350 Blog Post Ideas For Bloggers Discovering Their Niche

What should I write about on my blog?

Coming up with ideas for blog topics to write about after starting your niche blog can be rough. If you are a current or newbie blogger or someone thinking of starting a blog but not sure where to start, I have a few ideas to help you get started writing quality posts for your blog that your audience will love. This list of blog post ideas is here to supercharge your creativity!

The best blog posts are the ones you can write from personal experience. Writing from personal experience can be instructional, informative, and entertaining for your target audience. For example, business owners and entrepreneurs use creative writing to highlight their brands, products, and services. If you are thinking of starting a blog or changing your blog niche, one of the questions to ask yourself is what experiences or daily activities do you enjoy that your readers will also find value in reading?

So, what are some good blog post ideas for niche bloggers? We will discuss everything you should consider when choosing a niche and share a few blog post ideas for niche blogs today! 

This guide will cover:

  • what is a niche blog
  • types of niche blogs
  • popular topics amongst niche blogs
  • 350 niche blog post ideas
  • examples of niche bloggers

Use these blog topic ideas for inspiration in choosing your niche and writing your next (or first) blog post!

What is a niche blog?

A niche blog is a blog where writers record activities, thoughts, and experiences to use their writing to market a specific topic or category. Niche blogs may appeal to “geographic areas, a specialty industry, ethnic or age groups, or any particular group of people.” Niche bloggers write content inspired by personal interests, daily activities, hobbies, etc. It is an ongoing debate that every blog is a niche blog in some form. However, when it comes to learning how to market a blog, it is different for every niche blogger. Niche bloggers often use their websites to promote and sell products/services, land sponsorship or affiliate programs, and make money writing about personal interests, daily activities, and hobbies. 

A niche blog is not a personal blog. Niche bloggers may share personal stories, but the content they create is not always in journal-entry form — the focus here is on the activities and the interests of the writer (with the audience in mind). 

How to start a niche blog?

The first step you’ll want to take in starting your blog is research. Research all the different types of niches to get an idea of what you want to be the focus topic of your blog.

What topic will you be comfortable discussing?

There are over 100 popular niches for you to make your decision. Choose one that you are passionate about and comfortable with, and start prepping for blog post ideas! Once you start writing and growing your audience and reach, you get even more ideas to maximize your content.

Social media plays a major role in blogging and increasing your blog’s visibility. If you aren’t using platform tools like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Pinterest to market your blog, you will need to decide how you plan to promote your niche blog. 

Example: A Food and Beverage Blogger uses Instagram to post pictures or videos of their foods/drinks and tells their audience to visit their blog for the recipe. 

Types of Niche Blogs

Here are 14 popular and profitable blog categories to consider:

  1. Lifestyle
  2. Beauty/ Skincare
  3. Food & Drink
  4. Holidays
  5. Organizing/ Planning
  6. Reviews
  7. Self-Improvement/ Self-Help
  8. DIY, Crafting, and Decorating
  9. Mom/ Parenting
  10. Family
  11. Work-From-Home
  12. Blogging
  13. Life Coach & Motivation
  14. Wellness

There’s nothing like having a little inspiration to get you started. Check out some of these amazing niche bloggers below. 

Examples of different types of niche blogs

Buckle With Jo: Inspiration Blog

Jody-Ann is an inspirational lifestyle blogger who is passionate about motivating women to live abundantly. She inspires women to conquer new beginnings and create new memories along the way. Jody-Ann and I have collaborated quite a few times in 2021 & her posts continue to inspire women like me to get out of my comfort zone and try new things!

That Lemonade Life: Lifestyle Blog

Sarah is a cozy lifestyle blogger who is a big fan of making life as cozy and comfortable as possible! If you love food, home decor, reading, and more coziness in your life, then you’re in the right spot!

All Day Britney: Mommy Lifestyle Blog

All Day Britney is a safe space for moms who want to prioritize their self-care journey (no matter what that looks like) in order to show up in the best way for themselves and their families. It’s also where Britney shares her favorite Black-owned businesses that have helped me in my own self-care journey.

