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  • How To Outline A Blog Post in 15 Minutes

    How To Outline A Blog Post in 15 Minutes

    How long does it take you to write a blog post? This question is one I see bloggers ask each other all of the time. I’ve even googled it out of desperation and curiosity to figure out the answer. It takes a blogger approximately 2-3 hours to write a quality blog post. I started comparing my writing performance to the responses of other bloggers. How to outline a blog post efficiently? Is two hours enough time to brainstorm a blog topic, gather thoughts, and still have enough time to write it?

    There are many ways to outline a blog post!

    Some bloggers do not take as much time as others to write their blogs. Don’t worry. The last thing you should do is compare yourself to another blogger’s writing schedule. The best advice for figuring out your writing schedule is to create a consistent timetable that works for you.

    I would not recommend adopting another bloggers’ writing schedule, but I would recommend learning the strategies that helped them develop the blogging schedule that works for them. This blog post highlights one of the best tools bloggers use to publish quality blog posts — blog outlines.

    Blog outlines are simple tools for bloggers to draft, write and organize their ideas for a blog post before publishing. 

    this guide will cover:

    • how to spend less time planning out a blog post
    • what to outline for your blog post
    • examples of blog outlines
    • how to outline your next blog post in 15 mins

    How To Spend Less Time Planning Out A Blog Post

    If you are spending more than the average amount of time it would take to write a blog post, you are most likely doing this:

    • struggling with coming up with topics
    • researching while you write
    • not passionate about the topic you chose to write about

    One thing that will help cut out much of the time you spend writing is to start drafting your blog posts in advance. Developing a blueprint for your blog posts gives you more ideas for what you will be discussing in your post. It can not be easy to juggle all our ideas for one topic & without drafting or jotting them down, we will forget them. Start sketching your blog posts & researching topics thoroughly before committing to writing the post.

    Need help brainstorming topics you should write about? Check out this list of 350+ blog topic ideas for any niche!

    blog post ideas

    How To Outline For Your Blog Post

    Are you looking for ideas for what to write on your blog post outline? First— you will need a topic. The topic you chose needs to be something you can talk about comfortably and freely. Next, you will need:

    • Key subheading content points
    • Supporting statements for that subheading 
    • Affiliate links for any suggestions for readers
    • List of keywords and tags for search engine optimization

    You can even take it a step further and create a checklist/to-do list for each step in your writing process. To-do lists and checklists for your blog post will help you remember to edit, format, schedule, publish, create pictures, etc. Here is an example of what a blog post outline should look like:

    how to outline a blog post
    example of a blog post outline

    A Simple Blog Post Outline

    Ready to start outlining your next blog post? I have the perfect blog post template for bloggers planning out their blog posts. I created this template to help with organizing and writing ideas for quality blog posts. The Blog Post Template is a digital pdf that you can download and save to any digital planner or notetaking application. This digital template is designed to help bloggers brainstorm post titles, publish dates, related posts, call-to-action, and key content points. The digital blog post template has checklists and to-do lists to keep bloggers on track with outlining, writing, editing, formatting, and scheduling their blog posts. The template also includes space for tracking tags, links, and keywords. 

    Click the jump to get your blog post template and start planning your writing content today. 

    Never have to worry about writing quality blog posts again! To keep your readers engaged, your blog posts have to be cohesive, entertaining, informative, and easy to read. It’s easy to write and have all your thoughts jumbled at once while you’re trying to remember to get all of your ideas out! 

    Use this Blog Post Planner template to avoid never having to worry about jumbled thoughts, incohesive paragraphs, and sloppy structures ever again! This Blog Post Planner template was designed to help bloggers and writers get their key points across, create blog outlines before writing, and checklists for blogging tasks. 

    Bloggers should be using outlines when preparing to write quality blog posts. Using an outline before you write helps you create thought-flowing, entertaining posts & cuts down on how much time you would usually spend writing your blog posts. You can easily create an outline for your next blog post in 15 minutes! Outlines are another tool to help you stay consistent with blogging & they will also help with coming up with ideas for additional blog post topics!

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  • What Is Seo And Why Is Seo Important For My Website?

    What Is Seo And Why Is Seo Important For My Website?

    Search Engine Optimization is a vital digital marketing tool.

    Picture this. You own, manage, and run your own website. Your website is filled with entertaining, informative, and valuable content, but no one is reading it. You’re stressed because you’ve spent so much time, energy, and money invested in your website. However, it’s not thriving due to low or no traffic. You want to know how to increase your website traffic because you are passionate about seeing your business succeed. You landed here because you discovered SEO during your research, and you have no clue how to increase your traffic. You’re also not sure if you really understand how SEO works and how important it is. 

    SEO consists of many elements. Knowing what they are and how they work is key to understanding why SEO is so important.

    Search engine optimization is crucial for your website because it helps make it more visible. This then equates to more traffic, builds brand awareness, and positions you as a trustworthy expert in your niche.

    This post discusses the importance of SEO for your website and how to use SEO to rank on search engines. You will have a better understanding of how SEO works and a step closer to increasing traffic to your website.

