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I’m Just Here For All The Boos!

I’m Just Here For All The Boos!

Halloween 2020 was super fun and creative. We decided against trick or treating this year (just like many others), but we still got Landon’s costume for him to wear around the house. I didn’t feel comfortable attending harvest parties, festivals, or haunted houses because we are still practicing social distancing guidelines and rules. COVID is ruining things as we once knew it to be, but I could tell that Landon enjoyed cosplay and trick-or-treating Quarantine Style.

Sonic the Hedgehog has been a permanent resident in our home this year, so it would have been irresponsible if we didn’t attempt to pull this look off for Halloween. We found his costume on Amazon and it included gloves and the mask. The only thing I added was black paint for that cute, button nose!

After cosplay, we scavenged for some Halloween candy in places that he would have least expected them to be. I made these clue cards for the scavenger hunt; after searching for ideas like this on Pinterest. There was candy in the yard, in bathtubs, in ovens, and even under beds. Reading the clues together forced critical thinking and using context clues to be an easy process, or as Landon likes to say, “easy peezy lemon squeezy”.

We had innocent, cute, and laughable fun.

Happy Halloween!`

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