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  • Tom Ford Bitter Peach Is A Lavishly Delicious Scent
    Luxury fragrances are our latest obsession. Listen, whenever we are allowed to try and wear designer perfumes, we are always beaming with glee! Obsessing may be a strong word, but we would never pass up an opportunity to sniff scents and aromas (the good ones). The moment we heard Influenster was sending us Tom Ford Bitter Peach eau de parfum … Read more
  • Best Skincare Gifts for Normal to Dry Skin *Tested*
    Shopping for skincare products is not easy for everyone as it may seem. Firstly, dozens of skincare products are on the market with promises to correct and address the same concerns. Additionally, our skin goes through routine changes! A change in skin type or texture can present challenges for shopping for the right skincare products to help identify skincare concerns. … Read more
  • Ouai Hair Mask Is A Miracle For Damaged Hair
    Are you someone who is struggling with dry, brittle hair? Have you noticed how difficult it is for your hair to retain moisture and oil in thick coils? Lastly, is your hair unhealthy because of its dryness, split ends, heat, chemical, or color damage? If you responded ‘yes’ to any of those questions, then; I have the perfect solution for … Read more
  • 30 Self- Love Affirmations from Beyonce’s Renaissance
    Beyoncè Giselle Knowles-Carter is one of the greatest entertainers in the world. We notably recognize her for her vocal ability and contributions to music. She is an inspiration for so many women everywhere, and we can’t get enough of how much joy and happiness she brings to millions of faces. Her music is motivating and uplifting. She makes women feel … Read more
  • Prada Paradoxe Perfume: The New Fragrance for Women
    Prada Paradoxe perfume is the latest fragrance by Prada. It is a luxury eau de parfum designed for women to explore and express their paradoxical multi-dimensions. Prada Paradoxe celebrates the woman who is “never the same, always herself“. Absurd as this may sound, I was lucky enough to be one of the first women to wear this fragrance before it became … Read more
  • How To Use Influenster: An App Review Guide
    Influenster is the #1 go-to app for consumer product reviews and discovery. It is a platform known for showcasing honest reviews from real people in real-time. People love to use Influenster to share their experiences with hundreds of thousands of products. In short, Influenster changed how consumers share reviews and create user-generated content. Additionally, the popular review app underwent a facelift earlier … Read more
  • Trendy 4C Hairstyles for Natural Hair
    Whether you’re in the beginning stages of transitioning to natural hair or you’ve been natural for some time, you have to admit that styling natural hair is challenging. Learning how to care for your texture is a lot of trial and error. Sometimes natural hairstyles can be a bit of trial and error too. When I stopped getting relaxers and … Read more
  • 7 Makeup Tips and Hacks No Girl Should Live Without
    Flawless makeup is the ultimate beauty goal.  It’s easy to unlock this achievement with the help of makeup artists (MUAs) and beauty experts. However, the makeup application process at home is much different. For this reason, it is absolutely impossible to have too many makeup tricks. You should always learn new makeup tips and hacks to enhance the application process. … Read more
  • 18 Things I Learned From Reading Will Smith’s Book
    The 18 things I learned about Will from reading his book are what make me thrilled to be a fan forever. Will Smith is arguably the biggest entertainment superstar in the world. He has starred in over a dozen films, sold millions of records, and is one of Hollywood’s highest-grossing actors. Now Will Smith is writing a book. Will Smith … Read more
  • 25 Gorgeous Spring Nail Trends for 2022
    The season for new beginnings has arrived. Spring is the optimal time for blooming, blossoming, and setting trends. Ladies, get ready to become nail trendsetters this season. Today’s blog post is all about the best nail trends that birthed the most memorable nail art moments of the season so far. If you have been looking for ideas for seasonal nail art … Read more
  • First Look: Sally Hansen X Peeps Nail Polish Collection
    If you have learned nothing about me yet, you should know that I love nails and all things nail beauty. Today, I went and treated myself to a lovely little spa day. Firstly, I got (what I like to call) “the works” and trust me– I needed to do this weeks ago. Secondly, I got a deluxe pedicure, eyebrow waxing, … Read more
  • How To Outline A Blog Post in 15 Minutes
    How long does it take you to write a blog post? This question is one I see bloggers ask each other all of the time. I’ve even googled it out of desperation and curiosity to figure out the answer. It takes a blogger approximately 2-3 hours to write a quality blog post. I started comparing my writing performance to the … Read more
  • What Is Seo And Why Is Seo Important For My Website?
    Search Engine Optimization is a vital digital marketing tool. SEO consists of many elements, and knowing what they are and how they work is key to understanding why SEO is so important.