    Quality Content is what Search Engines Look For

    Content is the most vital part of Search Engine Optimization. It is what the people will see first when they visit your website. The content you create is what you use to reach and engage with your target audience. You most likely know by now that you should be creating and posting content that readers will find valuable. Quality content varies in many forms for many website creators (blogs, videos, podcasts, e-books) and needs to be shared consistently to rank on search engines. A lot of content = a lot of chances to increase your website’s online visibility.

    For example, website pages and posts should have a minimum of 500 words for search engines to crawl the content on your pages. Even then, depending on which SEO expert you’d ask, they would say 500 is considered to be generously low and should really be around 700-800 minimum words. Valuable content is just one key element to increasing traffic with SEO.

    Keywords Will Help Search Engines Find Your Content

    Your content will also need to feature some keywords to rank higher on search engines. Keywords are words and phrases that consumers use to find what they are looking for online; and that brands can then use to connect with prospects looking for their products and services.

    Finding out what keywords you’ll need for search engine optimization is not a simple task. A general rule of thumb is to look for keywords with high search rates (but low competition). Choose short-tail keywords (such as kid), long-tail keywords (such as adolescent children’s books for sale), and local keywords (such as children’s books for sale in Biloxi) to work into your content. Use keywords to optimize your titles, URLs, and the usability of your website. All this work you are doing to optimize your on-page SEO content will be crucial to improving the visibility and traffic of your website.

    You Can Create SEO Opportunities Off-Page

    Off-page SEO refers to actions taken outside of your own website to impact your rankings within search engine results pages (SERPs). Backlink building is a popular tool for establishing off-page search engine optimization. There are many tactics for backlink building. Some of the current best practices include guest blogging, advertising, creating a lot of high-quality content to be shared, and using influencer marketing in your content. You will need to network to start building backlinks to your website. Networking and backlinks are great ways for your target audience to find out about who you are and what you do. Take advantage of collaboration opportunities! 

    Search Engines Love Websites With Quick Load Times

    A responsive and speedy website will make a user-friendly experience for all your mobile and desktop visitors. By increasing the load speed of your website, readers will be able to browse longer, decreasing your website bounce rate. You should find out what your website’s load speed is before you decide to make any changes for search engine optimization. If it ain’t broke, do not fix it!

    Word of advice for pages with low load speeds: if your load speed is low, take steps to improve your speed by optimizing high-resolution images, fixing JavaScript issues and excessive HTTP Requests, and bad hosting.

    Think about it: you have spent a lot of time putting content on your website. It would be a disappointment if your audience cannot access (or gives up waiting to access) the content because the website/page does not load.

    Some things to remember about SEO:
    • SEO does not happen overnight 
    • search engines are not perfect 
    • You do not have to be an expert to optimize your website content 

    I recommend researching and using SEO tools to continue learning how to use search engines to increase website traffic and brand awareness. Websites like Moz and Semrush have been extremely helpful for me and my journey to understanding SEO. There are plenty of SEO courses and e-books to help you create a consistent SEO strategy plan for optimizing your content, increasing traffic, and reaching your target audience.

    I have been working to understand how SEO works for years, and each time I learn something new about how important it is to rank (and rank higher) on search engines. The more elements of SEO we incorporate into our growth strategies, the more opportunities for increasing brand awareness, visibility, and site traffic. 

    What do you think about SEO and its importance to organic website traffic? How will you use SEO to help grow your website? What else do you think is important to know about SEO and search engines? What advice would you give someone who wants to rank higher on search engines and increase website traffic?

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  • 350 Blog Post Ideas For Bloggers Discovering Their Niche

    350 Blog Post Ideas For Bloggers Discovering Their Niche

    What should I write about on my blog?

    Coming up with ideas for blog topics to write about after starting your niche blog can be rough. If you are a current or newbie blogger or someone thinking of starting a blog but not sure where to start, I have a few ideas to help you get started writing quality posts for your blog that your audience will love. This list of blog post ideas is here to supercharge your creativity!

    The best blog posts are the ones you can write from personal experience. Writing from personal experience can be instructional, informative, and entertaining for your target audience. For example, business owners and entrepreneurs use creative writing to highlight their brands, products, and services. If you are thinking of starting a blog or changing your blog niche, one of the questions to ask yourself is what experiences or daily activities do you enjoy that your readers will also find value in reading?

    So, what are some good blog post ideas for niche bloggers? We will discuss everything you should consider when choosing a niche and share a few blog post ideas for niche blogs today! 

    This guide will cover:

    • what is a niche blog
    • types of niche blogs
    • popular topics amongst niche blogs
    • 350 niche blog post ideas
    • examples of niche bloggers

    Use these blog topic ideas for inspiration in choosing your niche and writing your next (or first) blog post!

    What is a niche blog?

    A niche blog is a blog where writers record activities, thoughts, and experiences to use their writing to market a specific topic or category. Niche blogs may appeal to “geographic areas, a specialty industry, ethnic or age groups, or any particular group of people.” Niche bloggers write content inspired by personal interests, daily activities, hobbies, etc. It is an ongoing debate that every blog is a niche blog in some form. However, when it comes to learning how to market a blog, it is different for every niche blogger. Niche bloggers often use their websites to promote and sell products/services, land sponsorship or affiliate programs, and make money writing about personal interests, daily activities, and hobbies. 

