• 7 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

    7 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

    In a world that is constantly innovating, challenging and competitive, taking risks is paramount. Taking risks builds confidence and uproots you from your comfort zone. In addition, risk takers are more likely to take a stab at other endeavors that they were once afraid of doing. Let’s explore some good examples of ways to boost your confidence.

    Story time. If blogger and author, Jody-Ann, played it safe, she would have allowed her talents to waste instead of publishing her blog and writing her first book in 2017. For way too long, she’s allowed fear to get in the way. Stepping out and doing what she was afraid to do has been liberating.

    If fear and doubt are getting in the path of starting your business, publishing your book, or trying something new, here are a few things to tips from Blogger Jody-Ann Buckle that start to boost your confidence and be the first steps you take in getting out of your comfort zone.

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    Ways To Boost Your Confidence in Business & Entrepreneurship

    ways to boost your confidence: research

    Do Your Research

    When I realized that investing was a way to maximize my earnings, I began asking questions, reading books on finance, and watching YouTube videos on buying stocks. I still have a long way to go, but since deciding to be smart about my money, I have seen earnings in some of my investment options and high-yield savings accounts. Investing involves risk, but I believe the benefits outweigh any potential risk.

    ways to boost your confidence: writing

    Publish a Book 

    Do you have a story to tell? Why not publish a book. I guarantee it will boost your confidence and constantly take you out of your comfort zone. Since publishing my book in 2017, I was not thinking about all the other facets that came along. I was now an author who needed to market, sell books, attend vendor listing events, and find places to do book readings. Initially, the experience was nerve-racking, but the more I did it, the more I became confident. Looking back, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

    No person is your friend who demands your silence or your right to grow.

    Alice Walker

    Join Toastmasters

    Do you seriously want to be more confident? Consider joining Toastmasters. Toastmasters will help build your confidence and public speaking skills by practicing written speeches in front of an audience. I joined Toastmasters almost three years ago and completed six lectures. Is fear, lack of confidence, or struggling to get out of your comfort zone something you are dealing with right now? If so, consider giving Toastmasters a try. Fear is normal! After a few speeches, you will be calm, comfortable, and motivated to push yourself further. I have since taken a break from Toastmasters, but I plan to resume soon.

    Attend Networking Events

    Do not be a couch potato. Get up and mingle! You never know who you will encounter when you put yourself out there. Most networking events can provide insight on tips and resources for starting your own business and publishing your next bestseller. You can also meet your next travel buddy, establish friendships within your niche, or maybe you will meet your future hubby. I recommend finding events on EventbriteMeetup.com, or Facebook.

    ways to boost your confidence: join sisterhood

    Join a Sisterhood 

    Find a group of women who are doing like-minded things. Do your research into the sisterhood you would like to join. I am on a mission to transform my life while creating a legacy. I have never been more serious about being debt-free, building wealth, and starting my own business. Therefore, joining a sisterhood can help like-minded individuals achieve success.

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    Take a Solo Trip

    Any Virgo’s in the house? I love being a Virgo! Every year I look forward to celebrating. This year I decided to book a trip to New Orleans. Traditionally, I would wait for others to confirm that they would like to join me before booking my trip. But this time around, I booked my trip first and later sent an invite to a few friends. Nevertheless, I was ready to go solo regardless of who could make it or who could not.

    Find a Mentor or Therapist

    Sometimes we may need an extra push! That’s perfectly fine. If you are struggling with shifting your mindset, sometimes inspirational quotes, prayer, and meditation are beneficial, but not enough. Find a mentor that will challenge and inspire you to go further. If you are dealing with a past or current situation hindering you from living out your full potential, don’t be afraid to seek a professional. There are a ton of resources out there to get you started. Check with your insurance about therapy sessions and check out websites like Therapy for Black Girls.

    Now that you are ready to start doing what it takes to build confidence and get out of your comfort zone, support will find its way. My word of advice is to go for it. Challenge yourself to try something new. It is not always easy getting out of your comfort zone, but your success depends on it. As of today, find ways to discover your highest potential, believe in yourself, take risks, find your purpose, and live out your dreams. Which opportunity will you start with first?

    Leave a comment with your answer. Explain how you plan to complete the challenge you’ve set for yourself!

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