• How To Start YouTube Channels & Earn Money

    How To Start YouTube Channels & Earn Money

    YouTube is one of the biggest video-based platforms on the entire world wide web. There are more than 37 million YouTube channels out there (2020 latest data)! So many people create YouTube accounts to watch new and trending videos that are uploaded daily by creators and vloggers. YouTube continues to be a popular platform that creators use to grow their brand or business, nurture video content for target audiences, and generate passive income online. If you’ve ever wondered how to start YouTube, this post is for you! YouTube users are subscribing daily to creators who provide relatable and valuable content! I recently developed a YouTube strategy to become more comfortable with creating video-based content and grow my brand. I have always felt that I’ve been ready to join the masses, but I had NO clue what my channel would be. What would I post?!

    Creating the account was the easy part. I quickly learned that setting up my channel, understanding how to monetize, and figuring out what to post would become my biggest challenges. To overcome this, I planned what my next steps needed to be. 

    how to start youtube
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    Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day. Mostly every person in the world uses YouTube in some form of fashion. Have you considered using it as a tool for a brand or business? Do you already know how valuable YouTube is but you’re having trouble figuring out where to start?

    Let’s start here. This post will prepare YouTubers for creating their first YouTube channel and learn what to post to garner views and kick ass with vlogging. 

    How To Start YouTube Accounts

    One key to remember is that creating your account is the easiest step in the process. If you have a Google account, you can skip this step. If you do not have a Google account, create one and proceed to YouTube to log in. The log-in can is located at the top right corner. Next, click the log-in icon again and select ‘your channel’ from the dropdown menu. You’re now ready to customize your channel. Be sure to create: 

    1. A Channel Name
    2. Icon Profile Picture
    3. Banner Image
    4. Basic Info
    5. Contact Info

    Basic info will be where you will need to describe yourself and your channel. There is also a feature to share links with viewers. Be sure to include a website and social media links for where your audience can find you on the internet. 

    How To Start YouTube Monetization

    If you plan to use your YouTube channel as a source to generate passive income, you will want to make sure that you turn on this feature. YouTubers receive 55% of the revenue share from ads placed via AdSense. As a YouTube partner, you’ll be eligible to earn money for your videos and receive creator support. You’ll continue to familiarize yourself with the YPP (YouTube Partner Program) and learn more about how you can benefit as you grow your YouTube channel. The basic eligibility requirements for this feature:

    1. minimum of 1000 followers
    2. minimum # of watch hours*

    *= hours accumulated of your videos that gain views

    How To Start Youtube w/ Trailers

    A YouTube channel trailer is the perfect introduction to the content that you plan to post. The trailer will be designed to help people quickly learn about you and what you’re planning to share. When enabled, the trailer is automatically displayed at the top of your channel and is a key benefit to getting more visitors and subscribers. A YouTube channel trailer is often the most viewed video for most YouTuber channels. Here is the video I created for a channel trailer for my YouTube channel after watching Tips By Trena’s video:

    More Ideas for YouTube Videos

    Are you still trying to decide what to post if you were to create a YouTube channel? Do you need help figuring out what types of video content will work for your brand or business? Do you need help finding ideas that will help you feel more relaxed while creating video-based content? Here is a list of topics to help spark some ideas:

    YouTube Beginner Ideas

    1. Introduce a series
    2. Share your journey
    3. A day in the life
    4. A video challenge
    5. House/ Room/ Workspace Tour

    Tutorial & Educational Videos

    1. How-to videos
    2. Interview with an expert/ professional in your niche
    3. DIY videos
    4. Lists
    5. Live Q & A

    Beauty/ Fashion

    1. Shopping Hauls
    2. What’s in your closet?
    3. Recreate Celebrity/ Influencer Looks
    4. Tutorial videos
    5. Get ready with me

    Fitness Health

    1. Workout routine
    2. Tell your fitness story
    3. Fitness motivation videos
    4. 5- min quick workout routines

    Cooking/ Baking

    1. Recipes/ cooking tips
    2. Chef reviews
    3. Cake decor videos
    4. Seasonal cooking recipes
    5. What’s in your kitchen?

    Niche creators can find inspiration for videos by browsing competitors or their favorite vloggers’ channels. You can also browse my channel to see what types of videos I created after starting my channel and subscribe to see future videos that I will post. Previewing my YouTube channel will help you in setting up and customizing your own. 

    How did I do? Comment your feedback and let me know if I started the perfect YouTube channel! Post your links so that I can subscribe to your channel and keep up with your vlogging journey. Share your favorite creator channels that you like to watch or any resources that may be helpful to other creators getting started with creating YouTube videos.