    A niche blog is not a personal blog. Niche bloggers may share personal stories, but the content they create is not always in journal-entry form — the focus here is on the activities and the interests of the writer (with the audience in mind). 

    How to start a niche blog?

    The first step you’ll want to take in starting your blog is research. Research all the different types of niches to get an idea of what you want to be the focus topic of your blog.

    What topic will you be comfortable discussing?

    There are over 100 popular niches for you to make your decision. Choose one that you are passionate about and comfortable with, and start prepping for blog post ideas! Once you start writing and growing your audience and reach, you get even more ideas to maximize your content.

    Social media plays a major role in blogging and increasing your blog’s visibility. If you aren’t using platform tools like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Pinterest to market your blog, you will need to decide how you plan to promote your niche blog. 

    Example: A Food and Beverage Blogger uses Instagram to post pictures or videos of their foods/drinks and tells their audience to visit their blog for the recipe. 

    Types of Niche Blogs

    Here are 14 popular and profitable blog categories to consider:

    1. Lifestyle
    2. Beauty/ Skincare
    3. Food & Drink
    4. Holidays
    5. Organizing/ Planning
    6. Reviews
    7. Self-Improvement/ Self-Help
    8. DIY, Crafting, and Decorating
    9. Mom/ Parenting
    10. Family
    11. Work-From-Home
    12. Blogging
    13. Life Coach & Motivation
    14. Wellness

    There’s nothing like having a little inspiration to get you started. Check out some of these amazing niche bloggers below. 

    Examples of different types of niche blogs

    Buckle With Jo: Inspiration Blog

    Jody-Ann is an inspirational lifestyle blogger who is passionate about motivating women to live abundantly. She inspires women to conquer new beginnings and create new memories along the way. Jody-Ann and I have collaborated quite a few times in 2021 & her posts continue to inspire women like me to get out of my comfort zone and try new things!

    That Lemonade Life: Lifestyle Blog

    Sarah is a cozy lifestyle blogger who is a big fan of making life as cozy and comfortable as possible! If you love food, home decor, reading, and more coziness in your life, then you’re in the right spot!

    All Day Britney: Mommy Lifestyle Blog

    All Day Britney is a safe space for moms who want to prioritize their self-care journey (no matter what that looks like) in order to show up in the best way for themselves and their families. It’s also where Britney shares her favorite Black-owned businesses that have helped me in my own self-care journey.

    Coffee till Champagne: Women’s Lifestyle Blog

    Coffee till Champagne is all about women! Their vision is to be a no holds barred, judgment-free, “damn, I can’t be the only one”, sanctuary. The conversations on this blog are dedicated to who women are, how they think/feel, and what infuriates them, and sometimes has us saying, “is this my life?”.

    Jodetopia: Family Blog

    On Jodetopia you’ll find travel adventures, children’s books, and advice for new moms. If you are thinking about starting a family lifestyle blog, Jodetopia has a lot of great content for blog post ideas.

    Jupiter & Dann: Food and Family Blog

    This lifestyle blog is all about food and family. Jupiter and Dann often cover things our children are interested in, places we’ve visited, and reviews of interesting products. Check out this blog to get ideas for posting food recipes, reviews, and family fun. There’s even a section on Jupiter and Dann where they share ways to learn all about SEO and how to get your blog to rank on search engines.

    Good Life Detroit: Lifestyle Blog

    GLD is a lifestyle blog created by Jennifer Harma. Good Life Detroit covers topics related to DIY crafts, culture, family life, recipes, things to do in Detroit, and well-being.

    The Lifestyle Blogger UK

    Becky is a UK lifestyle blogger based in the heart of the Cotswolds. She has a passion for health & fitness, veganism, and sustainability. Becky often writes about these topics. She has been featured on Channel 5 News, Express, Metro, and The Daily Mail.

    Plaid + Sugar Blog: DIY & Crafts

    Plaid and Sugar is a DIY, lifestyle, and sewing blog with the purpose to aid readers live a more colorful, creative, and fulfilling life. Learn how to make life colorful and fun while on a budget.

    With 350 blog post ideas to choose from, finding a few content ideas to write right now should make picking a niche easier 😍. These topic ideas are perfect for any niche blog. Check them out below, and be sure to tag #lewknewtopics if you decide to use them. I want to see your writing and share it with other niche bloggers! 

    Blog Post Ideas


    1. Top 10 things to do in your city or regional area
    2. Your tips for growing an Instagram account
    3. A round-up of life hacks
    4. 5 favorite accessories in your closet and the best way you use them
    5. Date night ideas
    6. Your workout routine: how you stay fit
    7. How to let go of negative thoughts and feelings
    8. Ways to get better sleep
    9. Home decor tips for fall/winter/spring/summer
    10. Top 10 ways you save money
    11. 10 books to read this year
    12. 7 apps to download for fun
    13. Shows worth watching on Netflix/HBO Max/Hulu/Paramount Plus
    14. Life lessons you learn before your 30’s
    15. Difficult changes you’ve made in your life
    16. Morning routine ideas
    17. Why you decided to start a blog plus your progress
    18. How you found your purpose in life
    19. Habits of successful people
    20. Your favorite hashtags for social media
    21. Share a personal story to motivate readers
    22. 7 things that make you happy all the time
    23. 3 books that you recommend
    24. List of inspirational quotes
    25. Party theme ideas

