• This Is What My Stay-At-Home Mom Schedule Looks Like

    This Is What My Stay-At-Home Mom Schedule Looks Like

    I never believed that this would be the life for me. The life of a stay-at-home mom. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that the stay-at-home life would be something that I could afford to do or that it would be something that I could get comfortable doing. The pandemic forced me to see that I could create a stay-at-home mom schedule. I literally lost my job and became a stay-at-home mother overnight! Before this, I used to spend most of my time at work. Away from my family. Since 16, I have worked countless jobs for financial stability and security. While all the while, I was missing out on quality bonding time and precious milestones. Then four years into my son’s life, I suddenly became more accessible and available. 

    So I was at home, all of the time, 24/7.

    Subsequently, I have been dedicated to a stay-at-home mom schedule that allows me to work from home, start and build my business, complete household chores, and devote time to my husband and son.

    The ultimate goal for my stay-at-home mom schedule was to have time to do it all.

    Having no extra help made me realize that I needed to follow a schedule that could keep me organized and focused on my priorities: starting a business and being there when my family needed me the most. A flexible stay-at-home mom schedule would become my secret weapon, and it continues to be a routine that brings contentedness and peace. My daily stay-at-home mom schedule works well for me, and I want to share it to help other stay-at-home moms figure out a rhythm to juggling everything at home.

    5:15 am 

    I set my alarm to wake up 45 minutes before Landon gets up. Starting my day earlier allows me to get mentally and physically prepared for my day. I like to use this time for prayer and quick stretching exercises. Then, I will start ironing school uniforms and making Landon’s lunch to take to school. I will use any remaining time to let our family pet, Pablo, outside to use the potty and put food in his bowl.

    Early mornings set the tone that I am ready to tackle anything. It also allows me to finish all my tasks at a reasonable ending time. I don’t even sleep in late! To be honest, I can’t sleep past 7 am without feeling unproductive. I like to maximize my time in the mornings by choosing not to waste a single minute.

    6:00 am 

    I wake Landon up and make him breakfast. I’ve got to brag that I do my best gentle parenting in this hour. I want to make sure I am helping my son start his day with some positivity. There’s lots of hugging, smiles, and I love yous exchanged during this time. In conclusion, 6 am is one of my proudest hours of the day.

    6:50 am 

    It’s time to drop Landon off at school for the day. Morning drop-offs are usually 10-15 minutes long. While we are in line, waiting to make our way to the front, Landon and I will practice repeating daily affirmations. I like to encourage Landon to have a great day, believe in himself, give his best effort, and commit to learning new skills. This type of encouragement is the final preparation before he walks through those school doors to begin his day as a Kindergarten student.

    7:15 am 

    After drop-off, it’s time to get started with work. Before I shift into work mode, I take 20 minutes to eat a light breakfast, let Pablo outside again, and do those things that I might have skipped earlier (prayer, stretching, meditation).

    8:00 am 

    After that, it’s time to dedicate myself to my brand, my business, and evolving as an entrepreneur. From 8 am to 1 pm., I give my all to writing new blog posts, creating YouTube videos, Reels, or TikToks that could help increase awareness about my business, scheduling or creating content, reviewing products, editing, etc.

    I maximize my time during these hours because I can complete the bulk of my tasks without any distractions. No one is here to disrupt me or feel like I am not giving them any attention. I am prioritizing my business and my clients. I will schedule all of my consultations, client calls for social media management, and brand strategy between these hours. 

    1:00 pm 

    At this point in my day, I realize that I’m either hungry (if I’ve skipped breakfast) or feeling like I need to take a break. I usually make myself some lunch and watch something on tv, catch up on social media, or take a nap. Just because I can’t sleep in late doesn’t mean that I don’t know how to go lay down somewhere in the middle of the day.

    1:55 pm 

    After a much-needed recharge, it’s now time to get Landon from school. School dismisses for each day at 2:55. However, parents of car riders line up an hour early to prepare for dismissal. 

    In conclusion, sometimes your schedule will have events that throw curveballs in your plans. 

    Expect this. It’s okay.

    For example, waiting to get my child home from school takes an hour out of my day, but I choose to look at this differently. Instead of viewing this as me losing out on time, I will use this time to finish up something that I was working on or do something that I haven’t had the chance to do yet.

    Examples of Time Fillers for “Lost Hours”

    1. creating captions for Instagram posts/ reels
    2. researching blog topics and ideas
    3. researching youtube video topics and ideas
    4. pay a bill online
    5. watch an episode of a tv series
    6. digital planning
    3:00 pm 

    I’m back at home and back to full-time mama status. This hour belongs to Landon. He usually has so much to tell me about what happened at school! We also have snacks, do homework, and go outside to play before it gets too late. 

    4:00 pm 

    It’s almost time to end my work for the day. I wrap up anything that I didn’t finish that morning. Every day is different. On some days, I can say that I finished my workload by 5 pm, and on other days I can’t. Wrapping up the day helps me understand what I’ve already accomplished for the day, what’s left to do, and where to pick up the next day.

    4:30 pm- 5:00 pm 

    It’s time to start making (or buying) dinner. I’ve never been into meal prep, but perhaps it’s time that I start; because I never know what’s for dinner! Most of my dinner ideas come to me throughout the day. At 5 pm, I am cooking dinner or asking my husband to grab something on his way home.

