• 8 Blogger Groups to Help You Master Blogging

    8 Blogger Groups to Help You Master Blogging

    Are you a newbie blogger, business owner, content creator, or influencer looking to meet and mingle with other content creators within your niche? Are you looking for a networking community where you can promote your brand and learn about brands and businesses? One of the ways to build your tribe and community for your brand or business is to join online blogger groups.

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    Blogger groups have been helpful for me because I’ve learned from competitors about the dos and don’ts of being an online business owner. I’ve learned how to grow my business and generate website traffic by adopting marketing strategies and planning out content. Additionally, I’ve learned how to land collaborations and how to engage with all types of niche brands.

    This blog post will provide tips to newbie bloggers, business owners, influencers, and content creators who want to start networking and find blogging groups to join. This post also contains 8 Blogging Groups that I have recommended that will help you get comfortable navigating and engaging in online groups and communities.

    Finding Blogger Groups on Facebook

    Facebook is the #1 platform when it comes to searching for blogging groups to join online. I know that some people are skeptical about if Facebook groups are worth joining or if they work. I have had more success than bad experiences. Facebook is one of the best platforms for marketing and advertising your business, and it is easy to connect with content creators and business owners. Most blogging groups contain threads that will have discussions to allow you to ask questions for advice and support.

    There is a range of people who use Facebook groups to connect– from newbies to advanced experts. You must take advantage of the tools and resources given in discussions and topics posted in the blogging groups that you plan to join. These tools and resources will help you grow and promote your business online. I’ve tripled my followers, likes, and views on social media by networking in Facebook blogging groups! I’ve seen influencers land 3-6 figure brand deals with brand companies. The possibilities and opportunities are THERE. Just look at what other business owners, content creators, and influencers had to say about their experience with blogging groups: 

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    How To Join Blogger Groups

    So, how do you get involved and start networking? You can

    1.  Join the conversation
    2. Give & receive feedback
    3. Take advantage of opportunities
    4. Follow, engage, and subscribe to competitors

    Start with searching groups on Facebook to find one that will fit your goals and to achieve them. After you join your first group, agree to the rules of engagement and begin jumping into community discussions. It’s okay if you want to observe what’s going on first, to get an understanding of how the engagement group will work. Introduce yourself and your brand! You can instantly start following, engaging, and subscribing to brands that respond to you. Leave comments on social media posts and YouTube videos! There are some great conversations taking place and you should want to be a part of them. This is a great idea for influencers who are interested in landing brand deals and partnerships. Brand companies look everywhere online for influencers to be a part of their influencer campaigns!

    To help you get started building your online networking community and discover engaging blogging groups, here is a list of 8 Facebook groups that I would like to invite you to join: 

    Black Bloggers Community

    This group is a created private space for Black bloggers, influencers, and content creators to interact, connect, and network their creativity.

    Boss Girl Bloggers

    If you’re looking for a place where Lifestyle, Beauty, Fashion Boss Girl Bloggers interact, collaborate, & help each other with their growing blog success, then this is the group for you.

    BossBabe Engagement Tribe

    Although the name of the group is “Boss Babe”, this group is a safe space for women & men to connect with one another, grow your Instagram, encourage one another and learn/ask questions! 💕

    Digital Boss Hub

    Welcome to The Digital Boss Hub, here, we level up. This space was created for bloggers and NEW entrepreneurs to get access to tips, resources and support to successfully market, network, increase engagement to start or grow their brands!

    Black Women Who Blog

    This group is for Black Women Who Blog or are just getting into blogging. Here you can share your blog links, find other bloggers to collaborate with, and get insight and opinions on subjects you may want to post about. If you are interested in joining this group, please read the thread posting schedule and complete the mandatory questionnaire before your request to join the group will be approved.

    Influencers Only: Learn and Grow as an Influencer

    Influencers Only is a group made for social media influencers to discuss brands, sponsorships, and give all the tea on personal experiences with influencing.

    SEO for Bloggers 

    SEO tips for bloggers + training. Learn how to use SEO on your blog! A community for bloggers who are in search of SEO help. Inside the group you will find SEO tips for bloggers and SEO tips for beginners.Come on in!

    Women in Instagram Marketing: Social Media Engagement

    Women in Instagram Marketing is a group designed to support and empower women to make connections, build engagement, and learn how to earn money through Instagram marketing.

    There are several blogging and engagement groups out there on Facebook and other social media platforms. This list was created to help you figure out where you should start in networking and marketing your brand and business. I hope that you will STOP limiting your reach and maximize every platform that could help your business grow by networking and engaging with your peers.

    Get out there and meet new people! It’s time to spread those social butterfly wings and soar.

    Did you find this blog post helpful in the decision to start marketing your brand or business in blogging groups? How do you currently advertise your business online to make sales and boost website traffic?

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