  • GoodReads: Book Recommendation for Your Reading List
    Here’s a GoodReads summary and a new book recommendation for your list. 2022 just started, and I’m focused on committing to doing more things. One of my commitments for the year is to read more books; I plan to set aside some time to read at least one book per month. And so far, everything is going well. I’ve got … Read more
  • 12 Classic Pink and Red Lipsticks for Valentine’s Day
    Cupid shot me with his bow. I have fallen in love. My love for all things beauty, glamour, and makeup runs deep. I love everything– eyeshadow, foundation, mascara. The truth is I have to say that there’s no beauty product I admire more than gorgeous lipstick. A good lipstick will have you feeling like you’re worth more than just chocolates … Read more
  • 350 Blog Post Ideas For Bloggers Discovering Their Niche
    What should I write about on my blog? Coming up with ideas for blog topics to write about after starting your niche blog can be rough. If you are a current or newbie blogger or someone thinking of starting a blog but not sure where to start, I have a few ideas to help you get started writing quality posts … Read more
  • Wash Day Routine For 4c Hair Optimal Hair Growth
    Wash days, for me, are all about using the right products for optimal hair growth and hydration. Being a naturalista for eight years has taught me the importance of managing my 4C hair and understanding which products are best for my hair type. If you have ever wondered whether you’re using the best products for your natural hair, you aren’t … Read more
  • Starting The New Year With Hope And A Radiant Glow
    Happy New Year, friends! I hope you all are doing well and off to a positive start to your year. I am feeling renewed after a much-needed relaxing break during the holidays. The break gave me a chance to rest, sleep in late (if you consider sleeping until 7 am late), catch up, and spend time with my family after … Read more
  • A Special First Look At Influenster Rimmel London Voxbox
    Christmas came early! I love receiving gifts from Influenster. Thank you Influenster for thinking of me this holiday season. I have been reviewing products for Influenster for all of 2021, and I’ve enjoyed getting the products they send me to test out. I have had the opportunity to try new products that I’ve heard about, products that I wasn’t familiar … Read more
  • Should I Trademark My Online Business Name?
    Your name is your superpower. What you call yourself (personally or professionally) is your unique identifier. Your name, aka your identity, sets you apart from people/ businesses with similar names. Entrepreneurs realize that it takes hard work to establish their brand and create an identity different from their competitors. So, how will you stand out without blending? How will you … Read more
  • 25 Gorgeous Winter Nails & Designs
    Winter nail season is here. Winter is coming! Shorter days and cold, dark nights are upon us. In addition, it is dismally cold outside, but it is a cool time for nail trends. Fall nails have much appeal, but just like seasons change, so do current trends. ‘Tis the season for sparkle, shimmer, glitter, and snow! The winter nails are … Read more
  • This Is What My Stay-At-Home Mom Schedule Looks Like
    I never believed that this would be the life for me. The life of a stay-at-home mom. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that the stay-at-home life would be something that I could afford to do or that it would be something that I could get comfortable doing. The pandemic forced me to see that I could create a stay-at-home … Read more
  • 25 Best Christmas Songs For The Ultimate Holiday Playlist
    Siri, play the “Best Christmas Songs” playlist. It is officially Christmas time in the city (we only acknowledge Christmas after Thanksgiving over here). I know that many of you have started prepping for Christmas by decorating and shopping. I don’t fault you for getting a headstart on spreading the holiday cheer! Even though we all choose different times of the … Read more
  • 3 Cute & Easy Hairstyles Using Headband Wigs
    Keep scrolling to reveal the long headband wig and easy hairstyles you can recreate using headbands.
  • 6 Wishes For Kids From Parents
    Typically I try to steer clear of giving out unsolicited parenting advice. I rarely share my parenting experience or detail what my parenting journey has been like for me. When my son was born, I made a promise that I would not be one of these moms out here who shares everything. I am someone who enjoys privacy and likes … Read more
  • Comfort Foods: One Delicious Chocolate Velvet Cake
    The holidays have arrived! The 2021 holiday season would like to enter the chat and remind you to start prepping for the busy season. With Thanksgiving being just three weeks away, I have to ask. Have you finalized your holiday plans for the year? What comfort foods will you have this season? Who will be cooking for the holidays? What … Read more
  • Celebrating 50: 10 Bonafide Favorites
    It’s time to raise our glasses and cheer because it’s a celebration! I am very excited about this accomplishment that I’m getting ready to announce, and I couldn’t wait to share the news with you, my friends, so that we can celebrate together. Its The LEWK is celebrating 50 published blog posts! Subsequently, I’ve officially shared 50 lifestyle blog posts with … Read more
  • 125 Of The Best Fall Hashtags For Instagram 2021
    Fall is such a fun and festive season for indoor and outdoor activities. There are many activities to celebrate and enjoy in the Fall. Many people look forward to county or state fairs, festivals, pumpkin patches, and Halloween fun with their loved ones. Thanksgiving, harvest season, buffalo plaid, cooler weather, etc. Fall is easy, breezy, and beautiful. If you’re planning … Read more
  • Is The Celestial Odyssey Palette Worth Trying?
