it! This cute, simple design will cost you a little shimmer and glitter, white polish, and a clear coat.

whimsical holiday nail art

If you’re feeling whimsical this season, these unicorn coffin nails could be your next nail design. Gorgeous ombre nail design with glitter and unicorns!

snowflake sweater winter nails
snowflake sweater winter nails

If you didn’t get to try this trend out during the fall, you still have a chance! Sweater nails are still trendy for the winter. To recreate this look you’ll need a nude color (or whatever color of your choice) and white polish for the nail art (snowflake, ornament, etc).


This Is What My Stay-At-Home Mom Schedule Looks Like

I never believed that this would be the life for me. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that the stay-at-home life would be something that I could afford to do or that it would be something that I could get comfortable doing. The pandemic forced me to see that it was possible. I literally lost my job and became a stay-at-home mother overnight! Before this, I used to spend most of my time at work. Away from my family. Since 16, I have worked countless jobs for financial stability and security. While all the while, I was missing out on quality bonding time and precious milestones. Then four years into my son’s life, I suddenly became more accessible and available. 

I was at home, all of the time, 24/7.

And so, for two years now, I have been dedicated to a schedule that allows me to work from home, start and build my business, complete household chores, and devote time to my husband and son.

The ultimate goal for me was to have time to do it all.

Having no extra help made me realize that I needed to follow a schedule that could keep me organized and focused on my priorities: starting a business and being there when my family needed me the most. A flexible schedule would become my secret weapon, and it continues to be a routine that brings contentedness and peace. My daily schedule works well for me, and I want to share it to help other stay-at-home moms figure out a rhythm to juggling everything at home.

5:15 am I set my alarm to wake up 45 minutes before Landon gets up. Starting my day earlier allows me to get mentally and physically prepared for my day. I like to use this time for prayer and quick stretching exercises. Then, I will start ironing school uniforms and making Landon’s lunch to take to school. I will use any remaining time to let our family pet, Pablo, outside to use the potty and put food in his bowl.

Early mornings set the tone that I am ready to tackle anything. It also allows me to finish all my tasks at a reasonable ending time. I don’t even sleep in late! I can’t sleep past 7 am without feeling unproductive. I like to maximize my time in the mornings by choosing not to waste a single minute.

6:00 am I wake Landon up and make him breakfast. I’ve got to brag that I do my best gentle parenting in this hour. I want to make sure I am helping my son start his day with some positivity. There’s lots of hugging, smiles, and I love yous exchanged during this time. Honestly, 6 am is one of my proudest hours of the day.

6:50 am It’s time to drop Landon off at school for the day. Morning drop-offs are usually 10-15 minutes long. While we are in line, waiting to make our way to the front, Landon and I will practice repeating daily affirmations. I like to encourage Landon to have a great day, believe in himself, give his best effort, and commit to learning new skills. This type of encouragement is the final preparation before he walks through those school doors to begin his day as a Kindergarten student.

7:15 am After drop-off, it’s time to get started with work. Before I shift into work mode, I take 20 minutes to eat a light breakfast, let Pablo outside again, and do those things that I might have skipped earlier (prayer, stretching, meditation).

8:00 am Now is the time to dedicate to my brand, my business, and evolving as an entrepreneur. From 8 am to 1 pm., I give my all to writing new blog posts, creating YouTube videos, Reels, or TikToks that could help increase awareness about my business, scheduling or creating content, reviewing products, editing, etc.

I maximize my time during these hours because I can complete the bulk of my tasks without any distractions. No one is here to disrupt me or feel like I am not giving them any attention. I am prioritizing my business and my clients. I will schedule all of my consultations, client calls for social media management, and brand strategy between these hours. 

1:00 pm At this point in my day, I realize that I’m either hungry (if I’ve skipped breakfast) or feeling like I need to take a break. I usually will make myself some lunch and watch something on tv, catch up on social media, or I’ll take a nap. Just because I can’t sleep in late doesn’t mean that I don’t know how to go lay down somewhere in the middle of the day.

1:55 pm After a much-needed recharge, it’s now time to get Landon from school. School dismisses for each day at 2:55. However, parents of car riders line up an hour early to prepare for dismissal. 

Sometimes your schedule will have events that throw curveballs in your plans. 

Expect this. It’s okay.

For example, waiting to get my child home from school takes an hour out of my day, but I choose to look at this differently. Instead of viewing this as me losing out on time, I will use this time to finish up something that I was working on or do something that I haven’t had the chance to do yet.

Examples of Time Fillers for “Lost Hours”

  1. creating captions for Instagram posts/ reels
  2. researching blog topics and ideas
  3. researching youtube video topics and ideas
  4. pay a bill online
  5. watch an episode of a tv series
  6. digital planning

3:00 pm I’m back at home and back to full-time mama status. This hour belongs to Landon. He usually has so much to tell me about what happened at school! We also have snacks, do homework, and go outside to play before it gets too late. 

