3 Cute & Easy Hairstyles Using Headband Wigs

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Who doesn’t love cute and easy hairstyles?

Wigs and braids have made styling my curly hair less of a struggle. I love using wigs and braids to switch things up. Wigs are a preferred protective style because they are generally quite simple to wear and don’t require much maintenance. After reading reviews online about different wigs, I decided to try a new style that I’d never heard of before: headband wigs.

Here’s why…

krissy bri wearing cute and easy hairstyles with headband wig

More About Headband Wigs: Cute and Easy Hairstyles

  • Additional headbands and hair accessories
  • Iridescent cosmetic bag
  • LuvMe Hairclip
  • Bobby pins
  • Wig Cap
  • Wig Care Instructions
  • Hair Wrap
  • Edges Brush
LuvMe Hair is an affordable luxury wig company with quality hair.

The wig came with everything that I needed to style it. I put this wig on and styled it in less than 15 minutes! So, let me show you how I did it.

Keep scrolling to reveal the long headband wig and easy hairstyles you can recreate using headbands.

To Achieve Cute and Easy Hairstyles Using Headband Wigs, You’ll Need

  • wig cap
  • wig w/ clips and headband straps
  • extra headbands and accessories for styling
Wearing the headband wig with one of the extra headbands that it came with.
Headband Hairstyles: Wearing the LuvMe Hair headband wig as it is (kinky curly)
Headband Hairstyles: Wearing the headband wig with a middle part and headband.

Wig Hairstyles Are Easy To Achieve!

I honestly love everything about wearing headband wigs as a protective style. It’s perfect for someone like me who loves convenient, cute, and simple hairstyles. I can still look cute while protecting my natural hair and my edges. It is so versatile and gives plenty of inspiration for switching up my hairstyles whenever I want. I’ve finally found the ideal protective style for me.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I believe that the headband wig could help any naturalista looking for protective hairstyle solutions and inspiration. It is not too good to be true, ladies! You can achieve this simple look too!

Watch my LuvMe Hair Headband Wig Tutorial and Review on Youtube

What do you think? 

Comment with some of your favorite time-saver protective hairstyles below!

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