Coffee till Champagne: Women’s Lifestyle Blog

Coffee till Champagne is all about women! Their vision is to be a no holds barred, judgment-free, “damn, I can’t be the only one”, sanctuary. The conversations on this blog are dedicated to who women are, how they think/feel, and what infuriates them, and sometimes has us saying, “is this my life?”.

Jodetopia: Family Blog

On Jodetopia you’ll find travel adventures, children’s books, and advice for new moms. If you are thinking about starting a family lifestyle blog, Jodetopia has a lot of great content for blog post ideas.

Jupiter & Dann: Food and Family Blog

This lifestyle blog is all about food and family. Jupiter and Dann often cover things our children are interested in, places we’ve visited, and reviews of interesting products. Check out this blog to get ideas for posting food recipes, reviews, and family fun. There’s even a section on Jupiter and Dann where they share ways to learn all about SEO and how to get your blog to rank on search engines.

Good Life Detroit: Lifestyle Blog

GLD is a lifestyle blog created by Jennifer Harma. Good Life Detroit covers topics related to DIY crafts, culture, family life, recipes, things to do in Detroit, and well-being.

The Lifestyle Blogger UK

Becky is a UK lifestyle blogger based in the heart of the Cotswolds. She has a passion for health & fitness, veganism, and sustainability. Becky often writes about these topics. She has been featured on Channel 5 News, Express, Metro, and The Daily Mail.

Plaid + Sugar Blog: DIY & Crafts

Plaid and Sugar is a DIY, lifestyle, and sewing blog with the purpose to aid readers live a more colorful, creative, and fulfilling life. Learn how to make life colorful and fun while on a budget.

With 350 blog post ideas to choose from, finding a few content ideas to write right now should make picking a niche easier 😍. These topic ideas are perfect for any niche blog. Check them out below, and be sure to tag #lewknewtopics if you decide to use them. I want to see your writing and share it with other niche bloggers! 

Blog Post Ideas


  1. Top 10 things to do in your city or regional area
  2. Your tips for growing an Instagram account
  3. A round-up of life hacks
  4. 5 favorite accessories in your closet and the best way you use them
  5. Date night ideas
  6. Your workout routine: how you stay fit
  7. How to let go of negative thoughts and feelings
  8. Ways to get better sleep
  9. Home decor tips for fall/winter/spring/summer
  10. Top 10 ways you save money
  11. 10 books to read this year
  12. 7 apps to download for fun
  13. Shows worth watching on Netflix/HBO Max/Hulu/Paramount Plus
  14. Life lessons you learn before your 30’s
  15. Difficult changes you’ve made in your life
  16. Morning routine ideas
  17. Why you decided to start a blog plus your progress
  18. How you found your purpose in life
  19. Habits of successful people
  20. Your favorite hashtags for social media
  21. Share a personal story to motivate readers
  22. 7 things that make you happy all the time
  23. 3 books that you recommend
  24. List of inspirational quotes
  25. Party theme ideas

Beauty/ Skincare

  1. A review of a new product you purchased (foundation, perfume, lipstick)
  2. Your morning skincare routine
  3. Your evening skincare routine
  4. How to apply skincare products
  5. A round-up of new products for hair/skin/make-up
  6. Best shades of lipstick for fall/winter/summer/spring season
  7. How to pick the perfect foundation
  8. How to make lashes look longer
  9. The best drugstore dupes
  10. Simple make-up swaps to save you money
  11. Hauls (Sephora/Ulta/Fenty Beauty)
  12. The hottest looks to try this spring/summer/fall/winter
  13. 5-min, 10-min, 20-min make-up routine tutorials
  14. The perfect make-up for work/school/date night
  15. How to determine your skin type
  16. What’s in my make-up bag?
  17. My daily skincare routine
  18. Beauty guide for beginners
  19. 5 beauty essentials you can’t live without
  20. How to make face masks
  21. My beauty wishlist for (year)
  22. A round-up of favorite nail art
  23. How to find the right SPF for you
  24. Beauty gift guides
  25. Host a giveaway

