July 2021

  • 6 Best Thrift Store Fashionable Finds

    6 Best Thrift Store Fashionable Finds

    I recently went shopping to find some cute little summer outfits to take pictures in. Thrifting is one of my favorite ways to pick up fashionable threads for less. Whenever I need to search for statement pieces for a photo shoot, something to wear while vacationing, or maybe for a summer event like a barbecue, I can always count on finding unique threads at the thrift store. During my recent shopping experience, I found six creative and trendy looks for the summer. I traveled to three different stores (two Goodwill Stores and one America’s Thrift Store) and found six cute outfits under $20 each! I was impressed that I was able to find clothes that have never been- worn before. Markdowns on items already marked down! I even found a great pair of gently used shoes!


  • 7 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

    7 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

    In a world that is constantly innovating, challenging and competitive, taking risks is paramount. Taking risks builds confidence and uproots you from your comfort zone. In addition, risk takers are more likely to take a stab at other endeavors that they were once afraid of doing. Let’s explore some good examples of ways to boost your confidence.

    Story time. If blogger and author, Jody-Ann, played it safe, she would have allowed her talents to waste instead of publishing her blog and writing her first book in 2017. For way too long, she’s allowed fear to get in the way. Stepping out and doing what she was afraid to do has been liberating.

    If fear and doubt are getting in the path of starting your business, publishing your book, or trying something new, here are a few things to tips from Blogger Jody-Ann Buckle that start to boost your confidence and be the first steps you take in getting out of your comfort zone.

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  • Top 10 Reasons To Use Lightroom

    Top 10 Reasons To Use Lightroom

    There are many photography apps on the market these days, so I can only imagine that it can be hard to find one that you’ll enjoy. You might have found yourself asking, Do I need to pay for an app to get the best option? Do I need something to do quick edits? Do I also need to think about being able to store and organize my photos? Adobe Lightroom is a powerful photo and video editor for managing and processing thousands of stunning images.

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