• 35 Things I Want To Do Before Turning 35

    35 Things I Want To Do Before Turning 35

    With everything that is happening in the world right now, I can’t help but sit and reflect on the things I want to do. Life has a funny way of slowing you down. It’s been forcing me to really sit down and put some long thought into what I reaaallly need to be coming to terms with. What’s that? So glad that you asked. Life is short and if you let it, it can pass you by.

    Time waits for no one.

    I know you know the sayings, just like I know the sayings. We’ve heard them quite a few times throughout our lives, but is it just a saying or is it really that real? While I have been choosing to isolate myself at home by way of social distancing, I’ve been thinking of all the things that I should be doing. That I have been putting off or simply making excuses as to reasons why they can’t be done. I’ve let myself get distracted from meeting my goals, guys!! I’m thirty-one years old and there’s still so much that I want to do. The younger me thought that I would’ve been “settled” and boyyyy was I wrong. 

    Hold up! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been enjoying life but I’ve realized that there are things that I have not had the chance to do yet; that I thought I would have by this stage in life. I haven’t and will not give up on them, as there are other things I want to experience again because it makes me happy. Who doesn’t want to experience something that made them once happy over and over

    So, I’ve decided to come up with a list.

    A list of things that I would like to do before reaching the next “major milestone” in my life. I did the math. I’m thirty-one now. In four years, I will be thirty-five. Four years should be enough time to knock off a few goals, right? Did I come up with realistic ideas that can be achieved? How much can one achieve in four years? It’ll at least give me some things to look forward to doing. As long as I am manifesting my goals, I can keep being the driving force in actually accomplishing whatever it is I want! I’ve attached my list below and included a few that I’m working on already, to give myself a head start.

    35 Things I Want To Do Before Turning 35

    List of 35 Things I Want To Do Before 35

    1. Become a successful blogger
    2. Travel or vacation in Miami, Florida
    3. Buy or build a House
    4. Travel or vacation outside of the U.S.
    5. Renew my vows
    6. Relocate to a new state
    7. Take online courses or go back to college
    8. Go on a cruise
    9. Increase my net worth
    10. Upgrade my car
    11.  Lower my debt/ increase my credit score
    12. Partner with a major corporate brand
    13. Travel or vacation to Los Angeles, California
    14. Attend a concert or festival
    15. Successfully own a business
    16. Become a member of a church
    17. Own a creative space
    18. Redecorate/ Interior decorate my home
    19. Learn a new skill
    20. Spend more time with family and friends
    21. BE HAPPIER!
    22. Support a hobby or extracurricular activity of my son’s
    23. Attend a Paint ‘N Sip Party
    25. Take my mother on a shopping spree
    26. Splurge on a shopping spree for myself
    27. Go to therapy
    28. Create a meditation schedule
    29. Chase my dreams
    30. Gain 25 pounds
    31. Establish a tribe
    32. Read 10 different books
    33. Make/ create a new project
    34. Exercise two times a day
    35. Go to a ball/ gala

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    Have a bucket list of your own? Maybe you’re inspired and want to make your own list now. I want to hear about all the things that you have yet to do/ want to do. Let’s motivate each other. Leave me a comment below so that I can follow along with you!