Food & Drink

  1. A round-up of recipes
  2. Try a trending Pinterest/TikTok recipe and share the outcome
  3. How to cook (food) in 5/10/15 minutes
  4. Review a local restaurant, bar, or bakery
  5. Create recipes based on a single ingredient
  6. Share your favorite cookbooks
  7. Why you started/love cooking
  8. How to meal plan
  9. How to organize your kitchen
  10. Your favorite cocktail recipes
  11. The best cocktail recipes
  12. A drink/food pairing guide
  13. Local winery, distillery, or brewery guide
  14. “Wine Wednesday”
  15. Holiday food guides
  16. 10 ideas/recipes for healthy lunches
  17. Share your favorite go-to meal
  18. 5 affordable and tasty celebrity-owned wine brands
  19. 7 best foods to cook under 30 mins
  20. A beginner’s guide to cooking/baking
  21. How to prepare or store foods
  22. 12 must-have cooking essentials
  23. School lunch ideas for kids’ lunchboxes
  24. Healthy snack ideas for kids
  25. Try-it Tuesday recipes


  1. 15 days of craft ideas for the holiday
  2. Christmas gift guides for him
  3. Christmas gift guides for her
  4. Holiday bucket list ideas
  5. 10 best tips for traveling during the holidays
  6. Holiday games for adults
  7. Ultimate (year) review
  8. Mistakes I made in (year)
  9. My new year goals for (year)
  10. Home decor for the holidays
  11. DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas
  12. Best tips to save money around the holidays
  13. Must-try holiday desserts this season
  14. Thanksgiving table decoration ideas
  15. Holiday series: 10-holiday tradition ideas
  16. Christmas gift guides for small kids
  17. Holiday destination ideas
  18. List of new year affirmations
  19. Best make-up gift ideas
  20. Write a holiday travel guide for a local city
  21. Holiday gift guides for mom under $____
  22. Dollar store decoration ideas
  23. Fourth of July menu list
  24. 5 festive drinks for Cinco de Mayo
  25. Black Friday holiday shopping guide


  1. How to clean makeup brushes
  2. How to save money while shopping
  3. 8 ways you save money
  4. How do you stay organized?
  5. Share your daily routine
  6. Share your favorite planning apps
  7. 11 ways to manage time/ time-management tips
  8. Best goal-setting planners
  9. Your top productivity tips
  10. Time-saving tips for weekly activities
  11. Best tips for a great start to the day
  12. How to set realistic goals
  13. Habits of successful people
  14. Tips for spring cleaning
  15. Make-up/skincare organization hacks
  16. Best time blocking tips
  17. How to avoid distractions
  18. Wedding planning tips
  19. Baby shower planning tips
  20. Tips for eating healthy on a budget
  21. Ways to clean your pantry
  22. How to clean your garage
  23. How to pack a suitcase for days/weeks/months
  24. Minimal packing ideas for traveling
  25. Cleaning hacks


  1. First-time user reviews
  2. Book reviews
  3. How to hands-free control your Apple Watch
  4. A beginner’s guide to buying (product)
  5. How to write a helpful review online
  6. Baby/infant product reviews
  7. Music reviews
  8. Beauty product reviews
  9. 5 things to consider before buying a product on Amazon
  10. Apple/ Android product review
  11. 20 trends in home decor you must try
  12. How to identify legit and honest product reviews
  13. Jewelry/bags/accessories reviews
  14. Everything you need to know about (product)
  15. A round-up of your favorite reviews
  16. Best cameras on the market for vlogging
  17. Sports reviews
  18. How to find the best home furniture deals
  19. 5 products to buy if you’re a (product/brand) enthusiast
  20. Why I recommend (product)
  21. Thoughts about (product) then and now
  22. Digital product reviews
  23. Pet product reviews
  24. How to choose the right cooking pan for better cooking
  25. 5 tips to consider when buying (topic)


