Starting The New Year With Hope And A Radiant Glow

Happy New Year, friends! I hope you all are doing well and off to a positive start to your year. I am feeling renewed after a much-needed relaxing break during the holidays. I got the chance to rest, sleep in late (if you consider sleeping to 7 am late), catch up, and spend time withContinue reading “Starting The New Year With Hope And A Radiant Glow”

A Special First Look At Influenster Rimmel London Voxbox

Christmas came early! I love receiving gifts from Influenster. I have to say thank you to Influenster for thinking of me this holiday season. I have been reviewing products for Influenster for all of 2021, and I’ve enjoyed getting the products they send me to test out. I have had the opportunity to try newContinue reading “A Special First Look At Influenster Rimmel London Voxbox”

How To Achieve Cute & Easy Hairstyles Using Headband Wigs

I love it whenever I make a new hairstyle discovery! When I decided to go natural a few years ago, I never thought I would struggle to find protective hairstyles. It has been hard for me to find protective styles that I like! Why is it so hard to find a hairstyle to protect and supportContinue reading “How To Achieve Cute & Easy Hairstyles Using Headband Wigs”

Is The New Celestial Odyssey Holiday Palette Worth Trying?

Hi friends! I have been keeping a HUGE secret from you all for a few weeks now, and I am very excited that I can finally let the cat out of the bag. I can not tell you how stoked I am to be sharing this post! The Mothership Mega Celestial Odyssey palette from PatContinue reading “Is The New Celestial Odyssey Holiday Palette Worth Trying?”

The Complete Guide To My Skincare Routine

I get compliments and questions on what I do to maintain clear skin all of the time. I’m usually a modest person, attributing it to drinking more water and staying indoors, but I must be honest. I do have a skincare routine. Every 3-4 weeks, I follow a simple three-step process, and I will sometimesContinue reading “The Complete Guide To My Skincare Routine”

My First Amazon Haul!

While I have been sheltering in place, I have had so much free time. Idle time eventually led to scrolling through websites and apps on my phone. Next thing I knew, I have spent more money than I probably should have shopping on Amazon these last few weeks. Every single day for a solid threeContinue reading “My First Amazon Haul!”