4:00 pm It’s almost time to end my work for the day. I wrap up anything that I didn’t finish that morning. Every day is different. On some days, I can say that I finished my workload by 5 pm, and on other days I can’t. Wrapping up the day helps me understand what I’ve already accomplished for the day, what’s left to do, and where to pick up the next day.

4:30 pm- 5:00 pm It’s time to start making (or buying) dinner. I’ve never been into meal prep, but perhaps it’s time that I start; because I never know what’s for dinner! Most of my dinner ideas come to me throughout the day. At 5 pm, I am cooking dinner or asking my husband to grab something on his way home.

7:00 pm After everyone has made it home and had dinner, I get a little bit of free time. It is the ultimate hour for relaxation and chill time. I dedicate this hour to doing whatever I want to do. 

  1. conversations with my husband about his day
  2. bonding time with my husband, Landon, and Pablo
  3. taking a nice hot shower
  4. browsing social media
  5. listening to music
  6. preparing for the next day (pulling out school uniforms, making lunches, cleaning up)

8:00 pm This is Landon’s wind-down hour. His dad bathes him, and after bath time, we read a 15- minute bedtime story. I appreciate this time to be able to take a break and regroup.

9:00 pm It’s Landon’s bedtime and his parents’ bonding time. Both mom and dad are exhausted by now, but we still make time for each other. We have to because we hardly have any time earlier in the day to make it work.

10:00 pm If I want to get up for my 5:15 am alarm, I need to be in bed no later than 10 pm. 

More Tips for Success

  1. Don’t get wrapped up in exact times! These are the hours that work best for my life at home, and I provided them for structure. 
  2. Find your rhythm and rhyme for your reason. You’re crafting the ideal schedule for your life and goals. 
  3. You can still be productive throughout the day even if you don’t stick to a strict routine.
  4. Plan around family bonding time. Choose the repeat times throughout the day for consistent, fun times with your loved ones.
  5. Most importantly, don’t stress on days where following your schedule does not work out.

25 Best Christmas Songs to Create the Ultimate Holiday Playlist

‘Tis the season to be jolly! It is officially Christmas time in the city (we only acknowledge Christmas after Thanksgiving over here). I know that many of you have started prepping for Christmas by decorating and shopping. I don’t fault you for getting a headstart on spreading the holiday cheer! Even though we all choose different times of the year to start celebrating Christmas, there is one certain thing:

There’s something magical in Christmas music!

What could it be? It could be the traditions we create, the nostalgia, and the feelings that come over us whenever we hear our favorite Christmas songs. Hearing the right Christmas song is guaranteed to put anyone (Santa or the Grinch) in a merry mood. So, even if you’ve already started decorating the house, trimming the tree, wrapping presents, or needing to change your bah-hum-bug attitude, I’ve created a list of the best Christmas songs of all time.

This list has many traditional and modern songs that you can add to your playlist this year. The songs range from many different genres of music– from gospel, rhythm and blues, pop. You can definitely expect to find some of your favorites on this list! There is something on here for everyone! Whether you prefer originals or your favorite renditions, you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll love. As you are putting together your Christmas playlist this year, use this list of the best Christmas songs to help you create the ultimate holiday vibes.

“All I Want For Christmas Is You,” Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey “All I Want For Christmas Is You” Youtube Audio

No Christmas playlist is complete without the best-selling modern day Christmas song of all time.

“I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus,” Jackson 5

Jackson 5 “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” on YouTube

It’s always wonderful to hear young Michael sing. This rendition by the Jackson 5 will for sure have everyone singing and dancing together.

“You’re a Mean One,” Tyler the Creator

“You’re Mean One” from The Grinch (2018) Youtube video

The Thurl Ravenscroft version is a phenomenal classic, however this modern version from the 2018 remake of The Grinch from Tyler, the Creator is just as great.

“This Christmas,” Chris Brown

“This Christmas” music video from Chris Brown

There are so many great versions of “This Christmas”. I’ve got to admit that this Chris Brown remake knows how to get in the holiday spirit! Add this version or your favorite rendition to your playlist and you’ll catch yourself singing along in no time.

“Santa Baby,” Eartha Kitt

Eartha Kitt, “Santa Baby” official audio

This classic holiday tune is my favorite Eartha Kitt song of all time. If you are needing some ideas for what to include on your Christmas list, play this song for some inspiration 😉

“Let It Snow,” Boyz II Men featuring Brian McKnight

Boyz II Men music video for “Let It Snow” on Youtube

I’m not making any promises that it’ll snow where you are, but just in case, I’ve got something that will make snow happen right in your living room. Listen to the smooth voices of Boyz II Men and Brian McKnight to make your winter season warmer!