  1. Simple goal setting: how I set 1 goal in 10 mins and changed my life
  2. How to say no without feeling guilty
  3. 10 green smoothies to give your brain a boost
  4. How a positive mindset helped me lose 7lbs in a week
  5. Gratitude habits that will drastically improve your life
  6. 7 ways to get out of your comfort zone
  7. 8 powerful lessons to learn from failure
  8. The 10- minute solution for getting your thoughts under control
  9. I stopped worrying about money. You should too. Here’s why.
  10. How to start your own business with no money
  11. 7 awesome apps to help you achieve your goals this year
  12. 15 mind-blowing facts that will make you change your sleep habits 
  13. Why journaling is a quick way to inspire creativity
  14. How to deal with difficult people and protect your energy
  15. Quick and easy breakfast/lunch/dinner ideas to boost your immune system
  16. 10 ways to raise your vibration when you’re feeling low
  17. 30 ways to boost your self-esteem
  18. Is low confidence ruining your career?
  19. A beginner’s guide to meditation
  20. Can mindfulness ease anxiety?
  21. How to achieve financial freedom with goal setting
  22. How to stop procrastinating
  23. The best self-discipline tips you can follow
  24. How to recognize negative thinking
  25. 5 ways to motivate yourself

DIY, Crafting, and Decorating

  1. Write a craft book review
  2. Share your favorite DIY projects from other bloggers
  3. Round-up of previous DIY projects you created recently
  4. Create a DIY series using one specific product or theme
  5. 5 must-have craft tools
  6. DIY home organizers & hacks
  7. A Valentine’s Day craft tutorial for kids
  8. DIY tutorial for making wreaths
  9. Best tips for selling products at craft shows
  10. How to make DIY candles
  11. 5 Beginner Tips for Scrapbooking
  12. How to knit/sew
  13. 10 Crafts you can make and sell
  14. Recreate a craft from Pinterest
  15. 10 Easy crafts for toddlers
  16. Where to shop for the best craft supplies
  17. How-to sell crafts on Etsy
  18. 7 Tips for Online Craft Sellers
  19. How to make DIY beauty products
  20. Cricut tips, tricks, and hacks
  21. Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer craft ideas
  22. Interview your favorite craft blogger
  23. Beginner’s Guide to Cricut/Cricut machines
  24. DIY spa day
  25. 15 crafts kids will love


  1. Healthy eating with and for toddlers
  2. How to get the baby sleeping through the night
  3. 3 tasks you accomplish during baby naps
  4. WFM/ SAHM daily schedule
  5. List of chores little ones can help out with
  6. 12 exercise ideas for kids
  7. How to make self-care a priority as a mom
  8. Mommy hacks you use on a daily basis
  9. Fun ideas for family day/ night activities
  10. Parent/ child date ideas
  11. Tips on traveling with children
  12. Pregnancy hacks you wish you knew when you were expecting
  13. Tips for parents expecting their first/ second/ third child
  14. Tips for amicable co-parenting
  15. Wishes that every parent has for their kids 
  16. Toy reviews and why you love them as a parent
  17. Share your best day as a mom
  18. Share your worst day as a mom
  19. How do you get your children to listen to you
  20. Parenting lessons you learned from your parents
  21. Tips for raising boys/ girls
  22. Favorite/ best books for children
  23. How to teach children manners
  24. Family bonding ideas
  25. Important life skills every child should learn


  1. How to keep kids entertained while you WFH
  2. How to talk to your teenager
  3. Meal prep ideas the whole family will enjoy
  4. Tips on saving for buying/building a house
  5. How to tell if you’re ready for another child
  6. Parent date night ideas
  7. Sibling bonding ideas
  8. Screen-free activities for families
  9. Budgeting ideas for large families
  10. How to talk to your in-laws
  11. Tips for maintaining a strong marriage after kids
  12. How to set boundaries in relationships
  13. Setting 5/10/15 year goals with your spouse 
  14. Tips on how to adopt or foster a child
  15. Favorite movies to watch as a family
  16. Share a problem your family is currently facing
  17. Family-friendly things to do in your local area
  18. How to set a family budget
  19. A Beginner’s Guide to meal-prepping
  20. How fathers can help their partners around the house
  21. Overnight camping ideas
  22. Tips for raising kids in multi-generational households
  23. Benefits of Having a Dog as part of the family
  24. 10 Benefits of packages from grandma, grandpa, or other loved ones
  25. Staycation ideas for parents


