• How To Meditate: Checklist and Guided Practice

    How To Meditate: Checklist and Guided Practice

    In 2018, I learned how to meditate effectively due to high-stress levels from working a job that brought me much misery and grief. I had to find a release, an escape, something that allow me to relax and be at ease. When I first started my journey into meditation, I had no clue how to meditate, did not know if it really worked, nor what it all meant. I always heard it explained as “a way to practice mindfulness”. Moreover, I thought that it sounded like an option to explore to relieve stress. After two years of practice, I still continue to meditate and use it to help with stress.

    Firstly, my journey introduced me to breath work and guided practice. Secondly, the meditation-guided practice helped me achieve inner peace has made things 100% easier. I share and document my meditation process on social media often and I get lots of questions from others about how should they begin meditation. Lastly, there are many people interested in meditation but feel that they’re not doing it right or have absolutely no clue what they’re doing.

    Meditate With Guided Practice

    You are NOT alone! You are NOT the master!


    I can relate to the feeling of being excited to do or learn something new and not knowing where to start. It can lead to an overwhelming feeling and sometimes makes you lose your desire to learn. As a result, I created a Mindful Meditation Checklist to help beginners feel comfortable with learning this new skill. The checklist has the basic tools that you will need to successfully complete one meditation session and will need to be repeated frequently to see results. This checklist is able to hold you accountable when you’re wondering if meditation and mindfulness is affective for you, as it is for me.

    Click here to download your free checklist today to begin your first meditation session!

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