“8 Days of Christmas,” Destiny’s Child

Destiny’s Child music video for “8 Days of Christmas”

A fun spin on the 12 Days of Christmas and guaranteed to make you do a little holiday dance!

“Silent Night,” The Temptations

Silent Night on Youtube

“In my mind” your playlist will never be the same. The Temptations truly sang us into a blissful, peaceful night.

“My Favorite Things,” The Supremes

My Favorite Things on Youtube

Although I love the original from the 1959 Rodgers and Hammerstein musical “The Sound of Music”, I prefer listening to this rendition by The Supremes.

“Player’s Ball,” Outkast

Official music video of “Player’s Ball” from Outkast

The 1994 Outkast album, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik was heralded by this song as their lead single which was just in time for the holidays. The song imagines a “player’s ball” for pimps and hustlers on Christmas Day.

“Sleigh Ride,” TLC

Official music video for “Sleigh Ride”

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with this fun, holiday classic. You’ll spreading lots of good cheer with this holiday dance tune.

“What Do the Lonely Do?,” The Emotions

What Do The Lonely Do by The Emotions

Christmas time can bring lots of feelings and emotions for everyone. You’re not alone! Whether you’ll be celebrating with family in-person or virtually this year, this song will be sure to help you get through your holiday emotions.

“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” The Temptations

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on Youtube

The famous reindeer of all has countless Christmas songs about him, but I’ve got to say that this one is my favorite! This rendition by The Temptations will for sure make you join in on all the reindeer games.

“Silver and Gold,” Kirk Franklin

Silver and Gold audio on Youtube

Whenever I want to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, I always play this beautiful gospel song from Kirk Franklin and the Family. “I’d rather have Jesus, than silver and gold.”

“Do You Hear What I Hear?,” Whitney Houston

Audio from “Do You Hear What I Hear” on Youtube

Enjoy a holiday tune from the greatest voice of all time! Whitney Houston’s “Do You Hear What I Hear” is a beautiful classic spin on previous renditions of the song.

“Silver Bells,” Johnny Mathis

Silver Bells by Johnny Mathis

The unofficial announcement song of the Christmas holiday season.

“Merry Christmas Baby,” Otis Redding

Otis Redding’s’ “Merry Christmas Baby”

An American Christmas standard song that has been covered dozens of times. This rendition recorded by Otis Redding in 1968 is sure to be playlist favorite.

“Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire,” Nat King Cole

“Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire”

One of the most famous Christmas songs of all time also known as “The Christmas Song”.

“Christmas in Hollis,” Run DMC

Music video for “Christmas in Hollis” by Run DMC

“Christmas in Hollis” is the ultimate holiday song. Wrapped in samples of “Frosty the Snowman,” “Jingle Bells,” and “Joy to the World,” and one of the best Christmas gifts ever presented in song.

“O Holy Night,” Mariah Carey

Music video for “O Holy Night” on Youtube

A truly iconic performance of “O Holy Night” from the Queen of Christmas.

“Christmas Just Ain’t Christmas,” The O’ Jays

Holidays are most meaningful when they are spent with the ones you love. If you are planning to spend Christmas with family and friends, this song will be a great addition to the playlist.

“Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,” Luther Vandross

“Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”

A soulful rendition of this classic Christmas song by Luther Vandross.

“O Come All Ye Faithful,” Juanita Bynum

Audio of “O Come All Ye Faithful” by Juanita Bynum

A rendition of the classic holiday song by gospel singer Juanita Bynum.

“I’ll Be Home For Christmas,” Brian McKnight

“I’ll Be Home For Christmas” track from Brian McKnight

Another song for your holiday travels and family gatherings.

“Jingle Bells,” Ella Fitzgerald

Clip of Ella Fitzgerald’s performance of “Jingle Bells”

Known as “one of the smoothest voices ever”, Ella Fitzgerald brings a swinging, unique sound to this Christmas classic.

Are any of your favorites on the list?


How To Achieve Cute & Easy Hairstyles Using Headband Wigs

Who doesn’t love easy hairstyles?

Here’s why…

  • Additional headbands and hair accessories
  • Iridescent cosmetic bag
  • LuvMe Hairclip
  • Bobby pins
  • Wig Cap
  • Wig Care Instructions
  • Hair Wrap
  • Edges Brush

The wig came with everything that I needed to style it. I put this wig on and styled it in less than 15 minutes! Let me show you how I did it.

Keep scrolling to reveal the long headband wig and easy hairstyles you can recreate using headbands.