    7:00 pm After everyone has made it home and had dinner, I get a little bit of free time. It is the ultimate hour for relaxation and chill time. I dedicate this hour to doing whatever I want to do. 

    1. conversations with my husband about his day
    2. bonding time with my husband, Landon, and Pablo
    3. taking a nice hot shower
    4. browsing social media
    5. listening to music
    6. preparing for the next day (pulling out school uniforms, making lunches, cleaning up)

    8:00 pm This is Landon’s wind-down hour. His dad bathes him, and after bath time, we read a 15- minute bedtime story. I appreciate this time to be able to take a break and regroup.

    9:00 pm It’s Landon’s bedtime and his parents’ bonding time. Both mom and dad are exhausted by now, but we still make time for each other. We have to because we hardly have any time earlier in the day to make it work.

    10:00 pm If I want to get up for my 5:15 am alarm, I need to be in bed no later than 10 pm. 

    More Tips for Success

    1. Don’t get wrapped up in exact times! These are the hours that work best for my life at home, and I provided them for structure. 
    2. Find your rhythm and rhyme for your reason. You’re crafting the ideal schedule for your life and goals. 
    3. You can still be productive throughout the day even if you don’t stick to a strict routine.
    4. Plan around family bonding time. Choose the repeat times throughout the day for consistent, fun times with your loved ones.
    5. Most importantly, don’t stress on days where following your schedule does not work out.

  • 6 Wishes For Kids From Parents

    6 Wishes For Kids From Parents

    Typically I try to steer clear of giving out unsolicited parenting advice. I rarely share my parenting experience or detail what my parenting journey has been like for me. When my son was born, I made a promise that I would not be one of these moms out here who shares everything. I am someone who enjoys privacy and likes to protect the people that mean the most to me. I believe in keeping some memories sacred and only allowing the people who experienced them to know what those memories are. Moreover, one thing that I believe in when it pertains to parenting is creating special bonds with your children. As I watch him grow, I wish and hope for him to have the world. What other wishes for kids do parents want?

    Wishes for kids are plentiful. However, the parent’s job is to love, provide, protect, listen, understand, and teach their kids. There’s no official parenting handbook that teaches or prepares you for the “perfect” way to do any of these things. Parents will always wish the best for their kids.  When I found out I was going to be a mother, I vowed that I would do everything to help my son grow, develop, and reach every milestone. I couldn’t be more proud of the little person he has become! As his sixth birthday approaches, I am hopeful that he will continue growing and owning his individuality. 

    The following wishes for kids are from parents like me. We are the parents that will be there to help our kids navigate in this world.

    My six-year old son Landon

    Wishes For Kids From Parents

    Always Count On Me, Don’t Ever Count Me Out

    I wish that my son always reaches out to me. I want him to know that I am forever accessible and only one call away. There isn’t a distance that I wouldn’t travel to get to him. One thing about it is mamas make great friends and confidants. I want my son to never feel like he can’t talk to me about something (good or bad). I don’t want him to rule out using the “mama lifeline” in a time of need. 

    The Gratitude Attitude

    Sometimes people take their blessings for granted. I never want my child to miss out on his blessing for not possessing a spirit of gratitude. Gratitude is a catalyst for change in life. My wish is that he thanks God every day for his life and his blessings. I hope that he appreciates and cherishes everything in his life and that he has no room to complain about anything. I want him to practice understanding what it means to be selfless versus selfish

    Be Proud Of You Who Are

    I want my child to know that it’s okay to be inspired by others and still be himself. Embracing individuality will help him understand that no one is the same, and everyone is unique. I encourage self-love and self-care. He needs to know I am proud of who he is. Additionally, I would like for him to affirm the type of person he wants to become. Be bold and unapologetic at all times!

    Chase Dreams & Passions

    As a person who is in the pursuit of making their dreams come true, I can only hope that my son becomes inspired to do the same. No, I do not wish for him to have my dream. My wish is that he finds the courage to pursue his own dreams. I ask that he discovers his passion for something and choose to go after it. Please never allow anyone to convince him that his vision isn’t capable of fulfillment; or that he isn’t deserving of success and happiness. Fairytales can come true, and children should believe in happily ever after. They should always follow their hearts and do what makes them happy.


    Moms are not perfect. Sometimes we make mistakes. I know that whenever I make a mistake, I hope for understanding and a chance to correct my wrongdoing. I never want my child to make a mistake and feel they aren’t allowed to make them. Mistakes happen; it’ll be okay. Disappointment in mistakes made should never lead to grudges. I want my son to learn how to let things/emotions go and accept them. I want him never to fear the words I’m sorry

    We’re all trying! 

    We are all doing the best that we can. 

    We are humans who deserve compassion.

    Be a Good Person

    Kids are naturally kind and sweet. They have to learn how to share, be polite, and engage socially. My son started Kindergarten this year; and has had to adjust how to learn and play in a classroom setting. This type of school environment is key because he needs to experience what it’s like to learn and play with other kids at school, listen to teachers and follow the rules. My wish is that he continues to challenge himself to be patient and kind to others. I want him to learn good versus bad behavior and the consequences for each of them. I want him to never be timid in meeting new friends and expressing his feelings. May he never be a bully, may he never be bullied by someone! Allow people to see the goodness of his nature.

    If you are a parent or soon-to-be parent, what wishes would you have for your children?

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