    Beauty/ Skincare

    1. A review of a new product you purchased (foundation, perfume, lipstick)
    2. Your morning skincare routine
    3. Your evening skincare routine
    4. How to apply skincare products
    5. A round-up of new products for hair/skin/make-up
    6. Best shades of lipstick for fall/winter/summer/spring season
    7. How to pick the perfect foundation
    8. How to make lashes look longer
    9. The best drugstore dupes
    10. Simple make-up swaps to save you money
    11. Hauls (Sephora/Ulta/Fenty Beauty)
    12. The hottest looks to try this spring/summer/fall/winter
    13. 5-min, 10-min, 20-min make-up routine tutorials
    14. The perfect make-up for work/school/date night
    15. How to determine your skin type
    16. What’s in my make-up bag?
    17. My daily skincare routine
    18. Beauty guide for beginners
    19. 5 beauty essentials you can’t live without
    20. How to make face masks
    21. My beauty wishlist for (year)
    22. A round-up of favorite nail art
    23. How to find the right SPF for you
    24. Beauty gift guides
    25. Host a giveaway

    Food & Drink

    1. A round-up of recipes
    2. Try a trending Pinterest/TikTok recipe and share the outcome
    3. How to cook (food) in 5/10/15 minutes
    4. Review a local restaurant, bar, or bakery
    5. Create recipes based on a single ingredient
    6. Share your favorite cookbooks
    7. Why you started/love cooking
    8. How to meal plan
    9. How to organize your kitchen
    10. Your favorite cocktail recipes
    11. The best cocktail recipes
    12. A drink/food pairing guide
    13. Local winery, distillery, or brewery guide
    14. “Wine Wednesday”
    15. Holiday food guides
    16. 10 ideas/recipes for healthy lunches
    17. Share your favorite go-to meal
    18. 5 affordable and tasty celebrity-owned wine brands
    19. 7 best foods to cook under 30 mins
    20. A beginner’s guide to cooking/baking
    21. How to prepare or store foods
    22. 12 must-have cooking essentials
    23. School lunch ideas for kids’ lunchboxes
    24. Healthy snack ideas for kids
    25. Try-it Tuesday recipes


    1. 15 days of craft ideas for the holiday
    2. Christmas gift guides for him
    3. Christmas gift guides for her
    4. Holiday bucket list ideas
    5. 10 best tips for traveling during the holidays
    6. Holiday games for adults
    7. Ultimate (year) review
    8. Mistakes I made in (year)
    9. My new year goals for (year)
    10. Home decor for the holidays
    11. DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas
    12. Best tips to save money around the holidays
    13. Must-try holiday desserts this season
    14. Thanksgiving table decoration ideas
    15. Holiday series: 10-holiday tradition ideas
    16. Christmas gift guides for small kids
    17. Holiday destination ideas
    18. List of new year affirmations
    19. Best make-up gift ideas
    20. Write a holiday travel guide for a local city
    21. Holiday gift guides for mom under $____
    22. Dollar store decoration ideas
    23. Fourth of July menu list
    24. 5 festive drinks for Cinco de Mayo
    25. Black Friday holiday shopping guide


    1. How to clean makeup brushes
    2. How to save money while shopping
    3. 8 ways you save money
    4. How do you stay organized?
    5. Share your daily routine
    6. Share your favorite planning apps
    7. 11 ways to manage time/ time-management tips
    8. Best goal-setting planners
    9. Your top productivity tips
    10. Time-saving tips for weekly activities
    11. Best tips for a great start to the day
    12. How to set realistic goals
    13. Habits of successful people
    14. Tips for spring cleaning
    15. Make-up/skincare organization hacks
    16. Best time blocking tips
    17. How to avoid distractions
    18. Wedding planning tips
    19. Baby shower planning tips
    20. Tips for eating healthy on a budget
    21. Ways to clean your pantry
    22. How to clean your garage
    23. How to pack a suitcase for days/weeks/months
    24. Minimal packing ideas for traveling
    25. Cleaning hacks


    1. First-time user reviews
    2. Book reviews
    3. How to hands-free control your Apple Watch
    4. A beginner’s guide to buying (product)
    5. How to write a helpful review online
    6. Baby/infant product reviews
    7. Music reviews
    8. Beauty product reviews
    9. 5 things to consider before buying a product on Amazon
    10. Apple/ Android product review
    11. 20 trends in home decor you must try
    12. How to identify legit and honest product reviews
    13. Jewelry/bags/accessories reviews
    14. Everything you need to know about (product)
    15. A round-up of your favorite reviews
    16. Best cameras on the market for vlogging
    17. Sports reviews
    18. How to find the best home furniture deals
    19. 5 products to buy if you’re a (product/brand) enthusiast
    20. Why I recommend (product)
    21. Thoughts about (product) then and now
    22. Digital product reviews
    23. Pet product reviews
    24. How to choose the right cooking pan for better cooking
    25. 5 tips to consider when buying (topic)


