• 3 Powerful Books Recommended for Self-Help

    3 Powerful Books Recommended for Self-Help

    At the end of the last year, I decided that I was going to start spending more time focusing on myself. The routines and habits that I have grown accustomed to having gotta go! It’s as simple as this: I need to get back to enjoying life. After some major life-changing events, I quit doing a lot of the things that I typically enjoy. I’m not myself anymore. So, I went back to reading books to start my self-help journey. I’ve found three books that are going to help retrain my mind and thought processes on how to live a meaningful and happy life again. Additionally, these three books recommended in this post have lots of rave reviews!

    Since I am a very busy lady, I really don’t have much time to just sit in a quiet room or corner, curled up with a book. I’ve heard some really great things about Audible (powered by Amazon), a digital audiobook reader. You can listen to your favorite books through the app that you have on your smart device & Audible is giving you a free 30-day trial, plus your first audiobook for free! This was the easiest route for me and obviously a no-brainer. Parents, we read bedtime stories every night. Let’s allow someone else to do the reading for us.

    Self-Help Books Recommended: Manual for Living

    books recommended: manual for living

    Manual for Living, by Epictetus, is the first book on the list. This book helps readers to see that some things are in their power and some are not, and to stop confusing the two. Our opinions of things determine how we feel about a particular event, not the event itself. The manual also wants us to challenge ourselves to think carefully about how we decide to spend our lives. People often spend their lives chasing things that are neither desirable nor as important as they seem. People also spend time desiring things that are not in their power. If this book describes you in any way, this will be a great read for you.

    Self-Help Books Recommended: The Practicing Mind

    books recommended: the practicing mind

    Secondly, The Practicing Mind takes readers on a path of developing focus and discipline in their lives. For those of us who like (or dislike) acquiring new skills or facing dreadful challenges that we hope to overcome, patience/focus/discipline are the traits that seem very difficult to maintain. The author, Thomas Sterner, will demonstrate how to learn skills for any aspect of life (from business to love) by learning to love the process. This is key for people who are in the business of practicing instant gratification. Remember: if at first, you don’t succeed, try again!

    books recommended: 10% happier

    Self-Help Books Recommended: 10% Happier

    The third, and final book on the list, is 10% Happier (written by Dan Harris). 10% Happier is about the discovery of meditation. The author depicts his personal journey and how he began to self-help through meditation. The book tells readers about practicing mindfulness and meditation and allows readers to relate even more by discussing the skepticism behind it. I’m certain there are even a few readers today that are skeptical about meditation, but I implore you to give it a try. I meditate regularly and the book and I are here to tell you that… it works! If you believe.

    If you’re wondering, I haven’t completed all of the books yet, but I have started reading. Hopefully, with the help of Audible, I can complete these a bit faster than the time that it would normally take a busy person to read a book. If you are on a self-care journey, incorporate these books into your plan. Self-care has to start with you. Please share any other books that you’ve read or plan on reading for self-improvement by leaving a comment below. Let’s improve the quality of our lives together!