    Hi friends! I have been keeping a HUGE secret from you all for a few weeks now, and I am very excited that I can finally let the cat out of the bag. I can not tell you how stoked I am to be sharing this post! The Mothership Mega Celestial Odyssey palette from Pat McGrath Labs has arrived! YES, … Read more
  • 15 Pinterest Nails For Fall
    The best thing about the season changing is not the weather or daylight savings! It’s honestly the new vibes and colorful foliage that I look forward to in autumn every year. It’s the fall color scheme that truly gets me going! I like to incorporate fall foliage and earth tone colors in my outfits, makeup, and nails all the time … Read more
  • Good Podcasts: SIPMYTHOUGHTS
    Good podcasts have been taking over the entertainment world for a few years now, and that reign is far from over. The podcast world continues to see significant upticks in podcasts created. Episodes are uploaded daily and listeners are looking to discover new podcasts to add to their audio library. Tyler Carter, journalist/ media professional, is a talented creative who’s … Read more
  • How To Start YouTube Channels & Earn Money
    YouTube is one of the biggest video-based platforms on the entire world wide web. There are more than 37 million YouTube channels out there (2020 latest data)! So many people create YouTube accounts to watch new and trending videos that are uploaded daily by creators and vloggers. YouTube continues to be a popular platform that creators use to grow their brand or … Read more
  • Finding Friends: Black Women Sisterhood
    Are you aging gracefully into your 30s and 40s but finding it hard to build new friendships or find a group of women that you can genuinely call your sisterhood? Do you get overwhelmed trying to establish genuine friendships and connections with women in your age bracket? Finding friends can definitely be challenging. You are not alone.  Thank you, Jody-Ann … Read more
  • 8 Blogger Groups to Help You Master Blogging
    Are you a newbie blogger, business owner, content creator, or influencer looking to meet and mingle with other content creators within your niche? Are you looking for a networking community where you can promote your brand and learn about brands and businesses? One of the ways to build your tribe and community for your brand or business is to join … Read more
  • How To Get Sponsored Posts On Instagram
    Have you ever wondered how to get sponsored posts? Sponsored posts are advertisements created by a brand or business for a product/service. Companies are looking to work with content creators daily to reach consumers through sponsored advertising. Many Bloggers and Influencers use sponsored posts (also known as promoted posts) to generate more traffic and link clicks to their website or … Read more
  • Book Review: Reflections of a Queen Rising
    Reflections of a Queen Rising is an inspirational, autobiographical poetry book written by author and blogger Jody-Ann Buckle. The poetry book has a rating of 4.9 stars out of 5 on Amazon and has been the source of motivation and encouragement for women of all backgrounds to believe in themselves, take risks, find their purpose, and live out their dreams. Jody-Ann … Read more
  • 6 Best Thrift Store Fashionable Finds
    I recently went shopping to find some cute little summer outfits to take pictures in. Thrifting is one of my favorite ways to pick up fashionable threads for less. Whenever I need to search for statement pieces for a photo shoot, something to wear while vacationing, or maybe for a summer event like a barbecue, I can always count on … Read more
  • 7 Ways to Boost Your Confidence
    In a world that is constantly innovating, challenging and competitive, taking risks is paramount. Taking risks builds confidence and uproots you from your comfort zone. In addition, risk takers are more likely to take a stab at other endeavors that they were once afraid of doing. Let’s explore some good examples of ways to boost your confidence. Story time. If … Read more
  • Top 10 Reasons To Use Lightroom
    There are many photography apps on the market these days, so I can only imagine that it can be hard to find one that you’ll enjoy. You might have found yourself asking, Do I need to pay for an app to get the best option? Do I need something to do quick edits? Do I also need to think about … Read more
  • 10 Creative Post Ideas for Social Media
    You’ve started a business, you’ve created a brand. You’re ready to start marketing your business/brand on social media, but there’s so much overwhelming information out there. Everyone is telling you that you should post at least 3 pieces of social media content per week, post to your social channels every day, and create high-quality content, but where are you going … Read more
  • Powerful Words of Affirmation For Success
    Words of affirmation are short and powerful statements that people can use to promote positive thinking. They allow us to be in control of our thoughts and shape our realities. Individuals can repeat affirmation statements until they become new beliefs. I use affirmations to eliminate negative thinking and to help me navigate challenges that will make achieving goals easier, through … Read more
  • 5 Proven Tips For Starting Your Online Store
    You have been crafting for some time and now feel it is time to start selling your masterpieces, but you have no experience running a business. You aren’t sure where to start and the whole thing feels a bit overwhelming at the moment. You’re interested in starting an online store but not sure where to begin.