Wearing the headband wig with one of the extra headbands that it came with.
Headband Hairstyles: Wearing the LuvMe Hair headband wig as it is (kinky curly)
Headband Hairstyles: Wearing the headband wig with a middle part and headband.

I honestly love everything about wearing headband wigs as a protective style. It’s perfect for someone like me who loves convenient, cute, and simple hairstyles. I can still look cute while protecting my natural hair and my edges. It is so versatile and gives plenty of inspiration for switching up my hairstyles whenever I want. I’ve finally found the ideal protective style for me.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I believe that the headband wig could help any naturalista looking for protective hairstyle solutions and inspiration. It is not too good to be true, ladies! You can achieve this simple look too!

Watch my LuvMe Hair Headband Wig Tutorial and Review on Youtube

What do you think? 

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through one of those links, you won’t pay a penny more, but I’ll get a small commission, which helps to keep the lights on! Thank you!

Comment some of your favorite, time-saver protective hairstyles below.


6 Loving Wishes Every Parent Has For Their Child

Typically I try to steer clear of giving out unsolicited parenting advice. I rarely share my parenting experience or detail what my parenting journey has been like for me. When my son was born, I made a promise that I would not be one of these moms out here who shares everything. I am someone who enjoys privacy and likes to protect the people that mean the most to me. I believe in keeping some memories sacred and only allowing the people who experienced them to know what those memories are. However, one thing that I do believe in when it pertains to parenting is creating special bonds with your children.

A parents’ job is to love, provide, protect, listen, understand, and teach their kids. There’s no official parenting handbook that teaches or prepares you for the “perfect” way to do any of these things. Parents will always want the best for their children.  When I found out I was going to be a mother, I vowed that I would do everything to help my son grow, develop, and reach every milestone. I couldn’t be more proud of the little person he has become! As his sixth birthday approaches, I am hopeful that he will continue growing and owning his individuality. 

I’ve got six wishes for him that every loving parent would make for their child.

My six-year old son Landon

Always Count On Me, Don’t Ever Count Me Out

I wish that my son always reaches out to me. I want him to know that I am forever accessible and only one call away. There isn’t a distance that I wouldn’t travel to get to him. One thing about it is mamas make great friends and confidants. I want my son to never feel like he can’t talk to me about something (good or bad). I don’t want him to rule out using the “mama lifeline” in a time of need. 

The Gratitude Attitude

Sometimes people take their blessings for granted. I never want my child to miss out on his blessing for not possessing a spirit of gratitude. Gratitude is a catalyst for change in life. My wish is that he thanks God every day for his life and his blessings. I hope that he appreciates and cherishes everything in his life and that he has no room to complain about anything. I want him to practice understanding what it means to be selfless versus selfish

Be Proud Of You Who Are

I want my child to know that it’s okay to be inspired by others and still be himself. Embracing individuality will help him understand that no one is the same, and everyone is unique. I encourage self-love and self-care. I need him to be proud of who he is and never be afraid to tell anyone. I would like for him to affirm the type of person he wants to become. Be bold and unapologetic at all times!

Chase Dreams & Passions

As a person who is in the pursuit of making their dreams come true, I can only hope that my son becomes inspired to do the same. No, I do not wish for him to have my dream. My wish is that he finds the courage to pursue his own dreams. I ask that he discovers his passion for something and choose to go after it. Please never allow anyone to convince him that his vision isn’t capable of fulfillment; or that he isn’t deserving of success and happiness. Fairytales can come true, and children should believe in happily ever after. They should always follow their hearts and do what makes them happy.


Moms are not perfect. Sometimes we make mistakes. I know that whenever I make a mistake, I hope for understanding and a chance to correct my wrongdoing. I never want my child to make a mistake and feel they aren’t allowed to make them. Mistakes happen; it’ll be okay. Disappointment in mistakes made should never lead to grudges. I want my son to learn how to let things/emotions go and how to accept them. I want him to never fear the words I’m sorry

We’re all trying! 

We are all doing the best that we can. 

We are humans who deserve compassion.

Be a Good Person

Kids are naturally kind and sweet. They have to learn how to share, be polite, and engage socially. My son started Kindergarten this year; and has had to adjust how to learn and play in a classroom setting. This type of school environment is key because he needs to experience what it’s like to learn and play with other kids at school, listen to teachers and follow the rules. My wish is that he continues to challenge himself to be patient and kind to others. I want him to learn good versus bad behavior and the consequences for each of them. I want him to never be timid in meeting new friends and expressing his feelings. May he never be a bully, may he never be bullied by someone! Allow people to see the goodness of his nature.

If you are a parent or soon-to-be parent, what wishes would you have for your children?


