• Social Distancing: Self-Care & Keep the Faith

    Social Distancing: Self-Care & Keep the Faith

    The world has been under stress while trying to remain calm in the midst of chaos. The arguably most infectious virus, COVID-19, continues to sweep the nation indoors! If you’re outside, social distancing is required. I have been following the frightening headlines from February to the present day, and you know what? I’M TIRED!

    Two weeks ago marked the last time I punched a time clock, the last time my son would see his friends and teacher, and the first time that I was forced to distance myself from the outer world due to safety and health concerns. Our old routine as we once knew it is no more. Additionally, I’ve had to get innovative to keep sanity and normalcy and to keep from spiraling into a depression.

    The thing about home is that this is our resting place, our “safety net”, where we come to take a break from the things we do every day. Now our home is home to Miss Mama’s P-4 Academy, the Buchanan YouTube GYM, and our updated version of “The Office”— minus the paper sales. All of these headquarters reside right in our forever-transforming living room.

    Social Distancing Activities

    Miss Mama’s P-4 Academy was created to keep Landon sharp on his writing, tracing, coloring, and reading. Every morning (Monday- Friday), Landon and I begin classwork after breakfast–around 8-9 am. First, we tackle the task of tracing and writing his name. Mary’s Little Lambs, the school Landon attends, put together a packet of schoolwork to keep kids busy and on track with the curriculum. The packet consists of writing, coloring, counting, and matching skill sets.

    Landon practiced writing his name, coloring, and matching opposites.
    Landon practiced writing his name, coloring, and matching opposites.

    After classwork is completed, Landon has the option of going outside to play in the front yard or taking a walk in the neighborhood. He always chooses to go for the walk first and we later go back outside in the afternoon. The walk is usually no more than a block or two and we come back home. The rest of the afternoon is dedicated to free time, usually after a well-needed and deserved nap.

    TIP: Flashcards have been our latest game to encourage the spelling of words. We also have alphabet letter magnets on our refrigerator that we use to also encourage spelling.

    social distancing activities

    More Quarantine Activities

    Afternoons are for taking care of important business in “The Office”. Usually, I get started around 2-3 pm, and that time consists of working strictly from my laptop or phone. I make my own schedule and this is a benefit to building my brand. I get more time to create content, engage with and build my audience, and commit to a more consistent writing schedule. This will last until about 7 pm, and then I start transitioning into retiring for the day.

    Self-care time with Que Bella Beauty products!
    Hydrating Pineapple Peel Off Mask/ Intensive Foot Sock Mask both left my skin feeling rejuvenated!

    Self-care is important and I believe in it. Last week, I gave myself a mini facial and a foot mask all while still managing to fit in family time! However, every self-care activity I choose to do is different. It depends on how I am feeling that day.

    Yesterday, I did a 25- minute Hip Hop Workout right from my living room TV. Sometimes I choose to rest and simply “be still”. Additionally, I choose to avoid the internet for a few hours to shut out all the noise. Moreover, I’ve been watching more TV than usual due to all the extra time I’ve got on my hands now. Below is a list of all the movies and TV shows that I’ve been watching while being in the house.

    Binging TV while Social Distancing

    NOTE: This list is subject to be updated at any time

    social distancing: binging shows

    Although it appears I’ve got it all figured out, I’m really just winging it. There are really only three keys to making it through quarantining and social distancing, with the main one being following through.

    Stay at home and practice social distancing only in essential situations (going to work/ grocery stores). Remain optimistic and positive! This is an obstacle but just like any other, we can and we will make it through. Furthermore, find the silver lining to what social distancing has forced us to do, which is be still, healthy, and take care. Creativity will lead the way if you allow it. In times of boredom, it’s amazing what your mind can create.

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    Comment below and tell me what you’ve been doing during this time. I’m looking for new ideas! I want to share these experiences with you all.