  1. How to leave your 9-5 job and start working for yourself
  2. How to avoid online distractions and focus on work
  3. Your favorite WFH outfits
  4. Share what your WFH schedule looks like
  5. Tips for decluttering your home workspace
  6. Share how you get motivated to work
  7. How to make money from home
  8. How to WFM with kids
  9. Talk about any freelance services from home
  10. Time-blocking tips
  11. 3 biggest challenges you struggle with WFM and how to overcome it
  12. WFH tips from a thought leader
  13. Interview someone on how they started their business and career
  14. Beginner’s Guide How to work from home
  15. Top industries that hire remote workers
  16. Work for yourself or work for a company?
  17. Roundup or list of available WFH job boards
  18. How to create a work/life balance at home
  19. 7 WFH gifts under $10
  20. Skills you can quickly learn for a remote career change
  21. How to become a virtual assistant 
  22. 6 biggest mistakes remote job seekers make
  23. Simple tasks you can do today to start WFH
  24. Can you search for remote jobs on Indeed/Glassdoor/LinkedIn?
  25. Networking tips for remote job seekers


  1. Share 10 bloggers who motivate you
  2. Gorgeous fonts for bloggers and social media mavens
  3. Tips for social media
  4. Favorite blogging groups
  5. Favorite blogging books + courses
  6. Writing tips
  7. Essential blogging tools you can’t blog without 
  8. Tips for guest posting/ blogging
  9. A round-up of your best posts
  10. SEO essentials 
  11. Ways to build online relationships with bloggers
  12. Free social media technology tools to promote your blog
  13. Favorite hashtags for social media
  14. What motivated you to start a blog?
  15. 3 biggest challenges you struggle with as a blogger and how to overcome it
  16. Best tools for creating blog images
  17. Interview a blogger and share a success story
  18. 6 Perks to Blogging & Making Money
  19. How many hours do you spend running your blog?
  20. Why you need a blog planner
  21. Favorite Instagram Lifestyle Bloggers to follow
  22. What tricks/hacks to use to grow your blog
  23. How is your blog different from others?
  24. Blogging Course Reviews
  25. How to be consistent with blogging 

Life Coach/ Motivation

  1. Collection of inspirational quotes + why you love them
  2. Personal growth tips + goals
  3. 5 Ways to motivate yourself
  4. How to pursue ambition in your life
  5. How to let go of negative thinking
  6. 9 things that make you happy all the time
  7. How do you get inspired?
  8. Share a personal story to motivate readers
  9. The best lessons you’ve learned in your life
  10. 7 Ways to Show Appreciation & Gratitude
  11. Share tips about self-improvement
  12. Share a failure and what you learned
  13. How-to stay calm
  14. 5 Habits of successful people
  15. How to stay motivated when things get difficult
  16. Tips for a stress-free life
  17. 10 things that make you happy right now
  18. How to have a winning mindset
  19. How to unlock your passion
  20. Mindset blocks you didn’t know were there
  21. Ways to get out of your comfort zone
  22. How to turn a weakness into a strength
  23. 10 Gratitude habits that will drastically improve your life
  24. 12 things you could do every day to live fearlessly
  25. 7 Apps to Help you Achieve your goals this year


  1. 15- min workout routine
  2. Workout routines for (topic)
  3. How to eat healthy on a budget
  4. Tips for intermittent fasting
  5. 5 Ways to live a healthy lifestyle
  6. Ways to get better sleep
  7. Beginner’s guide to meditation & mindfulness
  8. Health and fitness guide for busy entrepreneurs
  9. 10 healthy foods to eat daily
  10. Share a fitness challenge that you’re doing
  11. Everything you need to bring to the gym
  12. Are multivitamins good for you?
  13. How to lose belly fat
  14. How to calculate your BMI
  15. What you need to know about the keto diet
  16. The best workouts to do at home
  17. Beginner’s guide to meal prepping
  18. Ways to get your steps in
  19. The best apps for tracking calories
  20. How much weight can I lose per week?
  21. A round-up of workout music playlists
  22. Beginner’s guide to yoga & stretching
  23. Common myths about dieting
  24. Review meal box services (Hello Fresh)
  25. The best workouts for arms/legs/glutes/hamstrings

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Which of these 350 blog post ideas will you write about first? Have a blog post idea that should’ve made this list? Share your thoughts in a comment below.

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