Comfort Foods: One Delicious Chocolate Velvet Cake

The holidays have arrived, y’all. The 2021 holiday season would like to enter the chat and remind you that it is time to start prepping for some holiday festivities. With Thanksgiving being just three weeks away, I have to ask. Have you finalized your holiday plans for the year? Will you be traveling? Who will be cooking for the holidays? What does your holiday dinner menu look like?

If you aren’t able to answer those questions yet, it’s okay. Don’t panic. You still have a couple of weeks to make and finalize your plans! It doesn’t matter if you are the one doing the cooking, bringing a dish to the work potluck, or family gathering; I have an idea for a recipe that you’ll want to try this year. This Chocolate Velvet Cake recipe will bring something different to any menu and is the perfect addition to your holiday spread.

That’s right. If you’re a chocolate lover, you will love this recipe! It’s an alternative to some of your favorite holiday desserts (red velvet or German chocolate). I found this recipe online via the Magnolia Charm Baking Company, and I’ve been thinking about adding it to my Thanksgiving menu. Every year I search for recipes and dinner suggestions to get ideas for my menu theme; this year was no different. Y’all, I believe this will be a sweet conversation piece around the table this year!

Hold on. Before I reveal the recipe…

You should know more about the creators of this recipe!

Magnolia Charm Baking Company is a family-owned cake and dessert boutique. Magnolia Charm’s cakes and desserts are made to order with only the best ingredients and personalized for any special event or occasion. Magnolia Charm’s mission is to create memorable sweets that exceed customer expectations through innovative, high-quality ingredients, event personalization, impeccable service, and flawless presentation.

Click here to reveal MCBC’s Chocolate Velvet Cake recipe. Be sure to download and save it so that you can make this dessert whenever you’d like!

The Magnolia Charm Baking Company is located in the Greater Baltimore area and accepts local custom cake and dessert orders. You can visit the Magnolia Charm website to get more sweet recipes, view their portfolio, and shop their online store. Follow Magnolia Charm on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms for updates and recipes!

I’ve got to know if you will be giving this Chocolate Velvet Cake recipe a try this holiday season? What are some of your must-have desserts?

Leave a comment below!


Celebrating 50: 10 Spellbinding Posts That Are Bonafide Favorites

It’s time to raise our glasses and cheer because it’s a celebration! I am very excited about this accomplishment that I’m getting ready to announce, and I couldn’t wait to share the news with you, my friends, so that we can celebrate together. Lifestylewithkris.com has reached 50 published blog posts! I have officially shared 50 lifestyle blog posts with you, and I could not be any happier and prouder of this achievement. For two years, I have shared content on my blog with intentions to help and entertain women and provide valuable advice, tips, information, and solutions.

I must say thank you to you, the readers, for reading and your support! I am grateful for every single comment, read, share, and view. In honor of you, my friends, let’s take a look back at some of your favorite posts on the blog so far.


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Building Backdrops for High-Quality Content

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Influenster Product Reviews

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 Self-Care and Stress Management Strategies

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In the world of social media, Instagram is one of the most popular platforms out there. Users post pictures and videos daily for personal enjoyment, exposure, and business opportunities. For entrepreneurs, it’s important to reach their target audience, client, or customer for your business. If you are not already using this platform, I recommend making a business or creator account to help you grow your business. There are over 1 billion monthly active users defining their audience. 

Life-saving Habits and Practices

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Manifest and Attract the Life You Want

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125 Of The Best Fall Hashtags For Instagram 2021

Fall is such a fun, festive season for indoor and outdoor activities. Many people look forward to county and state fairs, festivals, pumpkin patches, and Halloween with their loved ones. There’s so much that you can celebrate and enjoy in the Fall: Thanksgiving, harvest season, buffalo plaid, cool weather, etc. If you’re planning to celebrate and enjoy some fun and festive activities this year, I’m sure you’ll be looking to post about your fun on social media. You may need a hashtag that sums up just how you’re feeling (or what you’re doing) this season, and I’ve got you covered. 

If you are searching for hashtag inspiration then look no further. I’ve got 125 Fall Hashtags that are perfect for your Instagram captions

I’ve broken down the list of Fall hashtags for Instagram into different activities and events. This breakdown will make it easier to find relevant hashtags quickly! I am recommending these hashtags for nano and micro Instagram accounts. Accounts with a small following (1000) to large (10,000 +) can use these hashtags to reach more people. All hashtags in this list have a range of 10,000 – 300,000 people who use them every day on Instagram. 

Let’s get into it!

Before jumping into the hashtags, do you need ideas for what to post on Instagram? If you are stuck trying to figure out what to post, check out this list of 10 Ideas for Creating and Sharing Engaging Content on Social Media to help you with your in-feed posts, stories, and reels. 