    1. Simple goal setting: how I set 1 goal in 10 mins and changed my life
    2. How to say no without feeling guilty
    3. 10 green smoothies to give your brain a boost
    4. How a positive mindset helped me lose 7lbs in a week
    5. Gratitude habits that will drastically improve your life
    6. 7 ways to get out of your comfort zone
    7. 8 powerful lessons to learn from failure
    8. The 10- minute solution for getting your thoughts under control
    9. I stopped worrying about money. You should too. Here’s why.
    10. How to start your own business with no money
    11. 7 awesome apps to help you achieve your goals this year
    12. 15 mind-blowing facts that will make you change your sleep habits 
    13. Why journaling is a quick way to inspire creativity
    14. How to deal with difficult people and protect your energy
    15. Quick and easy breakfast/lunch/dinner ideas to boost your immune system
    16. 10 ways to raise your vibration when you’re feeling low
    17. 30 ways to boost your self-esteem
    18. Is low confidence ruining your career?
    19. A beginner’s guide to meditation
    20. Can mindfulness ease anxiety?
    21. How to achieve financial freedom with goal setting
    22. How to stop procrastinating
    23. The best self-discipline tips you can follow
    24. How to recognize negative thinking
    25. 5 ways to motivate yourself

    DIY, Crafting, and Decorating

    1. Write a craft book review
    2. Share your favorite DIY projects from other bloggers
    3. Round-up of previous DIY projects you created recently
    4. Create a DIY series using one specific product or theme
    5. 5 must-have craft tools
    6. DIY home organizers & hacks
    7. A Valentine’s Day craft tutorial for kids
    8. DIY tutorial for making wreaths
    9. Best tips for selling products at craft shows
    10. How to make DIY candles
    11. 5 Beginner Tips for Scrapbooking
    12. How to knit/sew
    13. 10 Crafts you can make and sell
    14. Recreate a craft from Pinterest
    15. 10 Easy crafts for toddlers
    16. Where to shop for the best craft supplies
    17. How-to sell crafts on Etsy
    18. 7 Tips for Online Craft Sellers
    19. How to make DIY beauty products
    20. Cricut tips, tricks, and hacks
    21. Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer craft ideas
    22. Interview your favorite craft blogger
    23. Beginner’s Guide to Cricut/Cricut machines
    24. DIY spa day
    25. 15 crafts kids will love


    1. Healthy eating with and for toddlers
    2. How to get the baby sleeping through the night
    3. 3 tasks you accomplish during baby naps
    4. WFM/ SAHM daily schedule
    5. List of chores little ones can help out with
    6. 12 exercise ideas for kids
    7. How to make self-care a priority as a mom
    8. Mommy hacks you use on a daily basis
    9. Fun ideas for family day/ night activities
    10. Parent/ child date ideas
    11. Tips on traveling with children
    12. Pregnancy hacks you wish you knew when you were expecting
    13. Tips for parents expecting their first/ second/ third child
    14. Tips for amicable co-parenting
    15. Wishes that every parent has for their kids 
    16. Toy reviews and why you love them as a parent
    17. Share your best day as a mom
    18. Share your worst day as a mom
    19. How do you get your children to listen to you
    20. Parenting lessons you learned from your parents
    21. Tips for raising boys/ girls
    22. Favorite/ best books for children
    23. How to teach children manners
    24. Family bonding ideas
    25. Important life skills every child should learn


    1. How to keep kids entertained while you WFH
    2. How to talk to your teenager
    3. Meal prep ideas the whole family will enjoy
    4. Tips on saving for buying/building a house
    5. How to tell if you’re ready for another child
    6. Parent date night ideas
    7. Sibling bonding ideas
    8. Screen-free activities for families
    9. Budgeting ideas for large families
    10. How to talk to your in-laws
    11. Tips for maintaining a strong marriage after kids
    12. How to set boundaries in relationships
    13. Setting 5/10/15 year goals with your spouse 
    14. Tips on how to adopt or foster a child
    15. Favorite movies to watch as a family
    16. Share a problem your family is currently facing
    17. Family-friendly things to do in your local area
    18. How to set a family budget
    19. A Beginner’s Guide to meal-prepping
    20. How fathers can help their partners around the house
    21. Overnight camping ideas
    22. Tips for raising kids in multi-generational households
    23. Benefits of Having a Dog as part of the family
    24. 10 Benefits of packages from grandma, grandpa, or other loved ones
    25. Staycation ideas for parents


    1. How to leave your 9-5 job and start working for yourself
    2. How to avoid online distractions and focus on work
    3. Your favorite WFH outfits
    4. Share what your WFH schedule looks like
    5. Tips for decluttering your home workspace
    6. Share how you get motivated to work
    7. How to make money from home
    8. How to WFM with kids
    9. Talk about any freelance services from home
    10. Time-blocking tips
    11. 3 biggest challenges you struggle with WFM and how to overcome it
    12. WFH tips from a thought leader
    13. Interview someone on how they started their business and career
    14. Beginner’s Guide How to work from home
    15. Top industries that hire remote workers
    16. Work for yourself or work for a company?
    17. Roundup or list of available WFH job boards
    18. How to create a work/life balance at home
    19. 7 WFH gifts under $10
    20. Skills you can quickly learn for a remote career change
    21. How to become a virtual assistant 
    22. 6 biggest mistakes remote job seekers make
    23. Simple tasks you can do today to start WFH
    24. Can you search for remote jobs on Indeed/Glassdoor/LinkedIn?
    25. Networking tips for remote job seekers


