125 Of The Best Fall Hashtags For Instagram 2021

Fall is such a fun, festive season for indoor and outdoor activities. Many people look forward to county and state fairs, festivals, pumpkin patches, and Halloween with their loved ones. There’s so much that you can celebrate and enjoy in the Fall: Thanksgiving, harvest season, buffalo plaid, cool weather, etc. If you’re planning to celebrateContinue reading “125 Of The Best Fall Hashtags For Instagram 2021”

10 Ideas for Sharing and Creating Engaging Social Media Posts

Thank you Tracey Jones for contributing this post to lifestylewithkris.com You’ve started a business, you’ve created a brand. You’re ready to start marketing your business/brand on social media, but there’s so much overwhelming information out there. Everyone is telling you that you need to be creating at least 3 pieces of social media content perContinue reading “10 Ideas for Sharing and Creating Engaging Social Media Posts”

How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Audience

In the world of social media, Instagram is one of the most popular platforms out there. Users post pictures and videos daily for personal enjoyment, exposure, and business opportunities. For entrepreneurs, it’s important to reach your target audience, client, and/or customer for your business. If you are not already using this platform, I would recommendContinue reading “How to Use Instagram to Grow Your Audience”