25 Gorgeous Spring Nail Trends for 2022

cute spring nails

The season for new beginnings has arrived. Spring is the optimal time for blooming, blossoming, and setting trends. Ladies, get ready to become nail trendsetters this season. Today’s blog post is all about the best nail trends that birthed the most memorable nail art moments of the season so far. If you have been looking for ideas for seasonal nail art inspiration, this post is filled with pretty pastels to lift your spirits. In other words, there is no need to look any further. You will totally spring on one of these gorgeous ideas! 

Fresh Trends To Start Over With

Welcome to the fresh, new phase. With spring in the air, it’s time to retire those moody winter nails and replace them with a fresh manicure that’s a bit more cheery and colorful. Let the sunshine in! Whether you’re looking for holiday-specific nail art ideas for Easter or something that captures the general magic of springtime, you’re in the right place. There are a lot of gorgeous new spring nail polish colors to try this season (whether on your own at home or at the salon), and these are 25 ways to wear them.

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Pretty Pastel Spring Nails

It is no surprise that soft and delicate colors are the cutest and most adorable. These pastel nail designs are here to give you inspiration for your next Spring manicure. 

  1. Pastel Perfect
pastel nails
  1. Bubble Gum Pink Pastel Tip
pink nail tips
  1. Neon Shine
neon nail tips
  1. Pastel Tips
pastel nail tips
  1. Soft Pastel Marble Tips
soft pastel abstract nails

Floral Spring Nails

What is spring without flowers? Of course, many floral nail trends are soaring high this season. It is all about flower power in 2022. 

  1. Pink Garden Nails
  1. Flower Power
flower power nails
  1. Blooming Daisies
blooming daisy nails
  1. Lavender Floral Nails
long lavender nails
  1. Floral Crown Nails
bedazzled crown nails

Animal & Nature Spring Nails

During the spring, the natural world revives and reinvigorates after the cold winter months. The earth animals multiply, and the plants are plentiful. These gorgeous nails are the best examples of spirit animals you will ever see! 

  1. Ocean Blue Nails
ocean blue stiletto nails
  1. White Croc Nails
long white nails
  1. Blue Butterflies
long blue square nails
  1. Fluffy Clouds
  1. Cute Easter Bunny Nails
purple bunny nails

Abstract Spring Nails

Who doesn’t enjoy creative nails? These nail art designs are strictly for abstract art beauty lovers only. From gorgeous marble nails to simple shapes in beautiful colors, abstract nails are a guaranteed way to make any look pop!

  1. Simple Line Nails
simple abstract nails
  1. Gold Tortoise Nails
leopard foil nails
  1. Lucky Green Squiggles
  1. Super Bloom Abstract Nails
  1. Blue Marble Nails
blue marble nails

Gorgeous and Stunning Spring Nails

These nails are a breath of fresh, spring air! They were so stunning that we could not leave them off this list of gorgeous nail trends in 2022. Obviously, we think you should keep scrolling to see more beautiful spring nails!

  1. Ice Cream Sundae Nails
ice cream nails
  1. Tye Dye Nails
long square tye dye nails
  1. Ombre Nails
  1. Drip Pastel Nails
drip stiletto nails
  1. Coral Nude Nails

More Gorgeous 2022 Spring Nail Ideas

Pinterest has become my go-to for all my seasonal moods, aesthetics, and inspiration for fun and festive beauty ideas. There are so many spring designs for you to see. If you enjoyed the nail trends in this post, check out some of my favorite Pinterest boards for even more spring nail ideas. 

230 Spring Nail Ideas

Need More Seasonal Nail Trends?

You can check out other posts on the blog for nail inspiration for the fall and winter. 

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