    1. Share 10 bloggers who motivate you
    2. Gorgeous fonts for bloggers and social media mavens
    3. Tips for social media
    4. Favorite blogging groups
    5. Favorite blogging books + courses
    6. Writing tips
    7. Essential blogging tools you can’t blog without 
    8. Tips for guest posting/ blogging
    9. A round-up of your best posts
    10. SEO essentials 
    11. Ways to build online relationships with bloggers
    12. Free social media technology tools to promote your blog
    13. Favorite hashtags for social media
    14. What motivated you to start a blog?
    15. 3 biggest challenges you struggle with as a blogger and how to overcome it
    16. Best tools for creating blog images
    17. Interview a blogger and share a success story
    18. 6 Perks to Blogging & Making Money
    19. How many hours do you spend running your blog?
    20. Why you need a blog planner
    21. Favorite Instagram Lifestyle Bloggers to follow
    22. What tricks/hacks to use to grow your blog
    23. How is your blog different from others?
    24. Blogging Course Reviews
    25. How to be consistent with blogging 

    Life Coach/ Motivation

    1. Collection of inspirational quotes + why you love them
    2. Personal growth tips + goals
    3. 5 Ways to motivate yourself
    4. How to pursue ambition in your life
    5. How to let go of negative thinking
    6. 9 things that make you happy all the time
    7. How do you get inspired?
    8. Share a personal story to motivate readers
    9. The best lessons you’ve learned in your life
    10. 7 Ways to Show Appreciation & Gratitude
    11. Share tips about self-improvement
    12. Share a failure and what you learned
    13. How-to stay calm
    14. 5 Habits of successful people
    15. How to stay motivated when things get difficult
    16. Tips for a stress-free life
    17. 10 things that make you happy right now
    18. How to have a winning mindset
    19. How to unlock your passion
    20. Mindset blocks you didn’t know were there
    21. Ways to get out of your comfort zone
    22. How to turn a weakness into a strength
    23. 10 Gratitude habits that will drastically improve your life
    24. 12 things you could do every day to live fearlessly
    25. 7 Apps to Help you Achieve your goals this year


    1. 15- min workout routine
    2. Workout routines for (topic)
    3. How to eat healthy on a budget
    4. Tips for intermittent fasting
    5. 5 Ways to live a healthy lifestyle
    6. Ways to get better sleep
    7. Beginner’s guide to meditation & mindfulness
    8. Health and fitness guide for busy entrepreneurs
    9. 10 healthy foods to eat daily
    10. Share a fitness challenge that you’re doing
    11. Everything you need to bring to the gym
    12. Are multivitamins good for you?
    13. How to lose belly fat
    14. How to calculate your BMI
    15. What you need to know about the keto diet
    16. The best workouts to do at home
    17. Beginner’s guide to meal prepping
    18. Ways to get your steps in
    19. The best apps for tracking calories
    20. How much weight can I lose per week?
    21. A round-up of workout music playlists
    22. Beginner’s guide to yoga & stretching
    23. Common myths about dieting
    24. Review meal box services (Hello Fresh)
    25. The best workouts for arms/legs/glutes/hamstrings

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    Which of these 350 blog post ideas will you write about first? Have a blog post idea that should’ve made this list? Share your thoughts in a comment below.

  • Should I Trademark My Online Business Name?

    Should I Trademark My Online Business Name?

    Your name is your superpower. What you call yourself (personally or professionally) is your unique identifier. Your name, aka your identity, sets you apart from people/ businesses with similar names. Entrepreneurs realize that it takes hard work to establish their brand and create an identity different from their competitors. So, how will you stand out without blending? How will you organically grow your business? As a result, business owners must establish their rights to ensure that their name is one of a kind. Therefore, it is important to trademark your online business name.

    Scroll on to learn why you SHOULD trademark your online business name. Learn how to start the trademarking process and resources to help you start trademarking your business or brand today.

    So, what is a trademark?

    How does a trademark help my business?

    It gives you a legal avenue to protect your business or brand from copycats replicating your identity. Trademarking your business name, product, or symbol can protect you from scammers looking to make a profit off of your name. In other words, a trademark establishes your exclusive business owner rights to use your name, symbol, or word(s). Trademarking also helps you run a successful company. You will also be able to use the ® symbol next to a successfully registered trademarked name. Completing your trademark registration will make it much easier to file for trademark registration in other countries.

    I have an LLC, sole proprietorship, and DBA business. My brand is already protected.

    That’s great that you formed your online business. However, you should still decide to trademark your business or brand. A trademark is different in the sense that:

    1. Forming an LLC (limited liability company) only protects you from individuals using your business name/symbol in your state. It does not protect you nationally or internationally.
    2. DBA or doing business as; only protects you from individuals using your business name/symbol in your state. It does not protect you nationally or internationally.
    3. A copyright will protect original artistic and literary works. Copyrights apply to logos but usually do not apply to names.

