• 30- Day Self Improvement Challenge

    30- Day Self Improvement Challenge

    Rediscovery and self-purpose are two things that I have been working with myself on throughout the year. The younger person inside of me would have probably thought that this is something I should already be perfect in. Especially in my 30s! Additionally, I’m starting to believe that it can take even longer to truly understand and live in your purpose. Therefore, I convinced myself to complete a 30-day self improvement challenge.

    Sometimes it seems that I might have figured out where I want to be. Then, I get hit with a possibility that I did not even know could exist. I am certain of a couple of things:

    I am not perfect and I am still blossoming into my destiny.

    Make Room for the Self Improvement Challenge

    When you aren’t a novice to things that you’ve once experienced before, you begin to search for a challenge. Challenging yourself can be a great way to test your progress and see growth. Additionally, challenges help you practice patience and learn new habits to take the place of old habits. I was once told by Oprah and several other popular online articles that it takes twenty-one days (minimum) to break/ create a habit.

    I found this neat challenge on Pinterest that is designed to help change my lifestyle. As I am starting this challenge, I am manifesting that by the end of it, I will have a clear concept of where I would like to take my career. 2019 challenged my career goals really hard as I worked tirelessly for my employers and tried to be my own boss simultaneously. I no longer want to do both and I want clear and concise ideas for how to accomplish my goal!

    I have attached the 30- Day Self Improvement Challenge below and hope that you all decide to join me. Let’s get the conversation going and leave me a comment if you will be joining and if you face any challenges during your 30 days. Of course, I look forward to the end result for all of us!

    30 day self-improvement challenge

    I am forever grateful for the self-courage and wisdom that I was able to discover while quieting my mind and rediscovering my purpose. Now, I am one step closer to reaching the end goal, even though I know there are many steps between the start and finish line. I am just proud of myself for even starting.

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