Should I Worry About Trademarking My Online Business?

Your name is your superpower. What you call yourself (personally or professionally) is your unique identifier. Your name, aka your identity, is supposed to set you apart from people/ businesses with similar names. Entrepreneurs may have already realized that it takes hard work to establish their brand and create an identity different from their competitors.Continue reading “Should I Worry About Trademarking My Online Business?”

This Meditation Checklist Will Help Any Beginner Become Successful In Practicing Mindfulness

In 2018, I made a commitment to learning how to meditate effectively due to high stress levels from working a job that brought me much misery and grief. I wanted to find a release, an escape, something that allow me to relax and be at ease. When I started my journey into meditation, I hadContinue reading “This Meditation Checklist Will Help Any Beginner Become Successful In Practicing Mindfulness”

No Stress Just Self- Care Everyday

Whenever I neglect to practice personal care, it has an effect on my anxiety and general mood. We all know that stress is not the easiest to manage and can often be easier said than done. How many of us have started one thing that we’ve gotten motivated to do for ourselves, but have notContinue reading “No Stress Just Self- Care Everyday”