    How to Trademark Your Business Name

    Here’s how you can start trademarking your online business today:

    First, remember filling out the application is the initial step. If you do not have the necessary information for your application, an attorney can help you with this step. Next, you should figure out what trademark class you want your business’ name or symbol recognized in before submitting your application. (There are 45 trademark classes, and each trademark class covers a wide range of goods or services.) 

    Example: If a beauty company with the name “Enchanted” wanted to register this name in the cosmetics trademark class, it could. However, if this company also produced jewelry, it might require an added listing in the jewelry trademark class. Therefore, the beauty company has to file for each trademark class that the business will be listed under.

    Additionally, if you want to trademark the same name for multiple classes, it might be a little costly. It costs as low as $250 to file a trademark application. To file for a trademarked name for multiple classes, that’s $250 for each trademark class.

    Attorneys Can Trademark Your Online Business Name

    Sometimes it is best to talk about things like this with your lawyer or attorney. If you are not sure how to fill out your trademark application, schedule a time to consult with your attorney or lawyer. If you do not have an attorney or lawyer, I have an available online resource for you.

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  • How To Get Sponsored Posts On Instagram

    How To Get Sponsored Posts On Instagram

    Have you ever wondered how to get sponsored posts? Sponsored posts are advertisements created by a brand or business for a product/service. Companies are looking to work with content creators daily to reach consumers through sponsored advertising. Many Bloggers and Influencers use sponsored posts (also known as promoted posts) to generate more traffic and link clicks to their website or social media. Sponsored posts are just one of the ways you can create additional income online and monetize your blog.

    In the past, I worked with brand companies such as Amazon, Jenell B. Stewart’s DCU affiliate program, Influenster, and The Raw Dosage. I continue to work with businesses on collaborations through sponsored ads and partnerships. In this blog, you will gain insight into how sponsored posts work and how to get sponsored posts. Are you ready to generate website traffic and revenue for your website, blog, or social media? Let’s get started!

    Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Affiliate marketing is designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to brand websites. This is at no additional cost to you!

    Photo by Olya Kobruseva on

    UGC is Key to Sponsored Posts

    It is important to remember that when promoting a company’s services and products through sponsored posts, you are introducing your community to brands that they’ll be interested in purchasing from and learning more about how they can benefit from them. Brands are looking to reach communities and audiences through UGC, user-generated content. You want to collaborate with brands related to your niche to create the authentic, quality image and video content that brands are looking to use to attract consumers.

    For example, my blog is a lifestyle blog. I am inspired to create content around my interests and daily activities. I create brand awareness by sharing content from companies who express interest in reaching consumers with interests in many topics (beauty, health, wellness, finance, travel, food, etc.). I love to promote products and services that are relatable to my everyday life and my brand.

    How To Get Sponsored Posts With Influenster

    The bulk of my sponsored posts are from my collaborations with Influenster. Influenster is a product discovery app that allows consumers and influencers to try products for free; in exchange for an honest review of the product on your website or social media. By signing up and becoming a member of the Influenster community, I save money by not spending it on products, connected with lots of cool brands to establish long-lasting partnerships, increased traffic to my blog, and gained followers on social media. Let’s look at some of my favorite campaigns that I have been a part of so far:

    TurboTax Ambassador Campaign
    MAC Cosmetics Campaign

    Are you ready to land sponsored posts to gain website traffic and grow your business? Are you ready to land sponsored posts as a way to generate a source of income? It’s time to figure out what your next steps should be. Here are 4 ways that you can get started today:

    4 Ways To Get Sponsored Posts

    Start a Blog or Create a Social Media Account Now!

    Having a website is a no-brainer decision. It’s time to start building your online platform if you haven’t already. Online marketing is crucial for brands in 2021. I recommend beginning with a blog to share quality content that you know your audience will want to see. Do research. Learn. Apply what you learn! Establish what you want you think your niche should be and create good content. If you aren’t on social media already, the decision to join is something that you will want to make soon. It’s free to create an account on all popular social channels (TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter) and most blog platforms (WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, ). 

    Pitch Ideas to Brands

    If you have an idea for a sponsored post, it’s time to pitch that idea to the brand or business. Don’t let imposter syndrome set in! Pitching content ideas is one of the ways that you can start landing brand partnerships. Create a media kit before reaching out to brand PR to showcase yourself and your business. Most media kits contain:

    A list of services that you offer

    Statistics (website/blog stats, engagement rates, followers/subscribers)

    A bio (one for yourself and your brand biz)

    Network Within Your Niche

    Most collaboration opportunities come from networking and meeting other business owners and content creators. It’s time to get comfortable with the competition by getting to know them. There are opportunities out there for everyone! I have met some amazing content creators in online groups and through taking blogging courses. Blogging and Engagement Groups are great ways to learn about partnerships, sponsorships, and collaborations. Facebook has a wide variety of blogging groups for you to research and join. 

    Join Influencer Marketing Platforms
    how to get sponsored posts


    Did you find this post helpful? Leave a comment below. Tell me your niche and what brands you are interested in collaborating with. 