Types of Fall Instagram Posts

Here are a few of the best ideas to inspire you for your Instagram posts during the Fall:

Fall Home Decor Hashtags For Instagram

#falldecorations #fallcandles #fallhomedecor #fallfavorites #autumndecorations #autumnfoliage #autumnwreath #falldecorating #falldecoratingideas #fallaesthetic #fallcenterpiece #fallflorals #pumpkindecor #pumpkindecorating #halloweendecorating #thanksgivingtable #thanksgivingdecor

Fall Beauty and Fashion Hashtags for Instagram

#fallnails🍁🍂 #fallclothes #fallmakeuplook #autumnmakeup #autumntrends #autumnhair #fallfashiontrends #fallfashion2021 #fallfashions #fallfashioninspo #fallstyles #fallhairstyles #fallsweater #falloutfitideas #fallboots #bootweather #falllooks #hoodieweather #scarfweather #autumnstyles #autumnmakeup #cozysweater #falljacket #autumndress #autumnlooks #fallnailart 

Instagram Hashtags for Fall Activities and Events

#fallactivities #fallharvest #fallwinter2021 #autumnfair #fallroadtrip #falltravel #fallcleanup #fallweddings #cornmaze🌽 #applepickingseason #applepicking🍎 #fallwalks #fallfestivals #autumnwalk #autumnactivities #harvestseason 

General Fall Hashtags for Instagram

#fallthings #fallessentials #fallready #fallinlove #fallmood #fallvibes🍁 #fallvibes🍃🍂 #fallvibes🍂🍁 #fallbucketlist #fallisintheair🍁 #fallismyfavorite #fallismyfavoriteseason #fallismyfavoritecolor #fallishere🍁 #fallisthebest #fallisthebestseason #fallisfinallyhere #ilovefall🍁 #ilovefallmostofall #falldays🍁 #autumnadventures #autumnquotes #autumnfeed #autumnessentials #autumnvibes #fallcolors🍁🍂 #falltime🍁

Instagram Hashtags for Fall Family and Love 

#fallfamilyphotos #falllove #falllover #falllovers #autumnlover #fallfamilyfun

Instagram Hashtags for Fall Weather and Nature

#beautifulfall #beautifulfallday #cozyfall #autumnsunshine #autumntrees #autumnnight #autumnsun #fallleaves🍁🍂 #falltrees #fallsky #fallsunset #fallmornings #autumnleaves🍂 #sunnyfallday #beautifulautumnday #autumnsunset

Fall Food Hashtags for Instagram

#thanksgivingfood #thanksgivingmeals #turkeytime #thanksgivingturkey #comfortfoods #thanksgivingrecipes #thanksgivingdesserts #fallfoods #fallbaking #falldrinks #fallcocktails #pumpkinpies #pumpkinspicelattes #squashseason #falleats #soupweather

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Is The New Celestial Odyssey Holiday Palette Worth Trying?

Hi friends! I have been keeping a HUGE secret from you all for a few weeks now, and I am very excited that I can finally let the cat out of the bag. I can not tell you how stoked I am to be sharing this post! The Mothership Mega Celestial Odyssey palette from Pat McGrath Labs has arrived! YES, friends! I got the chance to be one of the first to try this palette before it hit the shelves (the palette from the Celestial Odyssey collection launched 9/24). I received this product complimentary from Influenster, in exchange for my honest opinion. This blog post is my official review of the Mothership Mega Celestial Odyssey holiday palette. In this review, I will be getting into all the shades, swatches, and sharing a look I put together while using the palette.

I have to say thank you, Influenster, for sending me this incredible gift!

The products that I get to review each month are sent to me from Influenster. I was selected for the Pat McGrath Labs campaign and asked to share my honest thoughts. Product reviewers and influencers on Influenster get sent surveys to qualify for campaigns. I never know what is going to show up in my mailbox or doorstep. I could not contain the excitement I felt when I found out that I was receiving this palette. Before I get into the details of the Celestial Odyssey palette, I want to share another secret.

Get ready for this! You might need to sit down for this one.

You can review products on Influenster and receive free products, too. Use my code to sign up and start filling out surveys and reviewing products.

I have heard nothing but amazing reviews about Pat McGrath Labs, and I have always been interested in purchasing products from this brand. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the Celestial Odyssey palette is my first Pat McGrath product ever. It’s surreal that I get to use this palette as my introduction to the brand. The Mothership Mega Celestial Odyssey palette is from the brand’s 2021 holiday collection released on 9/24. This palette value retails at $78 online and was the first product from the collection to become available for purchase. The Celestial Odyssey palette has 18 beautiful shades. The Celestial Odyssey palette from Pat McGrath Labs beams beyond the spectrum in an array of supernova gemstone-inspired shades presented in a cyber bronze starscape balanced with warm and cool tones. Each eyeshadow color consists of creamy textures in five different finishes: sateen shimmer, 24k duochrome sparkle, foiled metallic, velvet matte, and iridescent sparkle.