  • The Secure Guide to Filing With TurboTax
    Thank you, TurboTax for sponsoring this post! Filing taxes is a stressful situation for everyone. Every tax season, American citizens are hopeful and excited about their tax returns. Some look for ways to ensure that they’ll receive as much money back as possible, some are prayerful that they will not have to owe the IRS anything, and some look for … Read more
  • How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Audience
    In the world of social media, Instagram is one of the most popular platforms out there. Users post pictures and videos daily for personal enjoyment, exposure, and business opportunities. For entrepreneurs, it’s important to reach your target audience, client, and/or customer for your business. This post contains everything you need to know about how to use Instagram for business. Anyone … Read more
  • INFLUENSTER: Unboxing + How To Get For Free
    Influenster is a product discovery platform for consumers and influencers. There are hundreds of thousands of brands looking for honest feedback in exchange for free products! Influencers are surveyed and matched to campaigns or a voxbox to review and share with their audience on social media. HOW TO GET A FREE INFLUENSTER VOXBOX Influenster is a product discovery app that encourages consumers … Read more
  • How To Meditate: Checklist and Guided Practice
    In 2018, I learned how to meditate effectively due to high-stress levels from working a job that brought me much misery and grief. I had to find a release, an escape, something that allow me to relax and be at ease. When I first started my journey into meditation, I had no clue how to meditate, did not know if … Read more
  • 3 Tools For Goal Setting and Excellent Planning
    It’s been super important for me to get organized with my ideas and goals because I’ve got all these great, big ideas floating around in my head, but no clear thought on how to execute them. It’s not enough for me to just come up with an idea (nor should it be enough for you). I need to find tools … Read more
  • Which Gingerbread House Kit Is The Best?
    I hope the holiday season has brought peace and joy to you and your family. I know that the season has not been ideal for my family and me, but we have managed to create new traditions this year, with a little help from Walmart and their Gingerbread House Kit. Well, more like their brownie kit. I have never made … Read more
    Everyone is looking for safe ways to spend quality time with loved ones during this holiday season. One way that I found a way to bond with my son, Landon, was to make craft turkeys! Who remembers making little projects like this when you were younger? This was simple to do and fun to make. Making ‘Craft Turkeys’ Tutorial What … Read more
  • Getting To Know Me: Shocking Secrets Exposed
    I’ll admit it. I forget that you all don’t know every little thing about me. I’m as open as I can be, but sometimes I like to keep a little bit of mystery. However, getting to know me is not totally complicated. Getting to know me has everything to do with me feeling free to get personal. Therefore, today’s post … Read more
    ALERT! NEW PLANET DISCOVERED. I enjoy entering new stages and seasons with Landon. You just never know what you’re going to get with the imaginative minds that kids have. One thing that I can say about myself as a parent is that I always encourage Landon to pursue whatever it is that he wants to do. I encourage him to … Read more
  • Spooky Halloween: Here For All The Boos!
    Halloween 2020 was super fun and creative. We decided against trick or treating this year, but we still got Landon a costume to wear around the house. I didn’t feel comfortable attending harvest parties, festivals, or haunted houses because we are still practicing social distancing guidelines and rules. COVID is ruining things as we once knew them to be, but … Read more
  • How To Reduce Stress and Self-Care Everyday
    Whenever I neglect to practice personal care, it has an effect on my anxiety and general mood. We all know that stress is not the easiest to manage and it’s easier said than done. How many of you have started one thing that you’ve gotten motivated to do for yourself, but did not stay committed to the journey? Have you … Read more
  • Brilliant Moves: What Do People Use Blogs For
    Blogging is something that I have always expressed my passion and excitement for. After successfully starting a college blog in 2008, I never discovered love as deep as the one I have for writing (for a career choice). So why did I stop? What made me start back ten years later?