  • Top 10 Reasons To Use Lightroom

    Top 10 Reasons To Use Lightroom

    There are many photography apps on the market these days, so I can only imagine that it can be hard to find one that you’ll enjoy. You might have found yourself asking, Do I need to pay for an app to get the best option? Do I need something to do quick edits? Do I also need to think about being able to store and organize my photos? Adobe Lightroom is a powerful photo and video editor for managing and processing thousands of stunning images.

    Thank you Tracey Jones for contributing this post to


  • 10 Creative Post Ideas for Social Media

    10 Creative Post Ideas for Social Media

    You’ve started a business, you’ve created a brand. You’re ready to start marketing your business/brand on social media, but there’s so much overwhelming information out there. Everyone is telling you that you should post at least 3 pieces of social media content per week, post to your social channels every day, and create high-quality content, but where are you going to find inspiration to post interesting, engaging and relevant things to share with your audience? Here are 10 creative post ideas for social media that can work for you!

    Thank you Tracey Jones for contributing this post to


  • 5 Proven Tips For Starting Your Online Store

    5 Proven Tips For Starting Your Online Store
    Photo by Ann Nekr on

    You have been crafting for some time and now feel it is time to start selling your masterpieces, but you have no experience running a business. You aren’t sure where to start and the whole thing feels a bit overwhelming at the moment. You’re interested in starting an online store but not sure where to begin.


  • 7 Lessons Learned in Life

    7 Lessons Learned in Life

    There are so many lessons that have been taught to me over the course of my thirty-one years of existence on planet Earth. It’s hard to even recall all of the lessons that many people have taught me, or the self-taught ones that I’ve learned over the process of trial and error. What I’ve come to find out, is that the most recent lessons that I’ve learned are the ones that have shaped and molded my self-improvement journey. I decided to share them with readers, in no particular order. To clarify, these are seven valuable lessons learned in life (mine).

    List of Lessons Learned in Life

    1. love
    2. trust
    3. self-care
    4. speak up
    5. passion
    6. education
    7. validation
    lessons learned in life (virtually)
    Photo by Katerina Holmes on

    Life Lessons #1: LOVE YOURSELF

    Although I said earlier that my list is in no particular order, perhaps this is the best way to start; with yourself. You are important, you are beautiful, you are talented, you are deserving of love. The most beautiful thing about loving yourself is that if you’ve mastered self love, you can then be able to pour that love into the ones around you that you love the most (ie. family, friends). Be proud of yourself and your accomplishments or your falls! Own it.

    Life Lessons #2: TRUST GOD, NOT MAN

    This one may go over a few heads, but it’s really quite simple. Yes, if you know that you will never let yourself down, please place trust within yourself. However, people can sometimes disappoint. That goes for everybody, no one person is exempt. Family, friends, spouses, business partners. At some point, you will find yourself in situations where you have to question “can I honestly trust this person?”, and you need to be prepared to know a few things. Not everyone is YOU. People will lie, mistreat, abuse their power in your life. When you place your faith in God and also yourself, you run a decreased risk of disappointment.

    Life Lessons #3: TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF

    Your body is truly your temple. Your mental health is just as important as physical health. Do your research to find out the best practices for self-care, that work best for you. Everybody has a different vice but there are many different options. Exercise regularly, visit a therapist, meditate! Most important, pay attention to your triggers and know when you need to take that moment for yourself. A big gem that I learned here, is that deep breaths really do work.


    You have a voice, use it. Especially during conflicts and conflict resolution. Learn to express yourself and your feelings in color. Learn how to communicate loudly and effectively, but without raising your voice or getting too angry. You should be able to convey your thoughts concisely, in healthy dialogue.


    You just care a whole, whole lot. That’s okay! You’re not an angry Black woman, contrary to what the masses say. You care about particular things and people way more than others sometimes, and that is what makes us all unique. No one person is the same. Passion will eventually help your creative process, with being able to figure out new way(s) to express your thoughts.

    Life Lessons #6: OPINIONS ARE NOT FACTS

    Why do people care so much about what others have to say? Stop seeking for others to validate you, and validate yourself. People will always talk and have solicited and unsolicited opinions, but why let it dictate your life? Tune out the naysayers and do you. It can start to add unnecessary anxiety and stress that you may not even realize exists until after you’ve listened to what others have to say. Just remember, if it’s not fact, it is fiction. If it doesn’t apply, then let it fly!

    Life Lessons #7: EDUCATE YOURSELF

    The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.– Socrates

    Educate yourself. Research, research, research! Read lots of books, browse the internet. Especially if you want to be an entrepreneur. Every thing is not always taught in school, we can learn in so many other ways!

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    I hope that by sharing what I’ve learned in life, helps any of you that’s been looking to change your thought process on how you view life. Hopefully we are all on a journey to improve ourselves and become happy humans, enjoying life. Who would have thought that these are things we have to learn? Some of you may have already learned these lessons, and that’s great. I hope that by paying it forward, it will reach someone that may be struggling with any of these lessons that affect our day-to-day operations.

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    What are some life lessons that you’ve learned? Leave a comment below. If you know of anyone who this may benefit, share/ reblog!