You can watch my YouTube video for a deeper look into each shade in the Mothership Mega Celestial Odyssey palette when it premieres, this Sunday, October 17th at 12pm central standard time. In this video, I will be discussing my thoughts on the palette and sharing how I achieved my first Celestial Odyssey look. I have so many ideas for these eyeshadow shades! You can count on me creating more holiday looks with this palette during the fall and winter seasons.

My Review Look

After swatching and playing around with these beautifully stunning hues, I couldn’t wait to try on a few of them. I decided to pick four colors that I loved from the “swatch reveal” and get creative with them. My application process was very random and spontaneous! I just wanted to throw something that I thought might look good together. If you want to recreate this look at home, I will share the colors I used below to achieve the look I created in my YouTube video:

  • Lunar Haze 
  • Noir Moon
  • Solar Flare
  • Lotus Luxe 

Now for my final thoughts…

The verdict is that this palette is EVERYTHING, and it is absolutely worth trying! I did not know that Pat McGrath Labs was coming like this. This palette is AMAZING. I was not disappointed. Since this product was my introduction to this brand, I will say that I don’t think it was too hard for me to be pleased. I have always expressed an interest in purchasing products, and I’ve heard nothing but great things online and from friends. I think this review will be the first of many about Pat McGrath Labs. I will be trying out some other beauty products, and I know I will continue creating more looks using the Mothership Mega Celestial Odyssey palette. 

What do you think about the Mothership Mega Celestial Odyssey palette?

Will you be purchasing this palette after reading this review?


These Pinterest Finds Will Make You Want Ferocious, Stunning Nails This Fall

Can you tell that I am beyond excited that fall has arrived? The best thing about the season changing is not the weather or daylight savings! It’s honestly the new vibes and colorful foliage that are the #1 reason I look forward to autumn every year. I enjoy being comfortable and cozy (that’s a no-brainer). It’s the fall color scheme that truly gets me going! I like to incorporate fall foliage and earth tone colors in my outfits, makeup, and nails all the time now. Pinterest has become my go-to for all my seasonal moods, aesthetics, and inspiration for fun and festive ideas for beauty and outfit choices. My recent Pinterest finds have all been nail inspo for the fall season. There are some new colors, shapes, and designs that are trending to be popular this season. LET’S GET INTO THEM! This blog post is all about Pinterest finds, nails, and what kind of nails are IN this season.

Don’t ask for my mood, just check my nails. They say it all.

Now, as far as colors go, there’s PLENTY for the girls to choose from; and because of this, you may have difficulty picking one you will enjoy. Shades of brown, orange, red, purple, gray, and blue will continue to reign supreme for fall colors. I must say that I am in love and invested in the brown color scheme. I love me some chocolate! Caramel and coffee are popular universal colors to have in your palette. My searches on Pinterest have also indicated never rule out shades of white. Why? It’s because cream, ivory, or coconut colors are great for creating nude and natural nail aesthetics. My advice is to choose colors that will accentuate your personality and capture your vibe. 

Choosing my nail color and design will be easy- Said no one ever

Choosing a nail color is not the only decision you’ll have to make during this process. Patterns and designs are both ways that you can create signature nails to match your personality or vibe. Haven’t you ever heard of “it’s all in the details”? If you’re looking to spice it up this season, there are certainly some different trends for you to check out. Ombre or duo tone nails (features two colors that are smoothly graduating into each other) are not new but are trendy right now. I can’t think of a better design to showcase fall foliage. Plaid nail art is ideal for outfit matching, especially with anything flannel. It’s important to remember to pick patterns and designs that your nail technician will be able to replicate. Nail technicians will be creative with abstract, marble, and leopard print designs. If you do not have a regular nail technician, please make sure that your tech can replicate the design you’ve chosen. I use Pinterest as my tool to create mood boards to show my nail tech where my nail inspiration came from. Look at the board that I’ve started for fall! It has all sorts of ideas for the season, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.

Nails are the #1 thing you can get into shape without exercising

Nail color, design, and art are NOTHING without shape and length. Yes, girl! Your nail’s shape and length are important, too. It’s the first step in nailing the right aesthetic. How long will your nails be? How short would you like them to be? Do you like your nails square or oval? All shapes and lengths can be customized to any preference if you have communicated this with your nail technician. 

I want you to nail it this season! Get fall inspired nails from Pinterest searches if you are in need of some nail art ideas. Pinterest has you covered on the entire look! Piece your new nail art together by choosing from colors, patterns, designs, and shapes that you find on pins and boards. Halloween and Thanksgiving are just a jump, hop, and a skip away! Set off your new season with some fun, festive nails.

What is your favorite go- to color or design that you love to wear during fall?