  • The Complete Guide To My Skincare Routine
    I get compliments and questions on what I do to maintain clear skin all of the time. I’m usually a modest person, attributing it to drinking more water and staying indoors, but I must be honest. I do have a skincare routine. Every 3-4 weeks, I follow a simple three-step process, and I will sometimes add more products based on … Read more
  • 8 Awesome Yoga Poses for Anxiety (Tested)
    If you have been following me on social media, then you know that I have been practicing yoga. My practice method is 2-3 times a week, and sometimes I’ll post the transitions I’m practicing on IGTv (Check my Instagram for “Self-Care Sundays”). I’ve been enjoying getting to learning yoga poses to help improve my physical and mental health. Regular discipline … Read more
  • Our Awesome Vacation To Beautiful Gulf Shores
    I enjoyed getting away, even if it was just but for a couple of days. See how my family and I managed to travel this summer during a worldwide pandemic.
  • You’ll Want These: Simple Veet 3-In-1 Wax Strips
    Veet has made waxing at home super fun, quick, and easy with their latest body waxing kit. I was able to wax under 25 mins & now I love self body waxing at home!
  • 8 Guaranteed Best Aromatherapy Must-Haves
    Essential oils have different aromas and all derive from a combination of different things such as fruit or plants. Depending on what tickles your fancy, you may not enjoy citrus or a pine fragrance. That’s okay! I’ve come up with 8 essential oil blends that are perfect for achieving relaxation and relief and I want to share them with you today.
  • What You Don’t Know About College (Secrets Exposed)
    Congrats Class of 2020! You’ve been waiting for this moment. What are your plans going to be after this? Are you still deciding? I’ll tell you some things that can help the inexperienced student be hopeful about what’s to come!
  • My First Amazon Haul (Everything You Need)!
    While I have been sheltering in place, I have had so much free time. Idle time eventually led to scrolling through websites and apps on my phone. The next thing I knew, I have spent more money than I probably should have shopping on Amazon these last few weeks. Every single day for a solid three weeks to a month, … Read more
  • How To Create a Beautiful Image Backdrop
    An easy how-to guide to building your own backdrop for enhancing your digital images.
  • Social Distancing: Self-Care & Keep the Faith
    The world has been under stress while trying to remain calm in the midst of chaos. The arguably most infectious virus, COVID-19, continues to sweep the nation indoors! If you’re outside, social distancing is required. I have been following the frightening headlines from February to the present day, and you know what? I’M TIRED! Two weeks ago marked the last … Read more
  • 35 Things I Want To Do Before Turning 35
    I did the math. I’m thirty-one now. In four years, I will be thirty-five. Four years should be enough time to knock off a few goals, right? Did I come up with realistic ideas that can be achieved? How much can one achieve in four years?
  • How Releasing Negative Thoughts Improved My Life
    One thing that I know for sure is that I can never give up on improving the way that I want to live my life.
  • 10 Favorite Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day Love
    Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you may be looking for ideas on ways to celebrate your significant other. Romance is a wide spectrum of how people find ways to express love and gratitude to those they love. Roses and chocolate ain’t for everybody! Here’s a list of ten of my favorite ideas for Valentine’s Day. Additionally, these romantic … Read more
  • 5 Historically Awesome Places to Visit in Mississippi
    This year, I wanted to highlight some of the best places to visit in Mississippi for Black History month.
  • 3 Powerful Books Recommended for Self-Help
    Self-Care is the main goal for 2020 and I’ve found three books that are going to retrain my mind and thought processes.
  • Secrets Exposed: Black Girl Culture Is The Moment
    The day that I decided I was going to get back into writing again, I did a little bit of exploring for inspiration. For some creative minds, when you haven’t been practicing with your craft/talent, it’s likely due to falling out of love with your passion. I started taking the beginner steps necessary to change my life. I stumbled across … Read more
  • 7 Lessons Learned in Life
    There are so many lessons that have been taught to me over the course of my thirty-one years of existence on planet Earth. It’s hard to even recall all of the lessons that many people have taught me, or the self-taught ones that I’ve learned over the process of trial and error. What I’ve come to find out, is that … Read more
  • 30- Day Self Improvement Challenge
    Rediscovery and self-purpose are two things that I have been working with myself on throughout the year. The younger person inside of me would have probably thought that this is something I should already be perfect in. Especially in my 30s! Additionally, I’m starting to believe that it can take even longer to truly understand and live in your purpose. … Read more
  • Introducing ITS THE LEWK: Lifestyle Blog
    Hello online family and friends! If you are reading this post, then you’ve found your way over to my lifestyle blog. Over the years, I have been open with my life and shared some of my young adult experiences. I took a break to focus on navigating through my journey to find my purpose in life. Now, the journey has … Read more

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