What are some colors or designs that you hope to try this year?


This Boutique Has 12 Sensational Elements PERFECT for Your Fall Essentials

The time has come for seasonal change! The cooler weather is starting to roll in, and we’re all officially entering the 2021 Fall Season. If you are not ready for the cool, crisp day breezes and shorter days headed our way, now is the perfect time to start stocking up on your essentials. Fall fashion is all about keeping yourself comfortable, cozy, and warm, all while expressing your style. With the right staple fashion pieces, you can achieve a spicy style that is unique and one that you can own all season long! Mila Rose Boutique is here to help you get your closet right with the perfect fall essentials to style any outfit you desire. This blog post will help you get your “lewks” together for the fall, discover some essential closet items you might not have, and identify current fall fashion trends you’ll want to add to your closet.

Mila Rose Boutique (located in Chicago, Illinois) is an online fashion boutique focused on bringing high-quality fashionable clothing and accessories to women of all shapes and sizes. The owner, Maria Silva-Young discovered her passion for fashion from her grandmother, Mila, and her love for colorful outfits she once wore as a little girl. 

owner of Mila Rose Boutique, Maria Silva- Young

I moved to Chicago when I was nine and immediately took in the fashion and trends of the 90s. My boutique, Mila Rose Boutique, is a product of my desire to share a piece of myself with the world and to inspire women to embrace their individuality.


The Mila Rose Boutique is particularly unique in selling fashion pieces that are everyday closet essentials and in neutral colors. The act of helping women select items that complement an individual’s body shape is something that Maria and the Mila Rose Boutique are passionate about delivering to their customers. 

“Our boutique houses pieces that allow women to shop for closet essentials at an affordable price. Fashion is a statement. Fashion is art. The secret to great style is to feel good in what we wear.”


Maria’s boutique has a large selection of available fashions online to help you sort through the essentials you’ll need for fall. The most popular clothing items for fall consists of at least twelve categories:

  1. blazers
  2. cardigans
  3. dresses
  4. scarves
  5. knit skirts
  6. leggings
  7. turtlenecks
  8. sweaters
  9. trousers
  10. jackets 
  11. jeans
  12. long-sleeved shirts

It is wise to select closet essentials that can be versatile and worn for a variety of occasions. Potential customers and shoppers can choose from styles in a variety of neutral colors, refer to a sizing chart to help them pick the right size for comfort, and add additional elements with accessories and jewelry. 

When one visits the Mila Rose website, they can browse through our best-sellers, new products, jewelry, and can filter by size or price. We provide a sizing guide, shipping information, and return policy.

Step into a fashionable Fall season with the perfect essentials from Mila Rose Boutique today! The online boutique is open and ready to help you give autumn a warm welcome. New customers can use code WELCOME for 20% off of their first order! Mila Rose Boutique also offers free shipping on orders $75 and up. Visit www.themilaroseboutique.com to subscribe for additional promotions, products, and sales. You can also follow the Mila Rose Boutique on FacebookInstagram, and Tik Tok to stay in the loop and support small black-owned businesses.


SipMyThoughts Revealed… The Awe-Inspiring Podcast No One Has Told You About

IYKYK podcasts have been taking over the entertainment world for a few years now, and that reign is far from over. The podcast world continues to see significant upticks in podcasts created, episodes uploaded, and listeners who are looking to discover new podcasts to add to their audio library. Tyler Carter, a journalist, and media professional is one of two million podcasters to develop a podcast to share informative, entertaining, and enlightening stories through the audio waves. His brilliant SipMyThoughts podcast focuses on the storytelling of the Black community and culture that mainstream media often neglects and omits sharing with the entire world. This blog post will shed light on podcast creator Tyler Carter, what inspired him to create the SipMyThoughts podcast, the stories he’s committed to sharing, and how interested listeners can be enlightened and discover the SipMyThoughts podcast online.

Continue reading “SipMyThoughts Revealed… The Awe-Inspiring Podcast No One Has Told You About”

How To Start The Perfect YouTube Channel & Kick Ass With Vlogging

YouTube is one of the biggest video-based platforms on the entire world wide web. There are more than 37 million YouTube channels out there (2020 latest data)! So many people create YouTube accounts to watch new and trending videos that are uploaded daily by creators and vloggers. YouTube continues to be a popular platform that creators use to grow their brand or business, nurture video content for target audiences, and generate passive income online. YouTube users are subscribing daily to creators who provide relatable and valuable content! I recently developed a YouTube strategy to become more comfortable with creating video-based content and grow my brand. I have always felt that I’ve been ready to join the masses, but I had NO clue what my channel would be. What would I post?!

Continue reading “How To Start The Perfect YouTube Channel & Kick Ass With Vlogging”